Arbitrum (ARB) Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030 — Will ARB Hit $100?


The long-awaited Arbitrum (ARB) token finally hit the crypto exchanges on 23 March, 2023. The Arbitrum launch price was $8.67. In this article, we’ll dive into the latest Arbitrum price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030, and its potential prospects as a long-term investment.



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Before getting deeper into the detailed forecast and discussing numbers that might get you bored for no reason at all, let us have a look at the basic introduction of this currency.







Arbitrum (ARB) Overview



Cryptocurrency Arbitrum
Ticker Symbol ARB
Rank 35
Price $1.27
Price Change 24H +0.53%
Market Cap $1,623,228,197
Circulating Supply 1,275,000,000 ARB
Trading Volume $254,257,159
All Time High $11.80
All Time Low $0.9142






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What is Arbitrum?



The Arbitrum blockchain is a layer-2 scaling solution built on top of the Ethereum network, aiming to lower transaction fees and increase throughput. Arbitrum officially transitioned to become a DAO with the airdrop of its ARB token on the 23rd of March.


ARB is a governance token used to facilitate the decentralized governance of the Arbitrum ecosystem. Holding ARB grants the ability to participate in governance decisions that affect the future of the Arbitrum protocol.


Here are some of Arbitrum network’s key features:


  • Arbitrum supports unmodified EVM contracts and ETH transactions on the second layer, allowing any existing Ethereum DApp to run on Arbitrum without any code changes and without compromising the benefits of the Ethereum layer 1 blockchain.
  • The platform can handle thousands of transactions per second with low fees and fast finality while maintaining security.
  • Arbitrum allows developers to deploy programs written in popular programming languages like Rust, C++, and more using Stylus.
  • It is decentralized and uses a network of validators who stake ARB tokens and earn fees for securing the network.
  • Arbitrum has a vibrant ecosystem of DApps, wallets, tools, and partners.


Arbitrum crypto is one of the fastest-growing projects with a strong community. It is trying to increse its use cases to become one of the major L2 scaling solutions in the industry.


As more investors learn about the use case and need for the Arbitrum blockchain, we expect this to transfer into many new applications being developed on the chain.


Thanks to its low fees, high security and Ethereum compatibility, we expect innovation on the Arbitrum chain to continue into the coming years, with current dApps like GMX and Radiant maturing and a new breed of dApps coming to fruition.







Latest Arbitrum News



  • Global Elastic Nodes is now available on Arbitrum. Global Elastic Nodes are a new offering from Chainstack that provides developers with a reliable and scalable way to access Web3 data.


  • Bunni gauges are now live on Arbitrum. This means that users can now stake BUNNY tokens on Arbitrum to earn rewards. Bunni gauges are a way to incentivize liquidity on Arbitrum. The launch of Bunni gauges on Arbitrum is a significant development, as it makes it easier for users to stake BUNNY tokens and earn rewards.









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Arbitrum Fundamental Analysis



For crypto investors looking to learn more about the potential of Ethereum and decentralized applications (dApps), Arbitrum represents an exciting development in the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology.


Arbitrum recorded a 2.4 million increase in active addresses on its blockchain in the past month. This increase is all thanks to its faster transaction speeds and lower costs. The platform also announced that the Arbitrum Nova had surpassed 600,000 unique addresses.


Overall, despite a governance dispute, Arbitrum’s adoption level has been tremendous. The Ethereum L2 scaling solution boasts of having the same level of security as ETH and even surpassed ETH in the number of transactions this week.


With a market cap to TVL ratio of 0.76, Arbitrum has one of the best ratios on the market. In comparison, Ethereum’s market cap to TVL is 7.94. That said, just 12.75% of Arbitrum coins are circulating, so this ratio will likely decrease as the circulating supply increases.


However, this shows that the Arbitrum chain is highly active. According to DefiLlama, Arbitrum’s TVL in smart contracts ranks fourth after BSC, with a TVL of $2.26 billion.


As a new project, Arbitrum’s major competitors are Optimism (OP) and Polygon (MATIC) . The latest data shows that Arbitrum has outperformed Optimism on almost all the key metrics, capturing the market share of another popular Layer 2 blockchain.


Arbitrum’s TVL stands near $2.13 billion, while that of Optimism is trailing behind at $898.55 million. With just a 20% premium, ARB is “clearly undervalued compared to OP,” according to some researchers.


Moreover, despite having a much smaller market cap, Abitrum’s TVL is 121% higher than Polygon’s. On the other hand, Polygon’s coin provides more utility, such as settling gas fees, whereas the ARB token is for governance only. This could be why the ARB market cap is lower than Polygon’s, despite having a higher TVL.


