Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers – LDO, WOO, QI Quiz Answers

2022/10/20By: C, Fiona

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Binance, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, is well-known for its willingness to try new things and expand its offerings. The Binance Bitcoin Button and the Binance Wodl games are just two of the exchange’s recent cryptocurrency-earning offerings. Learn and Earn, commonly known as Binance’s quiz product and dubbed “learn,” is among the oldest and most popular, delivering a wide variety of questions to Binance users in order to earn cryptocurrency.

On 19th October 2022 at 9:00 (UTC) , there will be three quizzes (LDO, WOO & QI ) in Binance learn & earn. All the information you need regarding the three quizzes is here, including the correct answers.

The Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers – Beginner’s Guide have already been published in a single post. Check this too.



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What is Binance Learn And Earn Quiz?

With the goal of helping its customers better understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, Binance created the Learn and Earn Program.

Users are encouraged to learn more about crypto by reading articles and watching tutorial videos. And then they’ll use that knowledge to earn cryptocurrency by taking tests.

These have time-sensitive rewards that decrease in value with time. Both of the introductory classes cost 50,000 SHIB and cost half a billion US dollars.



How to Answer Binance Learn and Earn Quiz

If you want to join the Binance Learn and Earn program and earn some extra crypto, then you should do what we suggest below.

  • If you want to learn more about earning and learning on Binance, visit their website.
  • Examine the several crypto training options, including courses and tests, before deciding which ones to undertake.
  • Choose the class, do as it says, and finish within the allotted time.
  • If you do well on the test, you will be eligible for the cryptocurrency prizes immediately.
  • You must go to Accounts > Rewards to claim your award.



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Binance Lido Quiz Answers


1.What problem is Lido trying to solve in PoS staking?

Answer: All are correct

2. What do users receive after staking their tokens on Lido?

Answer: Assets that represent their staked tokens on a 1:1 basis, e.g., stake ETH and get stETH tokens

3.Where do users deposit their PoS token on Lido?

Answer: The Lido staking pool smart contract

4.What can holders do with LDO?

Answer: Vote on decisions in the Lido DAO

5.Why does Lido operate as a DAO?

Answer: All are correct


6.What can users do with their stETH tokens?

Answer: All are correct

7.What is the name of the utility token on Lido?

Answer: LDO

8.In addition to Ethereum, which PoS blockchain does Lido support?

Answer: Polkadot


Binance BENQI Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following is part of BENQI’s suite of protocols?

Answer: All are correct

2.Which blockchain is BENQI deployed on?

Answer: Avalanche

3. What is the purpose of the QI token?

Answer: All are correct

4.Which asset does BENQI Liquid Staking support?

Answer: AVAX

5.Which of the following assets are listed on BENQI Liquidity Market?

Answer: All are correct



6.Users can seamlessly stake on BENQI Liquid Staking to both secure the network it’s on while having the freedom to use that capital within DeFi.

Answer: True

7.Which yield-bearing asset do users receive from BENQI Liquid Staking?

Answer: sAVAX

8. Are there any minimum requirements for staking on BENQI Liquid Staking?

Answer: No

9. What is the purpose of veQI?

Answer: Voting power for validators to receive additional staking delegations

10. Which of the following protocols is BENQI’s liquid staking asset integrated with?

Answer: All are correct




1.What share of WOO Network’s revenue contributes to the monthly buyback and burn?

Answer: 50%

2. What is WOO Network’s centralized exchange called?

Answer: WOO X

3.How much does Kronos Research trade each day?

Answer: $1 billion +

4. What network did WOOFi first launch on?

Answer: BNB Chain

5.Who benefits from WOO Network’s services?

Answer: All are correct


6.WOO Network was selected as a judge in BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder Program. True or false?

Answer: False

7.Who invested in WOO Network’s Series A+ fundraising round in 2021?

Answer: Binance Labs

8. Which ecosystem(s) are partnered with WOO DAO?

Answer: All are correct

9. WOO Network was designed to address high fees and fragmented liquidity across crypto networks and applications. True or false?

Answer: True

10.Who benefits from WOO Network’s liquidity?

Answer: All are correct

11.WOOFi is an all-in-one dApp.

Answer: True

12. What is WOOFi’s swap fee?

Answer: 0.025%

13.How quickly can WOOFi cross-chain swaps complete?

Answer: 30 seconds

14.Which of these are features of WOOFi Supercharger vaults?

Answer: All are correct

15. How many chains is WOOFi integrated with?

Answer: 4

16.WOOFi DEX has a customizable UI and visible orderbook.

Answer: True

17.Which network is WOOFi DEX built upon?

Answer: NEAR

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