Litecoin Futures Guide: Trade LTC Perpetual Futures on BTCC Exchange


Here we’ll explain what Litecoin futures are, and how to use leverage in futures to amplify your returns, as well as giving a detailed guide on how to trade LTC perpetual futures on BTCC exchange.


Interested in trading LTC futures on BTCC exchange?

LTC Futures Contracts Listed On BTCC Exchange


Litecoin futures enable you to take long (you profit when market goes up) and short positions (you profit when market goes down) on LTC. Futures have in-built leverage which acts as a multiplier to your returns. Currently, the following LTC futures contract is listed on BTCC Exchange.


Litecoin Futures Contract Details

Description Litecoin Perpetual
Contract Name LTCUSDT
Max. Leverage 100x
Margin Currency USDT
Contract Type Perpetual Futures



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What is Litecoin (LTC)?

Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that enables near-instant and low-cost money transfers. Creation and transfer of LTC coin is decentralised and is based on an open-source cryptographic protocol. The Litecoin blockchain began in October 2011 as a hard fork of the Bitcoin block. As such, the Litecoin protocol is almost identical to Bitcoin protocol.


They main differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin are as follows:


  • Blocktime in Litecoin blockchain is ~2.5mins vs. ~10mins for Bitcoin.
  • The supply limit of Bitcoin is 21 million, whereas the maximum supply of Litecoins is 84 million.
  • While Bitcoin blockchainuses SHA-256, Litecoin uses scrypt as the hashing algorithm. This choice of hashing algorithm makes it easy to mine LTC using any consumer-grade hardware.


About Litecoin Futures Trading

Litecoin (LTC) Futures is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell LTC at a predetermined future date and price. The futures contract derives its value from the underlying cryptocurrency, Litecoin in this case. Thus the price of a Litecoin futures contract moves broadly in sync with the price of LTC.


Trading futures is thus an alternative to actually buying or selling the underlying crypto (aka spot trading). In spot trading, you can make profit by buying LTC low and selling it at a high price. This trade however works only in a bull market, i.e. when LTC price is going up. However, in a bear market, there is no trade possible in spot trading. Furthermore, leverage trading is not possible in spot trading.


Trading Litecoin through futures offers several advantages over spot trading of Litecoin, namely ability to both long or short and get access to leverage.



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Benefits of Litecoin Futures Trading

Trade Profitably in All Market Conditions

You can profit from rising LTC price by going long Litecoin futures. And, when LTC price is falling, you can make profits by going short. This feature of futures trading enable you to navigate all types of market conditions profitably. Compare this with directly buying LTC. When price is falling, you can either sell your LTC or suffer losses. In spot trading, there is no way of profiting from falling prices.



Risk Hedging

If you are a HODLer, you can still use futures to mitigate price risk. Say, you hold LTC. You can mitigate the risks you face when LTC price is falling by going short Litecoin futures. In this case, a short futures position acts as a downside protection by effectively locking the $ value of your portfolio without the need for selling your LTC. Judicious use of futures as hedge can make you a better and stronger HODLer.


Use Leverage to Amplify Returns  

Leverage enables you to open positions that are bigger than your trading capital. If you can open a position that is 20 times bigger than your trading capital, then you have 20x leverage available to you. The maximum allowed leverage for LTC futures listed on BTCC Exchange is as high as 100x. There are two ways of thinking about leverage:


  • Leverage as capital efficiency driver : For opening a position of a given size, higher the leverage lower the trading capital required. The leverage in spot trading is always 1x, while it is 3-4x in margin trading. This means futures is 20 to 100 times more capital efficient than spot or margin trading.


  • Leverage as a returns amplifier : Because in a leverage trade position size is greater than the capital deployed, impact of prices moves gets magnified. The return on capital deployed is leverage times the price return. This means that you can amplify your trading gains the effective use of leverage.


If Litecoin price increased from $74.72 to $75.65 your return would be equal to:


Advantages of Litecoin futures trading can be summarized as follows:

Magnify returns through leverage

In-built leverage magnifies impact of LTC price moves on your return on capital.


