Pepe (PEPE) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030 – Will PEPE Reach $1?


Pepe (PEPE) is a new frog-based meme token that was launched on the Ethereum and started trading on April 14th, 2023. In this article, we will explore more about the Pepe coin and the latest PEPE coin price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030.


As the crypto market remains sluggish, newly launched meme coins have provided much-needed profitability to traders. While large meme tokens Dogecoin and Shiba Inu continue to disappoint, Pepe has generated huge profits for some investors, with an alarming return of more than 2000x in less than a month after its launch.


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So how high will Pepe coin go in July? Can Pepe coin reach $1? Is Pepe crypto a good investment?


In this article, we’ll try to examine all the factors involved in the project and overall market to obtain a better understanding of where things are going.



Pepe Coin Overview


Cryptocurrency Pepe
Ticker Symbol PEPE
Rank 79
Price $0.0000012
Price Change 24H 7.43%
Market Cap $484,031,700
Circulating Supply 391,790,000,000,000 PEPE
Trading Volume $85,853,027
All Time High $0.000004354
All Time Low $0.00000002764






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What is Pepe Coin?



Pepe (PEPE) coin is just another meme coin created solely for entertainment – with no expected financial gains, no intrinsic value, and no utility. It takes its inspiration from the famous internet meme character “Pepe the Frog”, seeking to provide a new experience for crypto enthusiasts.



It is much like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, but the only difference is that the other meme tokens were dog-based and this one is frog-based.


It’s worth pointing out that PEPE has no connection to Matt Furie, the original creator of the Pepe the Frog meme, while the identity of its creators is completely unknown.


Is PepeCoin Worth Investing? What Next For $PEPE Price ? - Coinpedia Fintech News


Pepe coin did not use typical methods like an ICO, presale, or airdrop to distribute its tokens, which are common in the crypto industry. Instead, the project was launched in a discreet way and relied only on the popularity of the Pepe the Frog meme to generate interest from potential investors.


Out of the total supply, “93.1% of the tokens were sent to the liquidity pool, LP tokens were burnt, and contract is renounced,” reads its website. The remaining 6.9% of tokens are held in a multi-signature wallet to be used as tokens for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools.



Pepe coin’s major features can be summarized as below:


  • It is based on the well-known internet meme character “Pepe the Frog,” which has a massive following and is instantly recognizable.
  • Pepe coin was launched stealthily, with no presale, zero taxes, LP burnt, and contract renounced.
  • It is a truly decentralized and community-driven project, with no centralized authority controlling its fate.
  • The coin is driven by memetic power, which means that its value can be influenced by social media trends and other market factors.


As discussed, the PEPE coin is a combination of community-driven development, recognizable branding, and memetic power. However, there are numerous meme coins in the market and not all are able to perform well in the crypto industry.


Thus, in order to survive and grow in the market, the Pepe coin needs to develop some real-world utility around the coin.










Latest Pepe Coin News


  • Lookonchain, an on-chain analysis platform, tweeted that a whale pulled out 2 trillion PEPE tokens from Binance in the last 48 hours. This same whale had also withdrawn 3.94 trillion PEPE on two previous occasions, once on 27 June and then on 5 July 2023.


  • Apart from Binance, BitMart, and KuCoin, BTCC is another exchange that lists PEPE trading pairs. BTCC is a well-known exchange offering trading services in US, Canada, and many countries in Europe. It announced the listing of Pepe coin on May 15th, 2023.








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PEPE Coin Price Analysis



The Pepe (PEPE) coin is often credited with kickstarting the ongoing meme coin season with its remarkable growth. Since its launch on April 10th, Pepe coin has rapidly soared to a market capitalization exceeding one billion dollars, highlighting the immense transformative power that cryptocurrencies possess.


In less than two months, the freshly launched token turned several small traders into millionaires. The potential for significant gains in Pepe has been demonstrated by an investor who turned a mere $263 investment into an astounding $13 million in just 40 days.


Although the Pepe coin price pulled back as the momentum faded, trading below $0.000001 for a period of time, it began to rally again at the end of June and recovered above $0.000001.


These gains help PEPE to recover some of the value it has lost since reaching an all-time high of $0.000004354 in early May, when investor appetite for meme coins was at its peak.


