Trading Crypto Futures on BTCC: Step-by-Step Guide

2023/04/07By: C, Fiona


Here’s how you can trade crypto futures on BTCC.


First, on the home page of our app, tap Futures.


Select a product you would like to trade from the list here.


BTCC currently offers daily, quarterly, and perpetual futures.


The settlement time of these three futures types is different.


You can check the time to settlement for each product here.


After choosing product, you can decide whether you would like to buy or sell it.


You only need to own USDT to trade USDT-margin futures.


That is to say, you can sell BTCUSD futures without owning any Bitcoin.


Then select your order type, and choose your leverage.


If you choose Limit or SL/TP order, you will need to enter your order price here.


Enter the order quantity or choose the percentage under the quantity field.


You can also set up “Stop Loss” or “Take Profit” targets to limit losses or maximize earnings.


After everything is set up, tap Buy or Sell to place your order.


A confirmation window will show up.


Check if all info is correct, then tap Confirm to open a position.


To close a position, simply scroll to the bottom of the Futures page.


You will find all your open positions here.


Tap close to close your position.

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