Terra Classic Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030- Will LUNC Reach a New High in 2023?

2023/02/01By: C, Fiona



Can Terra Classic be worth $1? In my opinion, Terra Classic has the potential to hit $1. The price of LUNC can be increased to $1 by combining the Burn strategy with the New Use Cases. Meanwhile, the majority of the public (69%) believes that LUNC will hit $1 by 2031, up 2% from yesterday.


Due to the failure of FTX and its affiliates, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) prices have continued to fall. As investors reacted to the bleeding mess generated by the ongoing issues at one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, the total cryptocurrency market cap slipped below the $1 trillion barrier.


In a similar vein, Terra Luna Classic has racked up massive weekly losses of up to 28%. At the time of writing, one LUNC token was worth $0.0001820, down 6.7% in the last 24 hours.


There is little hope for a quick turnaround because of the increasing levels of volatility in the bitcoin market. However, many believe the market will eventually reverse course, allowing for a broad rally to begin.




How Has Terra Classic (LUNC) Performed Since its Launch?


Since the fork on May 31st, $LUNC has significantly beaten both the new $LUNA 2.0 and other benchmark Cryptocurrencies.

  • Luna Classic: +118.2%
  • Luna 2.0: (-71.4%)
  • Bitcoin: -34.4 percent
  • Ethereum: (-21.9%)


Many people, both inside and outside the community, hold out hope that Terra Classic may one day be worth $1. Aside from being a meaningful symbol, it also represents a significant financial opportunity. So, let’s figure out if a Terra Classic for $1 is even conceivable.



Will LUNC Hit $1? LUNC may be pushed to $1 by a combination of Burn and New Use Cases.


  • We Estimate the Value of the Terra Luna Classic Thanks to Terra Rebel’s planned enhancements, LUNC should go up in 2023 to the tune of $0.000453.
  • In 2025, the price of a Terra Luna Classic is expected to be Assuming all goes well with the enhancements, the LUNC price is expected to increase by a factor of three to $0.000831 in the years following 2024 and 2025.
  • Prediction of the 2030 Value of the Terra Luna Classic By 2030, the price of one Terra Luna Class token is projected to reach $0.00372, thanks to the anticipated boom in Blockchain usage between 2025 and 2030.
  • The current LUNC burn rate is 450,819,101, which is a decrease from the previous rate.



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Will LUNC Reach a New High in 2023?


The Terra Classic community is hoping that Binance’s token burn program would lower the token supply and strengthen the price so that it may begin to recover. In light of the data presented on Wednesday, the exchange has modified its LUNC burn program so that it only consumes half of the spot and margin trading fees instead of the full amount previously.


In the wake of LUNA’s meltdown in May, the largest exchange by daily traded volume has promised to help Terra Classic recover and thrive once again. Binance has announced that the IRI (Industry Recovery Initiative) grant is available to LUNC ecosystem builders.


The reduction of the almost 6 trillion tokens now in circulation is essential to the Terra Classic price surge that could lead to a new all-time high. For the dollar to be implemented, the supply would have to be reduced by 1 trillion, which may be unachievable given the current rate of consumption.


In order to maintain the upward trend, the community and developers will need to devise innovative means of destroying the vast supply. Without this catalyst, a LUNC rally to $1, let alone the all-time high of $119 on April 2022, may be a distant dream.


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Terra Classic (LUNC) Prediction 2023


For the benefit of the Terra Classic environment, the Terra Rebels have banded together as a decentralized group. They hope to restore Terra Classic’s former vigor. The Terran Revolutionaries are working hard to get the LUNC price down to the dollar mark. This year will see a lot of activity and improvements done to help stabilize this cryptocurrency.


It’s possible that Terra Classic will see a significant uptick in Q1 2023, as large investors (also known as “whales”) attempt to keep the price of the cryptocurrency above $0.0002 until the end of the quarter. Until the end of the year, the LUNC price may attempt to drop a zero from its current price.


