Terra Classic Price Forecast: Will The LUNC Price Drop to Zero in 2022?


A really uncommon incident has occurred in the crypto-verse, which has shocked investors and marketers from the crypto spectrum. The event is that of Terra (LUNA), now known as Terra Classic (LUNC). The price decline of the crypto asset has been difficult for the industry to stomach.

Following massive liquidations and manipulations, the decline that had begun after the depeg of the UST accelerated. Business marketers are still uncertain about the future of Terra Classic (LUNC). And the newly introduced Terra (LUNA), which has not yet tested the water. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at Terra Classic price forecast, let’s get started!

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Forecast of 2022

With a price tag of $91.47, the LUNA pricing had arrived in the current year. The price of the digital asset fell to $62.87 on January 8 throughout the course of the week. The altcoin attempted a 38.16 percent recovery over the following week.

As the price of LUNA dropped to $43.28, it reached its lowest point of the year,which occurred on January 31. After a brief time of consolidation in the midst of commercial calamities, the situation deteriorated. Since the 22nd of February, the price had been steadily rising, and at the conclusion of the quarter, it had skyrocketed 118.23 percent.

The second quarter was devastating for the alternative currency. While the market-wide volatility had a considerable impact on the price of LUNA. UST losing the $1 threshold, followed by a ripple effect and surge in sell-offs, has pushed the altcoin to an all-time low. The digital asset reached its ATL of $0.00001675 on May 13, 2022. After the release of Terra 2.0 and the rebranding of LUNA to LUNC, the price of the cryptocurrency is currently $0.000005723.



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Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Forecast of Q3

If it finds momentum from volumes, the altcoin could ascend to greater heights. If the digital asset succeeds in making its mark on the industry. LUNC’s price may reach its quarterly high of $0.000713.

Alternatively, if it continues to be subject to pump-and-dump scams, the price might plummet to $0.0000573. According to the linear price estimate, however, the average price might reach $0.0000644.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Forecast of Q4

For the LUNC price, the optimism of the fourth and final quarter of 2022 could prove fruitful. The price of the digital asset may reach its maximum target of $0.0000901 if the number of buy orders continues to increase.

If the market as a whole succumbs to bearish forces, though, the price could fall to $0.000076. However, a balance between purchasing and selling pressures could result in a price of $0.0000814.



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Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Forecast of 2023

If Terra Classic has a significant surge from large investors or whales, LUNC may remove a zero from its price. By the end of 2023, the digital token may reach its possible high of $0.000132. Alternatively, if the project falls victim to bears, LUNC’s price could plummet as low as $0.0000825.


Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Forecast of 2024

The LUNC of Terra Classic might reach a maximum of $0.000208. If it is able to maintain its dominance in contrast to that of Terra (LUNA). Nonetheless, if the crypto business experiences significant reforms in the form of regulatory crackdowns by governments around the world. The price of LUNC might reach a low of $0.0001226.



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Terra Classic, Explained

Terra (Now Terra Classic) is a blockchain-based technology introduced by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon in 2018. The digital asset was built with the flexibility of the current economy in mind. According to the whitepaper, Terra Classic uses an algorithm for price stabilization. That constantly balances the coin’s supply in order to maintain price stability.

The network provides reduced prices, scalability, stability, and dependable financial assets. The native component of the protocol is LUNC, which tackles a variety of performance, scalability, and accessibility challenges.


Terra seeks to distinguish itself with its fiat-pegged stable coins. As it combines the advantages of cryptocurrencies with the daily steadiness of fiat money. Several agreements with payment platforms demonstrate the protocol’s strengths.

In contrast, Terra is supported by Tera Alliance. In February of 2019, the company announced that e-commerce platforms from ten countries had 45 million users. Members of the alliance possessed a total commodity worth of $25 billion.


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1.Where can I buy Terra classic (lunc)?
The alternative currency is listed on the famous cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as OKx, bybit, FTX and digifinex.

2.By the end of 2022, what will be the maximum transaction price of lunc?
By the end of 2022, the alternative currency may soar to US $0.0000901.

3.When does Lunc reach ATL?
Lunc reached ATL of US $0.00001675 on May 13, 2022.


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