At the time of writing, Pepe coin is trading at $0.0000012 with a market capitalization of $484,031,700, ranking #79 amongst all cryptocurrencies by that metric. In the past 24 hours, PEPE price has decreased by 7.43% with a trading volume of $85,853,027.


Though Pepe coin is way off its ATH this year, early buyers of PEPE have seen returns of 23,310%, and given the 72% drawdown from the ATH, there is plenty of headroom for more explosive upside.


A pump back to all-time high for Pepe looks like a realistic proposition, presenting buyers at current levels with a risk/reward ratio of 3.7. $1,000 invested today will grow to $4,700 if the ATH is retested.


In addition, the volume profile, which measures buying interest at certain price points, shows the point of control that identifies areas of strongest trading interest is currently in play. That means price action around the current levels is likely to be pivotal for near to medium term sentiment.


Given the bullish nature of the backdrop more upward pressure on prices should be expected.


Profit-taking will naturally kick in at some point, so an element of dollar cost averaging may be prudent after an initial long position is taken.







Pepe Coin Price Prediction 2024

Apart from the hope that $PEPE and meme coins will “takeover,” the Pepe roadmap doesn’t appear to have any specific plans for the future of Pepe.


Considering the project’s huge community—it has over 500,000 Twitter followers—and the lack of clear next moves, this could limit its pricing potential. However, when communities come together in support of meme coins, their price can skyrocket, making them one of the finest cryptocurrencies to invest in if you want to get rich quick.


We observed Pepe’s 222% ATH when it was listed on the Binance market; with a big announcement in 2024, it might explode even further, allowing it to reach a new ATH. Pepe can’t keep climbing unless the project starts to gain hype. The question of whether it has what it takes to be a sustainable cryptocurrency remains unanswered, despite its immediate success.



In 2024, the Pepe price might skyrocket because to further significant announcements building on its previous success and large community. Assuming this materializes, our Pepe price forecast pegs a potential end-of-year 2024 high of $0.0000065.








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Pepe Coin Price Prediction 2025


Pepe seems well-positioned to reach its full potential in the coming years. If Pepe manages to attract investors and whalestats with its developmental and community-building initiatives, Pepe coin might experience a significant increase in 2025.


Additionally, if influential people like Elon Musk tweet about PEPE coin, it may attract more attention and cause the price to surge.


According to our Pepe coin price prediction 2025, at the very highest, Pepe price may go up to $0.0000035 by the end of 2025. The minimum price could be $0.0000031.









Pepe Coin Price Prediction 2030


The future of meme-based projects like Pepe is not certain but real projects will gain market traction. Our Pepe coin price prediction 2030 forecasts that PEPE is expected to trade between $0.0000064 and $0.0000081 in 2030. This represents a significant growth over the course of the year.



However, it’s important to keep in mind that meme coins are highly volatile, and the predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.






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Will Pepe Coin Reach $1?


Since there are more than 417 trillion Pepe Coin tokens in circulation, the likelihood of it hitting $1 is extremely low. Reaching a $1 price would require a market cap of almost $417 trillion, which is larger than the world GDP by over four times. Achieving such a massive market valuation for PEPE is highly unlikely.


Also, like other meme coins, PEPE has its origins in viral internet videos. The price of these meme currencies can swing wildly and unexpectedly because of their high levels of volatility and speculative activity. The price of PEPE would probably fall sharply even if it reached a $1 value.


To sum up, it’s quite unlikely that Pepe Coin will hit $1. Potential investors should therefore proceed with caution when contemplating investing in this cryptocurrency.








How to Buy Pepe Coin?




Notable options for buying PEPE include BTCC, Binance, and KuCoin. Among these, BTCC is one of the best exchanges as it witnesses a large trading volume of PEPE/USDT. Compared to Binance, BTCC has no regulatory concerns and is available in U.S., Canada and many other countries in Europe. Furthermore, BTCC exchange is highly recommended due to its favourable attributes such as extremely low fees, user-friendly interface, excellent customer support, and robust security measures with no reported hacks or security breaches to date.


Below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy Pepe coin on BTCC.


Step 1: Login in your BTCC account. If you’re new user, check our sign up guide to register here.


Step 2: Click here to buy PEPE. BTCC offers a leverage up to 50x for PEPEUSDT Perpetual.


Step 3: After setting up the leverage, choose the order type.


Step 4: Finish other settings, including the Stop Loss/Take Profit.


