How to Buy and Deposit Crypto on BTCC?



When it comes to buying and selling bitcoin futures, one of the best places to go is the BTCC cryptocurrency exchange. BTCC has founded since June of 2011 and provides traders with a variety of options for trading cryptocurrency derivatives and futures contracts.


In this article,we’re taking a closer look at How to deposit crypto on BTCC and transfer crypto from Binance to BTCC.


BTCC Guide


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What is BTCC?


BTCC, a cryptocurrency exchange situated in Europe, was founded in June 2011 with the goal of making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone.


BTCC is a registered exchange in Europe.. We also have crypto licenses in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Through the ups and downs of numerous market cycles, BTCC has supplied safe trading services with cutting-edge technology for the past 11 years. As the world’s oldest crypto exchange, BTCC has always placed a great emphasis on enhancing every area of trade, seeking to establish a fair trading environment for all crypto enthusiasts worldwide.


We specializes in cryptocurrency contract trading, offering demo trading, daily,weekly,quarterly and perpetual futures contracts. So anyone who is a crypto investor can meet their trading needs through BTCC. Our mission is to provide a trading platform that is fair and reliable in every sense. From developing responsible crypto products to creating user-friendly interfaces, we strike to uplift the industry’s standard for quality trading.


Why Trade Crypto Futures on BTCC


To trade Crypto futures, you can choose BTCC crypto exchange.BTCC, a cryptocurrency exchange situated in Europe, was founded in June 2011 with the goal of making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone.


Traders may opt to trade on BTCC for a variety of reasons.


  • Security: For instance, BTCC prioritizes the maintenance of a secure environment. Whether it concerns the assets of users or the security of the platform, BTCC is constantly updating its security measures to provide a safe and secure trading environment for its global user base.

There has not been a single security breach at BTCC in the past eleven years. Utilizing security practices that are at the forefront of the industry, the team diligently protects the assets of its users. The trust of its users is of the utmost importance to BTCC, and the firm does all possible to maintain the safety and security of user deposits on the BTCC platform.

In addition, within the context of legality and compliance, the BTCC pays a great deal of emphasis on the operation of its business in a range of countries and regions. Currently, the BTCC holds regulatory licenses in several countries, including the United States, Canada, and Europe.


  • BTCC’s leading position in the market’s liquidity, which enables traders to enter and exit positions swiftly and seamlessly, is one of the most significant advantages it offers.


By utilizing the non-expiring demo trading account provided by the exchange, users are able to assess the platform’s liquidity. The Order Book of the exchange provides vital information regarding the exchange’s liquidity. Despite not offering the largest selection of cryptocurrencies on the market, BTCC is a popular choice among traders due to the high liquidity of all tradable cryptocurrencies.

Finally, new BTCC users are entitled for an exclusive bonus provided by BTCC. Users who join BTCC and make a deposit are eligible for bonuses with a maximum value of 3,500 USDT. After successfully registering with BTCC, users have 30 days to make the required deposits in order to be eligible for the corresponding bonus.


BTCC also provides many campaigns and  you can participate to win exciting rewards. Find out what campaigns are available now:



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Is BTCC Safe?


We reduces the risk of asset loss for its users and creates a safer trading environment for them through the following security measures.


1.Legal and Regulatory Licenses

BTCC has obtained MSB regulatory licenses in the U.S. and Canada respectively.

  • U.S. MSB regulatory license (license registration number 31000168143239)
  • Canadian MSB regulatory license (license registration number M20713346).
  • Lithuania Crypto License (License No. 305950582)


2.Anti-Money Laundering  (AML)

The BTCC has also adopted the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulation to prevent money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism.



3.KYC Identity Verification

Avoid financial fraud and identity theft.



4.Cold Wallet

BTCC also uses separate cold pockets to store user assets. Although there is no 100% secure storage method, cold pockets have been recognized as a relatively safe method.



5.2FA Dual Authentication

Login with Google/SMS/Email 2FA dual authentication.