Additionally, by 2023’s end, the digital token might have reached its maximum value of $0.000314 USD. The price of a Terra classic token could drop to $0.000255 if the project is abandoned by its backers. What’s more, the average cost may be only $0.000289 if we’re limited by linear momentum.




Terra Classic (LUNC) Prediction 2024


There is a chance that the price of one Terra Classic token might reach $0.000488. But if it can maintain its status in contrast to Terra’s (LUNA). But if governments worldwide crack down on crypto regulation, the industry might see significant changes.


On the flip side, LUNC’s price may drop to $0.000385. As a result, the going rate should be around $0.000431.





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Terra Classic (LUNC) Prediction 2025

By 2025’s end, we will have seen a lot of shifts in the coin market industry. The group’s efforts could provide inspiration for Terra Classic, which could lead to the development of a strategy for the company’s comeback. Yet, by 2025’s conclusion, the Terra classic price may chug up to a maximum of $0.000675.


Instead, the LUNC price could settle around $0.000512 if the digital asset has a lack of advancements and drive. And the going rate might be just $0.000592.


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Terra Classic (LUNC) Prediction 2030


In 2030, analysts predict that the highest price for Terra Luna will be about $0.006, with an average trading price of $0.004. If Terra Luna continues to fall, it may reach a low of $0.003. The price of Terra Classic will reach a new all-time high by the year 2030. The lowest possible price is $0.001334, and the highest possible price is $0.001417, with an average of $0.001367.




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LUNC Sees Short-Term Dip


As the market sentiment shifted bearish, the price of Terra Luna Classic held firm at its support level of $0.0001640. At $0.0001949, the LUNC crossed over the red 50-day EMA (exponential moving average), ending the brief upswing. The already depressed state of the market resulted in the coin’s value plummeting to an all-time low of $0.0001820.


A 26% freefall is possible if a symmetrical triangle is confirmed by Terra Luna Classic. In the absence of a confirmation break, the pattern can be seen as being in a holding pattern.


From the point of view of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, a pullback is very likely. When the 12-day exponential moving average (in blue) falls below the 26-day EMA (in red), the price of Terra Luna Classic should not be sucked into a bear market (in red).


Investors are urging LUNC prices to drop before they re-enter the market in preparation for a subsequent comeback. If the Terra Luna price falls below the RSI’s 50 level, further confirmation of a bearish trend is provided (below 30.00).


On the other hand, LUNC could defend the rising trend line as support, blocking a 26% breakout to 0.0001345 and so increasing the pressure for a break above the triangle.


In the instance of LUNC, the exact breakout goal is equal to the distance between the pattern’s widest points (26%) and is calculated by extrapolating the pattern’s height from its new low. The price of Terra Luna Classic would rise thanks to this news, giving the current uptrend a kick start at $1.00.





Will LUNC Hit $1?


The price of $LUNC will eventually hit $1 thanks to both natural increases in demand for its tokens and the recently implemented LUNC Burn Tax.


The demand for LUNC tokens has grown organically as the community discusses how best to open up the blockchain to other types of decentralized applications. We anticipate that some form of agreement will be reached within the next three months.


Four weeks ago, LUNC implemented a 1.2% burn tax on chain transactions, but it was scrapped after seeing a precipitous decline in volume. The Burn Tax was reduced by another vote to 0.2 percent.


It will need more than the LUNC Burn Tax of $1 to get to that goal. There is no chance of a return to the favourable liquidity conditions of 2021. As a result, the community will need to reach a swift agreement on how to enable the blockchain for multiple uses. Only if there are actual use cases for Terra Terra Classic may the following simulation be run.





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If the community adopts several recommendations to safeguard LUNC and create a setting that encourages Dapps to return to Terra Terra Classic, then the price of Terra Classic might reach $1 in 37 years. More over half of the coins will need to be incinerated as well. You could argue that LUNC has come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.



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