Step 5: Click the Buy PEPEUSDT Perpetual button (green) and confirm the order.










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Pepe Coin Price Prediction Conclusion: Should I Invest in PEPE?



Investors and active traders fell in love with Pepe coin after its value soared by a whopping 2000% in less than a month. Everybody is seeing it as a big investment opportunity due to speculation and hype built around it. Though should not underestimate its highly volatile nature.


The accurate future prediction for Pepe is uncertain. Some experts believe that memecoins, including Pepe, will continue to be a significant part of the cryptocurrency trading landscape.


Another possibility is that PePe Coin will meet the same fate as other short-lived memecoins like Grimacecoin and Pump Coin.


Last year, Grimacecoin soared by as much as 285,000% in a matter of time after a leading fast-food chain, McDonald’s, tweeted that it would accept payment in Grimacecoin if Tesla do it first. However, after touching its peak at $2, it again plunged to where it all started.


It’s essential to conduct a thorough research and only invest a very small amount, and if it goes higher, you make a good amount of money, else you lose very little.


If I had $100k in crypto, I would not put more than $100 in $PEPE. You can make your investment accordingly. I would simply buy and forget about PEPE unless it increases by 4-5 times its current price.


For investors, including those holding a significant number of Pepe tokens, the question is whether they can make a profit before the community’s attention moves on to other cryptocurrencies. Memecoins are like a trend on TikTok – they come and go fast.


In closing, please know the forecast figures are generated using our price prediction tool and in that matter, not a guarantee, that the actual price action will follow what we mentioned. Forecasts are not immune to changing circumstances and will be updated with new developments. Always evaluate all necessary factors before making any investment.










Will Pepe coin reach $1 dollar?

No. According to our analysis, there is no evidence that Pepe coin will ever reach $1 due to its sheer amount of token supply. Therefore, do not buy PEPE with the hope that the coin may reach $1 in the future and make you rich. As we discussed above, Pepe can’t even reach 1 cent, let alone $1.


Is Pepe coin a good investment?

Pepe coin price prediction based on algorithm shows it will be a good investment for the future, but the digital coin price always has huge volatility. This volatility of the market may necessarily reflect in the price of PEPE. The above predictions are for informational purposes; it is always better to do your own research and take proper financial advice before investing.


Will Pepe price go up?

Most analysts believe that Pepe has higher probability of going up than down. But please remember a variety of elements will influence the potential development of Pepe in the future, thus the prices may, and do, go down as well as up.


How high will Pepe go?

According to our future Pepe price prediction, Pepe coin is expected to reach a maximum price of $0.0000026 in 2023, $0.0000035 in 2025 and $0.0000081 in 2030.


Should I invest in Pepe coins?

Per the official Pepe coin website, PEPE has “no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.” Though if you want to take an advantage of its price pump, you can invest very little amount in it, so if it crashes you won’t lose much.


How much is Pepe coin worth in 2025?

Our Pepe coin price prediction 2025 forecasts that PEPE is expected to trade between $0.0000031 and $0.0000035 in 2025.


What will Pepe coin be worth in 2030?

Our Pepe price prediction 2030 forecasts that at the very highest, Pepe coin price may reach $0.0000081 by 2030. The minimum price could be $0.0000064.


Does Pepe coin have a future?

As per our long-term Pepe coin price prediction, PEPE coin has a bright future, and it could reach a possible high of $0.0000081 by the end of 2030.


Will Pepe be on Coinbase?

Now, PEPE’s small community of holders and shillers have been clamoring for Coinbase to list the token. It seems that a Coinbase listing will be a long shot, but if the exchange did go ahead and list PEPE, the latter would undoubtedly rise very healthily.


Is PEPE a pump and dump token?

It is too early to make any predictions at this point. So far, there has been a good pump in the PEPE coin, but the crypto has yet to experience a major crash. Moreover, top-tier exchanges like Binance and Huobi have listed PEPE, so it’s hard to believe that Pepe is a PND token at this moment. However, since it is a meme coin, there will be a lot of volatility once its speculation gets over.


What does Pepe coin do?

Pepe is a brand new meme coin featuring everyone’s favorite sad frog. Capitalizing on the popularity of meme culture, Pepe crypto harnesses the power of blockchain technology and combines it with the viral nature of the Pepe the Frog meme, aiming to create a one-of-a-kind user experience for the holder.



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