To withdraw from BTCC, you also need 2FA dual authentication to add a withdrawal address.


Register an account on BTCC


You may have your very own BTCC account up and running in a matter of seconds by registering with the site. Please click the button below to proceed with creating your BTCC account.


BTCC is rewarding new members with up to 3,500 USDT in incentives as part of a special offer. Funding your BTCC account within the first 7 days of signing up is required to qualify for the promotion.


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How to Deposit Crypto on BTCC


After successfully opened an account on BTCC. There are two ways to deposit on BTCC.

  • Buy Crypto with credit cards ➞ transfer the crypto to your BTCC account
  • Deposit crypto from your wallet or other exchanges to your BTCC account


Here’s a quick guide on how you can make deposits on our platform.

  1. Go to the the Assets page on our website. Tap Deposit.
  2. Select the type of cryptocurrency that you would like to make a deposit in. Tap Deposit to make a deposit of crypto such as USDT/BTC/ETH/XRP.
  3. If you are depositing USDT, you will see the available networks for this currency, including USDT-OMNI, USDT-ERC20, USDC-TRC20,
  4. Please choose the deposit network carefully and make sure that the selected network is the same as the network of the platform you are withdrawing funds from. That is to say, if you select the wrong network, you will lose your funds.
  5. Copy your BTCC Wallet’s deposit address and paste it to the address field on the platform you intend to withdraw crypto from. Alternatively, you may also scan the QR code.



Here we take Binance as an example.

How to Deposit Crypto to BTCC from Binance U.S

Step 1 After successfully entering into your BTCC account, navigate to the Assets section and click the “Deposit” button.



Step 2 Next, select your preferred deposit currency. Tether (USDT), specifically the ERC-20 form, will be used for the purposes of this guide. Remember that using the same blockchain network on the deposit and withdrawal platforms is critical. Changing blockchain networks can result in a permanent loss of funds.



Step 3 To save the blockchain address to the clipboard, click the “Copy Address” button. If you’ve chosen a cryptocurrency that requires additional information to aid a transfer, such as XRP and its destination tag, make a note of it.


Step 4 Sign in to your Binance US account and withdraw the digital asset you want to transfer to the BTCC cryptocurrency exchange.


Step 5 After signing into your Binance US account, go to the user drop-down box in the top right corner of the webpage and select “Dashboard.”


Step 6 You can search through the entire list of supported digital assets on Binance US by clicking on the arrow (highlighted in red in the image below). We will be looking for USDT for the purposes of this guide.


Step 7 Once you’ve discovered the crypto asset you want to deposit to BTCC, click on it. You will be transported to the coin’s dashboard.


Step 8 Click “Withdraw” to begin the withdrawal process.


Step 9 Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send and the accompanying blockchain address (in our case, the USDT deposit address copied from our BTCC account). After filling out the remaining transaction parameters, click “Preview Withdrawal” to proceed. When you are ready, confirm your transaction.


Step 10 Return to the Assets menu in the BTCC app and select the USDT option to obtain full information about recent transactions. Keep in mind that transaction speeds can vary based on network congestion, so you may have to wait a few minutes before cash are transferred into your BTCC account. 2022.



By adapting to the changing tides of the cryptocurrency market, BTCC has maintained its position as one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Given the company’s track record over the past decade, I would suggest them to anyone who is satisfied with the cryptocurrency and trading pair options they offer and is in a place where they are accessible.




Is BTCC safe?

Since its inception in 2011, BTCC has made it a priority to create a secure space for all of its visitors. Measures consist of things like a robust verification process, two-factor authentication, etc. It is considered one of the most secure markets to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.


Is it possible for me to invest in BTCC?

Users are encouraged to check if the exchange delivers to their area. Investors in BTCC must be able to deal in US dollars.

Can I Trade BTCC in the U.S?

Yes, US-based investors can begin trading on BTCC and access the thriving crypto asset secondary market to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.


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