This fundamental analysis shows that the Arbitrum ecosystem is thriving, and the coin is likely neither under nor over-valued. Therefore, we expect the price to move in unison with the rest of the market in the short term.



Current Arbitrum Price


At the time of writing, Arbitrum is trading at $1.27 with a market capitalization of $1,623,228,197, making it the 35th largest crypto by that metric. In the past 24 hours, the price of Arbitrum has increased by 0.53% with a trading volume of $254,257,159.


Now let’s move on to the Arbitrum coin price prediction for 2023 and beyond.










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ARB Coin Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030



We’ve covered the basic information you need to know about Arbitrum before considering the ARB coin price prediction. If you are really interested in investing in the coin, this is the time to be more attentive. Do note, however, that no projections should be a substitute for your own research and due diligence.



Below pulls together our ARB price prediction for 2023, 2025 and 2030, ensuring you have a rough idea of the coin’s future value potential:


2023 $1.37 $1.53
2025 $3.48 $4.22
2030 $9.06 $9.85





Arbitrum Price Prediction 2023



While many macroeconomic factors point towards a recession, the first-half’s bank failures combined with the Bitcoin breakouts tell us that the crypto markets could finish 2023 on a high.


If this is the case, we expect Arbitrum to rise with the rest of the markets, potentially outpacing it due to the increasing demand for lower transaction fees as Ethereum becomes congested.


Therefore, our Arbitrum price prediction 2023 forecasts that Arbitrum crypto is expected to reach a maximum price of $1.53 in 2023. The estimated minimum price could be $1.37.








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Arbitrum Price Prediction 2025


Looking ahead to 2025, the main factor affecting our Arbitrum price prediction is the Bitcoin halving.


As the Bitcoin halving takes place, we expect the bull market to begin, which has led to network congestion on the Ethereum chain in the past.


In the last bull market, the Polygon coin (the leading Ethereum scaling solution at the time) saw massive gains of 17990% since its purpose was to fix the Ethereum scalability issue. With this in mind, layer two projects can be some of the best coins to buy ahead of the next bull run.


While we expect this is already priced into ARB since it is a historical narrative, the Ethereum scalability issues will undoubtedly cause an influx of new liquidity to the Arbitrum network, causing Arbitrum price to rise imminently.


Considering this, our Arbitrum price prediction 2025 forecasts a maximum Arbitrum price of $4.22 by the end of 2025, and the maximum price could be $3.48.







Arbitrum Price Prediction 2030



Arbitrum’s primary focus is solving Ethereum’s scalability issue. This means for Arbitrum to succeed long-term, Ethereum must remain the market-leading smart contract blockchain.


Ethereum’s roadmap shows a wide range of upgrades lined up for the coming years. As Arbitrum is the leading layer 2 chain by TVL, it will become a core component of the Ethereum ecosystem. Arbitrum will help lower Ethereum transaction fees while maintaining the security and decentralisation of the network.


Therefore, the governance of the Arbitrum network will become of interest to many high-profile stakeholders, potentially even Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin himself. This will significantly increase demand for the Arbitrum coin over time.


On the other hand, it is important to consider that while Arbitrum’s market cap is currently $1.46 billion, its fully diluted market cap sits at $13.1 billion. This means a lot of locked tokens will come into circulation in the coming years, causing more sell pressure and preventing the Arbitrum coin from growing exponentially.


Nonetheless, we still expect a market cap of over $100 billion for the Arbitrum coin by 2030, considering its crucial role in Ethereum’s success.


Therefore, our Arbitrum price prediction 2030 forecasts that at the very highest, Arbitrum price may go up to $9.85 by 2030. The minimum price could be $9.06, averaging out at $9.23.










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Is ARB a Good Investment?


Specifically, the Arbitrum network increases the speed and scalability of Ethereum smart contracts because it is an L2 scaling solution designed to improve Ethereum’s capabilities. The Arbitrum platform enables developers to use the second layer to run unmodified EVM contracts and ETH transactions without sacrificing the advantages of Ethereum’s layer 1 network.

For the uninitiated, Arbitrum is a second-layer blockchain that acts as a “hopeful rollup,” relaying data between Ethereum’s main chain and itself. As a result, it quickens and simplifies business dealings.

There hasn’t been an in-game token for Arbitrum until now. With the introduction of ARB and the DAO administration, Arbitrum is taking baby steps toward complete decentralization.




Will ARB Hit $100?


61 times higher prices would be needed for Arbitrum to reach $100. The $127 billion market cap of Arbitrum if its share price was $100. It would take Arbitrum 19 years to reach $100 if its value increased by 25% annually. Can Arbitrum get to $100, given that it is a moderate investment case?


  • The necessary expansion to reach $100 is improbable.
  • A $100 million market cap is a reasonable expectation.
  • If $ARB were to increase by 25% annually, it would take over ten years, which is obviously unrealistic.


