Core DAO (CORE) Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030


Core DAO, the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem, launched its much anticipated CORE airdrop on February 8. Eligible users can check here to learn how to claim the airdrops with easy steps. This guide will offer you the latest Core DAO price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030, and its potential prospects as a long-term investment.


At the end of this review, a clear picture will emerge as to how high the $CORE coin price will go.


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Before diving into the Core DAO price prediction and discussing numbers that might get you bored for no reason at all, let’s talk about the history and a basic overview of Core DAO in the market.


Core DAO (CORE) Overview

Cryptocurrency Core
Ticker Symbol CORE
Rank 180
Price $0.7652
Price Change 24H 2.82%
Market Cap $96,797,261 
Circulating Supply 126,914,149.47 CORE
Trading Volume $9,166,855
All Time High $6.47
All Time Low $0.8168




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What Exactly is Core DAO?

Core DAO is a decentralized  blockchain platform that operates at the core of Web3 technology. It uses a completely new consensus mechanism called “Satoshi Plus” which leverages EVM and Bitcoin mining hash rate i.e., it combines proof-of-work (PoW) and Delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) and leverages the strengths of both.


It is worth noting that Core DAO is the first one to implement this new consensus algorithm.


Core DAO launched its mainnet on January 14. EVM-compatible blockchain Core DAO is now live. As per Core DAO’s official announcement, the launch of its mainnet would enable Bitcoin’s soundness, security and decentralization to meet the interoperability, composability, and scalability of Ethereum blockchain.


The Satoshi Plus consensus is built to solve the shortcomings of Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain by combining the PoW of Bitcoin and DPoS of Ethereum to improve scalability, security, efficiency, and decentralization alongside EVM compatibility unluck the power of decentralized applications for everyone- developers, users. Its aim is to merge the fundamental elements of the blockchain world to its optimal potential.



As is well known, the blockchain sector has advanced swiftly over the past decade and introduced several innovations, developments, and insights. Imagining what the blockchain would look like in 2023, when Satoshi originally planned to release Bitcoin, provided the idea for the Core’s design. Thanks to Bitcoin’s mining hash power, a blockchain that is Turing-complete and EVM-compatible is now ready to serve as the backbone of Web3.


After the integration, Core DAO would work on cementing the Core network with the help of Bitcoin’s mining community, and it would also decentralize and safeguard its network through staking. Core has accepted Bitcoin miners as Satoshi Plus’s “proof of operation” feature and has already been working smoothly since the beginning. Assigning hash power to the Core system is an extremely easy procedure, and new miners would get bonus prizes.


The goal of Core is to support the Bitcoin network by giving Bitcoin miners rewards, which will serve as a second BTC block reward when the Bitcoin supply runs out in the near future. Core has advanced thanks to its guiding concept, which forbids any kind of compromise on scalability, security, and decentralization.


Core DAO is getting much support from all over the world, as at the time of writing this line, the total number of Satoshi BTCs miners exceeds 10 million with over 47 million apps downloaded. And several cryptocurrency projects are already eyeing to build on the Satoshi Plus consensus. However, it takes a lot of conviction and patience to concentrate on the core blockchain components. Due to the lengthy process involved, the Core’s adventure is just beginning with this launch.


As we mentioned in our opening, Core DAO has launched the airdrop for its CORE token on February 8. The Satoshi Plus consensus protocol warned users to note illicit $CORE tokens launched on several platforms. While the airdrop will create liquidity for $CORE, market volatility is inevitable. To regulate the difficulties in the market, top-tier market makers and exchanges support legitimate early market $CORE formation.


“The liquid $CORE markets will open around the same time as the Feb 8th airdrop. In the coming days, $CORE transactions from Core DAO’s public reserve multi-sig will be executed to get CORE tokens to partner market makers so that liquid markets exist when the airdrop occurs,” Core wrote. “Having legitimate $CORE token markets available when the airdrop occurs will allow for safer, faster, and more accessible trading for Core users.”


Once the airdrop is complete, users can participate in the network’s development by staking.


With the number of exchanges supporting $CORE’s listing, users can expect a significant asset value. The countdown is already on.


One popular and reliable exchange for you to buy CORE is BTCC, you can check the links below to create an account on BTCC and start trading now.


Latest Core DAO News

  • Core DAO is excited to begin the 21 Days of Core launches, starting with the 7 Days of DeFi. Winners of the S-Prize in the Core DeFi space will be revealed in the upcoming days.


