Apecoin Price Forecast: It Will Be $27 by The End of 2025 and $35 by 2030

05/05/2022By: C, Fiona

Apecoin price forecast. The coins in your mouth are predicted to reach $27 by the end of 2022. This is based on the opinions of finder’s financial technology industry expert group.

Dimitrios Salampasis is a lecturer in financial technology at Swinburne University of technology. He is one of the people who are most optimistic about the price of ape at the end of the year. His forecast is $45. What a pity. He said it would be worth $10 by 2030.

“At present, NFT speculation is affecting the price of apecoin. I think all these over hyped cryptocurrency assets will gradually disappear and lose value because their utility potential is insignificant.”Salampasis believes it is time to sell ape. A third of his team members think it’s time to hold ape. 17% of the remaining team members thought it was time to buy.

Fred schebesta, co-founder of finder, gave a prediction below the group average. He expects ape to be worth $20 by the end of 2022. But he believes that in the future, apecoin will reach the $50 mark by the end of 2025. Then in 2030, it will reach $100.

“I think the founders of ape have a high intention to put ape into use. It may not be to buy land (as expected), but other things, such as buying goods when owning apes, are its purpose.”

Average Forecast Value of Apecoin Price

The expert group believes that ape will increase before the end of 2022. On average, they predict it will be worth $27 by the end of 2025. This is before rising again to $35 in 2030.

Joseph raczynski, a technical expert and futurist at Thomson Reuters, said ape could be “absolutely huge”. He predicts that by 2030, the price will reach $100.

“Yuga lab is the blue chip of NFTs, and now they have acquired cryptopunks. Their ecosystem, using ape, may become a game changer of metaverse. They are all about the community, and this person is doing all the right things.”

The Doubters Are Here

Matthew Harry, fund manager at digitalx asset management, agrees with salapas. He predicted that the value of ape was based on speculation. His price forecast for 2030 is $0.

“… it seems to be a clear play on the currently hyped Dao, Web3 and bayc / Degen themes. We have seen thousands of iterative hypegoins designed to bring fresh retail capital into this space, but it has not been realized.”

75% of the team members believed that ape would become “another memecoin”. 20% think it has future utility.