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Market Statistics

Market Cap$459.26M
24h Volume$25.62M
Circulating Amount$1.50B
Price Change (1h)+0.15%
Price Change (24h)+1.53%
Price Change (7 days)-3.45%

About Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The basic attention token (BAT) is a practical token for use with the brake browser. The token uses Ethereum’s blockchain. The token was developed in conjunction with the brake browser to block unwanted advertising and trackers.You may use a web browser such as Google Chrome, safari or Firefox. The brake browser is another of these products.

When you browse various media on the Internet, you will see various advertisements. These can cause concerns about the battery life of your device or the use of mobile data. Trackers also have privacy issues. The brake browser blocks these ads by default. When you see ads on the brake browser, you can receive bat as a browsing reward. Compensating users for viewing advertisements is the basic concept of bat and brake browsers.

How does BAT Work?

All bat transactions are settled on Ethereum, a public blockchain that allows developers to create and deploy custom cryptocurrencies and applications.

Brake browser

Bat runs on a web browser called brake, which was developed by the team that created the token. Brake is a free browser that claims to load 3-6 times faster than competing products because it only provides ads when users choose to see ads.

Brave browser users can sign up for the brave rewards program, which allows them to receive bat payment when watching advertisements, or send bat to the content creators they want to support.
The default setting for brake is to block trackers and ads. It will only open the advertisement if the user chooses. Then, brake provides native ads from trusted partners, and users will receive bat rewards for viewing these ads.

Brake micropayment ledger

To track bat movements, brake uses the brake micropayment ledger. Our idea is that the brake micropayment ledger will allow advertisers, publishers and readers to sign smart contracts to make mobile payments between each other. Brave is exploring the use of zero knowledge proof for its blockchain, with the purpose of providing anonymity for stakeholders in online media transactions.

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