There is little chance of Arbitrum ever being worth $100. On the other hand, let’s imagine a fire.


To get to $100 with Arbitrum at 75% Burn would take 12 years. This is a reasonable possibility. However, a lot of developments will need to take place for Arbitrum to hit $100. It’s so tough right now.







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What Factors Drive the Arbitrum Price?



Besides governance, holding ARB is a fantastic way to speculate on the ecosystem’s growth. That said, what factors cause the ARB price to change?


  • Ethereum Congestion

If the Ethereum chain becomes congested, transactions become slower, and gas fees will rise. The last bull market saw average gas fees rise as high as 236 GWEI.


  • The Arbitrum Foundation

One of the main issues concerning whether ARB is one of the best long-term coins is the management of its treasury from The Arbitrum Foundation. Although the AIP-1 issue seems to have been resolved, it could impact the coin’s price if similar problems arise in the future.


  • The Arbitrum Ecosystem

As mentioned before, coins like GMX are highly in demand, and since they are native to the Arbitrum chain, holding ARB allows users to have a say over the infrastructure the coin is built on. This can prove valuable, particularly to large whales holding the GMX or other ecosystem coins.


Therefore, the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem will inherently boost demand and price for ARB.








Arbitrum Token Price Prediction: Conclusion



Overall, Arbitrum is set to solve many problems the Ethereum network has been plagued with for years. The network acts as an optimistic rollup that passes messages between Ethereum’s main chain and Arbitrum’s second-layer chain, improving the efficiency and speed of transactions.


Though there are many L2 scaling solutions available in the market, Arbitrum is the first L2 protocol to launch self-executing governance. Thus, with this self-executing governance, Arbitrum is moving towards decentralization.


As a trending crypto in the market, ARB is certainly one of the best cryptos to buy for 10X gains, but you will have to wait a long time as much of its potential is already priced in.


Even though the prices seem bullish, Arbitrum coin and other cryptos are volatile and can change their price direction at any time. If you are a smart investor and believe to make long-term investments, Arbitrum token can be a great choice. Make sure to do your own research and evaluate all necessary factors before making any investment.









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Can Arbitrum reach $100 dollars?

No. Our prediction model sees no possibility for Arbitrum to reach $100 dollars in the short or mid-term. A lot of innovations must occur along the way if one expects Arbitrum to reach $100. It is quite difficult at the moment.


While the Arbitrum token price may experience some upward movement, reaching such a significant milestone is unlikely based on the available data and market conditions.



Is Arbitrum coin a good investment?

The Arbitrum network’s fundamentals stand out as some of the best in crypto. According the experts analysis, Arbitrum coin does have higher probability of going up than down because of the good use case, well-designed tokenomics, and a solid team behind it. Our ARB coin price prediction based on algorithm also shows that the crypto could anticipate massive growth in the future.



What is the price prediction for Arbitrum?

In our Arbitrum price prediction, we expect the Arbitrum price to reach $1.53 in 2023, $4.22 in 2025 and $9.85 in 2030.



What is the prediction for arbitrum in 2025?

Our ARB price prediction 2025 suggests that Arbitrum (ARB) price will range between $3.48 and $4.22 in 2025.



What is the future of Arbitrum token?

Arbitrum looks set to become a centrepiece in developing the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ethereum roadmap mentions the importance of layer two scaling solutions for the network to achieve its potential. We expect Arbitrum to play a key role since Arbitrum is the highest TVL layer two chain.


Where can I buy Arbitrum (ARB)?

Notable options for purchasing Arbitrum include Binance, BTCC and Coinbase. Among these, BTCC is one of the best exchanges as it witnesses a large trading volume of ARB. Compared to another two big exchanges, BTCC has no regulatory concerns and is available in U.S., Canada and many other countries in Europe. Furthermore, BTCC exchange is highly recommended due to its favourable attributes such as extremely low fees, user-friendly interface, excellent customer support, and robust security measures with no reported hacks or security breaches to date.



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What are BTCC’s specs?


Sometimes, users feel more comfortable working with an exchange if they know that the exchange has a footprint in the industry. With 12 years of stable and secure operating history, BTCC is one of the top cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges in CoinMarketCap, which boasts a wide selection of 60+ cryptocurrencies and millions of registered users, offering services in 100+ countries.


BTCC charges 0.06% for both takers and makers, which are way below the industry average. According to the largest and most recent empirical study on crypto exchange trading fees, the average spot trading taker fee is 0.2294% and the maker fee is 0.1854%.


With high liquidity, low trading fees and fast transaction speed, BTCC allows users to open a trade immediately even when the crypto markets experience a sharp rise or plunge.


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