  • CoreDao announced a strategic partnership with asi core. The collaboration with the first Artificial Super Intelligent MemeToken on CoreChain will foster synergistic development and further promote the growth of the Coredao ecosystem.


  • CoreChain (asi_core) has burned 64% of its total supply, benefiting $ASI token holders. This move aims to increase token scarcity and potentially enhance its value.


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Current $CORE Price

At the time of writing, CORE is trading at $0.7652 with a market capitalization of $96,797,261 , ranking #180 amongst all cryptocurrencies by that metric. In the past 24 hours, the price of Core coin has decreased by 2.82% with a trading volume of $9,166,855.


What’s next for the crypto? Let’s move on to the Core price prediction.


CORE Coin Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Detailed below is a brief overview of our CORE price prediction for the coming years, ensuring you have a rough idea of the coin’s value potential:


2023 $1.64 $2.12
2025 $3.05 $4.22
2030 $7.20 $8.15




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Core DAO Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, CORE is likely to benefit from the overall positive sentiment in the crypto market and an increasing investor interests.


As per our Core coin price prediction 2023, CORE is expected to reach a possible high of $2.12 by the end of 2023. On the flip side, if CORE fails to commit to its expectations, the price might slip down to $1.64.


Core DAO Price Prediction 2025

Core DAO looks well-positioned to reach its full potential in the coming years. If the Core DAO successfully boosts market sentiment among crypto enthusiasts, CORE crypto price could continue to rise for the next five years.


In 2025, CORE price is estimated to reach $3.05, at minimum, and the maximum price could be $4.22, according to our Core DAO price prediction 2025. The forecasted average price could be $3.47.



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Core DAO Price Prediction 2030

The Core DAO ecosystem is actively growing with new users and will remain viable in the long term. Our Core DAO price prediction 2030 forecasts CORE to trade between $7.20 and $8.15 by the end of 2030. The average price of CORE coin might go to $7.39.


With this long-term horizon, Core DAO will have plenty of time to prove itself. The $CORE token will unlikely be trading at high valuations based on speculation alone. If Core DAO continues to grow and be a top crypto project, this price prediction could be possible.


Here, it’s worth pointing out that 2030 is still a long way away. 7 years down the line, the crypto market could be affected by a host of different events and updates, each of which is difficult to ascertain. Ergo, it’s best that predictions like these are taken with a pinch of salt.


Will Core Coin Reach $100?

Investors who are particularly bullish on CORE coin often discuss Core DAO price prediction $100. To reach $100, CORE will have to rise 131x, which translates to a market cap of 12.6 billion. While this is not unusual in the crypto industry and many tokens have achieved this target, there are practical challenges and there has to be significant progress in CORE use cases to justify these levels.


Though CORE token reached its high value of $5 in February 2023, where it grew by nearly 1.31 times in less than one month (i.e., from the lowest price of $3.8), it is not showing a great improvement since then and trading below the $1 mark at press time.


Hence, base on current trend and our analysis, we believe that $100 is a theoretical possibility for Core DAO but the odds of it becoming real are extremely low if not impossible.



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Where Can I Buy CORE?

Notable options for purchasing CORE coin include OKX, BTCC and Huobi. Among these, BTCC is one of the best exchanges as it witnesses a large trading volume of CORE. BTCC exchange is available in U.S., Canada and many other countries in Europe with no regulatory concerns. Furthermore, BTCC exchange is highly recommended due to its favourable attributes such as extremely low fees, user-friendly interface, excellent customer support, and robust security measures with no reported hacks or security breaches to date.


In order to trade CORE/USDT on BTCC, you need to first register an account. And you need to have some USDT in your crypto wallet, or you can directly buy it on BTCC. Once you have USDT, you can trade COREUSDT Perpetual Contracts on BTCC with a leverage up to 50x. The transaction is safe, cheap, and fast with VERY easy steps.


Core DAO Price Prediction: Conclusion

Core DAO is one of the most talked about crypto at the moment. As an excellent and highly sought-after ecosystem, Core DAO promises to offer users a decentralized, secure, and scalable ecosystem with the Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism.


Going forward, our CORE price prediction model shows that CORE could be a good long-term investment and has a bright future ahead of it.


However, please know the figures are generated using our price prediction tool and in that matter, not a guarantee, that the actual price action will follow what we mentioned. Forecasts are not immune to changing circumstances and will be updated with new developments. Always do your own research and evaluate all necessary factors before making any investment.


Keep an eye on our price forecast for more cryptocurrency price predictions of the latest and most popular coins.


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