Trading both rising & falling markets

Long when bullish. Short when bearish. Trade all market conditions profitably.


Trade more with less

Deploy the capital freed up by using leverage in other trading opportunities.


How to Trade Litecoin Futures on BTCC?

Quick overview

STEP 1: Open the webpage of BTCC futures trading
STEP 2: Choose the type of LTC futures
STEP 3: Select the order types
STEP 4: Choose the level of leverage
STEP 5: Choose the lot size
STEP 6: Set take profit and stop loss targets
STEP 7: Choose the price direction: Buy when you are bullish, Sell when you are bearish


STEP 1: Open the BTCC futures trading interface 


Log in to the official website of and click USDT-Margined Futures on the Futures menu. Or directly enter the web version link:, and log in at the upper right corner of the page.



If you have not opened an account with BTCC, click here to quickly register a free account and top up the initial amount. You can deposit at least 2 USDT for an attempt. If the deposit amount is greater than 500 USDT, you can receive up to 2,000 USDT bonus.


STEP 2: Choose LTC perpetual futures contract 

Select LTC perpetual contract at the top of the page.


STEP 3: Choose the LTC order type 

Select the order types for LTC at the top right of the page. The order types at BTCC included market orders, limit orders and stop loss orders.


  • Market orders: Users place orders at the best current price to execute buy or sell order instantly.


  • Limit order: A limit order is a type of order set by the trader to buy or sell at a specified price level or better. The buy order will be executed at the limit price or a lower one, while the sell limit order will be executed at the limit price or a higher one. The limit order can be seen by the market, which has given the opportunity for market participants to fill the buy or sell order.


  • Stop order: A stop order, also known as the stop-loss order is a type of order set by the trader to buy or sell at a specified price level. The order will be executed automatically after a certain price level has been reached.


STEP 4: Choose the level of leverage 

You can adjust the level of leverage based on your need. For example, the leverage of LTC’s perpetual contract included 1x to 100x leverage.


STEP 5: Choose the lot size 

Trader can select the lot size based on his need, and the lot size of LTC futures ranged from 1 to 3000 lots. Below are contract values from real-time data and insurance fund for reference.


The LTC trading unit at BTCC allow users to choose the number of lots based on their investment situation, and the range can be selected from 1 to 3000 lots.


STEP 6. Set take profit and stop loss targets

Market orders, limit orders and stop orders can used to set stop-profit and stop-loss price targets. The difference is that market orders can be executed immediately at the best current price, while limit orders and stop orders can only be executed at the price within a day or during the week.


STEP 7. Choose the price direction: Buy when you are bullishSell when you are bearish

After setting up the basic data information, users can choose to buy (open long) or sell (sell short) after entering their desired price. Note that the price cannot be higher or lower than the highest buying price or lowest selling price of the platform. Click the buy or sell button, and the LTC order is completed.


After the contract order is completed successfully, you will be notified at the bottom of the position page; if there is no contract order to be executed, it will be displayed at the bottom of the pending order page.



For more orders information, you can click on the futures trading report at the top right of the page to view.



At this point, you have completed the LTC (Litecoin) futures trading. If you have further inquiries, please contact the online customer service.



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Why Trade LTC Futures on BTCC Exchange

Increase profitability

Low trading fees, tight spreads & deep order books of our LTC perpetual contracts increase profitability of your trades.


Improve risk management

Set TP / SL with your order, Leverage advanced order types and instruments (Options, Interest Rate Swaps) to create hedging strategies.


Identify better trades

Use professional charts & advanced analysis tools to quickly identify trading opportunities.


BTCC has over 10 years of stable and secure operating history with a low investment threshold of 3 USDT, making it a solid option for anyone looking to continue or start their crypto journey. BTCC also launched tokenized futures this year, allowing users to trade stocks and commodities futures with USDT as the margin.


The process of trading futures with BTCC begins with registration and log in. New customers can now sign up here to get a welcome bonus of 10USDT, and complete the Know Your Customer verification process to access all BTCC’s features and BTCC discount. Once verified, you can explore the deposit bonus and start your crypto trading now.



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