When Will Pi Coin Launch: Pi Network Phase 4 Release Date

11/20/2022By: L, Laura

When Will Pi Coin Launch?

Is Pi coin legit or a scam? When will Pi coin launch? At the moment, this could be a million dollar question in cryptocurrency circles.


So far, Pi Network phase 4 launch date remains unknown. Pi Network Mainnet migration has begun on August 3. Pioneers who’ve passed Pi KYC can complete all items on the Mainnet Checklist. If the Pi coin goes live in the market as planned, it will be a open mainnet – fully decentralized, access to the other blockchains, and enable Pi coins to trade with other cryptos even with Fiat currency.


There is a story that the Pi network mainnet is expected to be finished by the end of 2022. If it is completed as planned, Pi network will have its own innovations.


What Exactly Is Pi Network Mainnet that Is Being Talked About?

Mainnet is the term used to describe when a blockchain convention is completely evolved and conveyed, which implies that cryptographic money exchanges are being communicated, confirmed, and recorded on a decentralized record innovation (blockchain). In a nutshell, the Mainnet implies the real publicly released blockchain itself that is openly undeniable.


The Mainnet accomplishes the usefulness of executing real exchanges within the organization which is put away on the blockchain and is alluded to as the ‘final result’ available for the general population to utilize.


Typically, before a blockchain project’s mainnet is sent off, the group will set up an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), or whatever other implies that can help the business raise assets and develop their local area. Normally, the gathered assets are then used to foster the models of the blockchain network, which are then tried during the Testnet phase. After performing bug fixes and depending on the demonstration of the test network, the group will then send an adapted version of the blockchain mainnet, which (in a perfect world) is completely conveyed and utilitarian.


The mainnet is a free blockchain that runs its own organization with its own innovations and conventions. It is a real-time blockchain that uses its own form of cryptocurrency or tokens as opposed to testnet or projects that run on top of other prominent organizations like Bitcoin.


Pi Network’s economic model operates on four different models:

  • Simple – Creating an intuitive and transparent economic model
  • Fair Distribution – The asset’s price would give several people access to Pi tokens, unlike the first-generation protocols
  • Scarcity – Create a form of scarcity to maintain its price
  • Meritocratic Mining – Incentivising user engagements by rewarding their contributions to the network


At this point, Pi Network likewise has not yet finished the Mainnet, so it is important to get the protocol technique from among the coins that have proactively laid out the Mainnet. Among them, Pi picked the SCP that Stellar Lumen and Ripple have, and is building the Mainnet in view of this.


This is of crucial importance and means that Pi will never again evolve into a token, but rather a “coin”. It likewise implies that the Pi will have its own value and enjoy huge benefits when it enters the market.


Pi Network is currently overcoming the expected progress on the Mainnet alone, and the cycle is working very well. Specifically, there is a story that mining may stop when the Mainnet is completed.


Pi Coin Value: Is Pi Coin Worth Anything Now?

We are living in the age of crypto. The pi network value can  also increase dramatically. So, don’t undervalue Pi cryptocurrency value in the future. Pi Network is also trying to build its own economy, and Pi Coin is becoming more and more popular.


The current Pi coin price is zero. It is not possible to exchange it for cryptocurrency or fiat currency. There may be a lot of speculation about the pi coin value, but no one knows exactly. We will have to wait and see.


There are also many opinions about how to increase the actual value of the Pi coin. Some say it will require a lot of investment to take off. Currently, the only way to monetize the Pi app is through its optional advertising program.


At this moment, the protocol already has 29 million-plus active miners and users securing its network in beta. This is a fully-programmed space ready to explode once the network eventually goes live.


Pi Network promises to solve the problem of web-scale while balancing the scarcity and availability of crypto assets. However, while millions of people have logged in as active users, Pi network model and its definite release date are still a mystery.


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