Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Price Prediction 2023,2025,2030 — Is MSFT a Good Investment?



You probably know who Microsoft is unless you’ve been hiding out beneath a rock. Bill Gates, the software company’s billionaire creator, is a name you should be familiar with if for no other reason. For a long period of time, he held the title of “world’s richest man” according to Forbes. He left as Microsoft’s CEO after a long tenure there, and he is no longer on the board.


Stop talking about Mr. Gates already. The stock of Microsoft Corporation is the subject of this piece. To be more precise, the topic of this piece is the Predictioning of Microsoft stock prices. So that potential investors may make educated selections, we’ll go over the company’s stock and our projections for its price over the next 12 months.


It goes without saying that Microsoft is a massive corporation. If you want to know how its stock has been doing and where it’s headed in the coming years, you’ll need the assistance of a stock market expert. You need to know if Microsoft (MSFT) is a smart investment and if it fits into your portfolio if you plan to make an investment in it. We’ll provide you all the essential details you’re looking for. Simply read carefully and attentively.


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Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Price History



In 1986, Microsoft Corporation went public, pricing its shares at a relatively low $21 per share. We will discuss its price history using credible data from Yahoo Finance, including its nine splits since the successful IPO.


Microsoft stock started the day of April 1, 1986, at $0.10 and ended the day at $0.11. It started the year 1987 with $0.17 and ended the day at $0.25. Microsoft shares began trading at $0.38 on January 1, 1988, and ended the day at $0.39. Similar to today, it opened at $0.37 and ended the day at $0.41 in 1989.


After a 2:1 stock split on April 16, 1990, Microsoft (MSFT) stock finally hit the $1 mark after growing at a more modest rate. On April 30th, shares of stock started trading at $0.82, peaked at $1.09, and finally settled at $1.01. The stock began trading at $1.02 on December 1st, 1990, and ended the day at $1.05


On June 27, 1991, Microsoft held a stock split of 3:1. The stock opened at $1.43 on June 29th, 1991, and ended the day at $1.53. Microsoft stock began trading at $2.01 on December 1st, 1991, and ended the day at $2.32. On June 15, 1992, the stock was divided again, this time by a factor of 3:1. Microsoft’s stock price began trading at $2.90 on December 1st, 1992, and ended the day at $2.68.


Stock in Microsoft (MSFT) stayed around $2 until April of 1994. On April 30th, 1994, it started trading at $2.90, hit a new high of $3.36, and ended the day at the same price. On May 23, 1994, the shares split in half, and on May 31, 1994, after opening at $3.34, it closed at $3.23.



The value of Microsoft (MSFT) shares skyrocketed between 1994 and 1995. On December 1st, 1994, it began trading at $3.91, peaked at $4.02, and finally settled at $3.82. It started trading at $5.68 on June 30th, 1995, and ended the day at $5.66. Its stock divided 2:1 on December 9, 1996. Microsoft’s stock price ranged from $10.39 to $12.75 on January 1, 1997.


Microsoft began on March 1, 1998, at $21.47 and finished that day at $22.38 after undergoing a 2:1 stock split on February 23, 1998. After a second stock split on March 29, 1999, shares began at $45.63 and closed at $40.66 on April 1. Even if the rest of 1999 was fantastic, problems with the stock began in 2000. MSFT’s opening price that day was $58.69, and its closing price was $48.14. On December 1, 2000, it started trading at $29.03 and ended at $21.69.


Microsoft stayed inside a $30 range from January 2001 to February 2002. The stock began trading in the $20 range in March 2002, and it remained there through January 2007. It started the day at $30.84 on February 1, 2007 and ended the day at $28.17. After recovering to the mid-twenties, it fell again to the low-twenties until October 31, 2007, when it started at $36.53 and closed at $33.60.


The shares of Microsoft Company (MSFT) continued to suffer during 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. In both 2013 and 2014, the stock managed a small increase. The price increased to almost $40 by April of 2014. The price stayed at $40 until September of 2015, when it climbed back up to the $50 range. The price of MSFT stock ranged from $60.11 on December 1 to $62.14 by the day’s end. About that time, it began expanding rapidly.


Microsoft (MSFT) shares started the year out at $86.13 and ended at $95.01. In May of 2018, investors saw their stock price hit $100. Microsoft shares dropped from its start price of $113.00 on December 1 to its close price of $101.57 that same day. As of the close of business on January 2, 2020, it had opened at $158.78 and risen to a day’s high of $170.23. The price per share hit $200 by May of 2020. Microsoft stock was $214 at market open on December 1, 2020, and $222.42 at market close.


Microsoft had a banner year in 2021. Prices started the year at $222.53 and ended the day at $231.96. The price of the stock had risen to $300 by July. Beginning the trading day at $335.13, it climbed as high as $344.30 before settling at $336.32.


Shares of Microsoft (MSFT) began trading at $335.13 on January 1, 2022, peaked at $338.00, and ended the year at $241.88. There has been a recent reduction in this.


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Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Price Prediction



The report predicts MSFT will grow over the next decade. According to the statistics, Microsoft’s share price is likely to climb from its current $202.50 to $350.00 by the end of 2023, $505.00 in 2024, $600.00 in 2025, $690.00 in 2026, $740.00 in 2028, and $770.00 by the end of 2029. In 2030, shares of Microsoft are projected to be worth $810.


The accompanying price chart shows that Microsoft (MSFT) stock has enjoyed a fantastic run over the past few years. Since 2018, it has experienced unprecedented expansion. Yet, you can’t put all your faith on past prices.


Now is the time to check in on price Predictions from reputable prediction services that employ only the most cutting-edge technology and analytical techniques.



Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Price Prediction 2023



Can you put your money into Microsoft (MSFT) shares this year? If so, you should know roughly how much the stock will cost during the year. In this article, we will examine MSFT’s monthly stock price Predictions for the year 2023. LongPrediction will provide us with the accurate information we need for this.


We anticipate that 2023 will continue to be a prosperous year for Microsoft (MSFT) stock, given its previous performance. There is still time for the stock to climb and provide considerable profits, despite the fact that recent months have not gone as splendidly as many investors would want.


CoinPricePrediction predicts Microsoft’s price will hit $300 within the first six months of 2023. The price of Microsoft stock is projected to reach $306 by the middle of the year and $312 by the end of the year.






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Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Price Prediction 2024


Microsoft shares are Predictioned to perform strongly throughout 2024. According to the projections, the stock will finally hit $400 per share in 2024. Midway through the year, Microsoft shares are projected to sell for $407, with that price rising to $433 by the year’s end.






Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Price Prediction 2025


Do you ever find yourself wondering how much one share of Microsoft stock will be worth in the year 2025? We expect MSFT to reach $500 by 2025, and our data supports that prediction. Possible at year’s end; if so, anticipate paying $461 by mid-2025. By year’s end, Microsoft shares will soar to $506.








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Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Price Prediction 2030


Microsoft (MSFT) stock, along with other equities and investment vehicles, is expected to have a landmark year in 2030. We predict that Microsoft stock will hit $800 per share this year. There will be a price increase of $797 within the first six months. This is an improvement over the previous seven months, and by the end of 2030, Microsoft shares will be selling for $815.


The median target price for Microsoft in 2030 is $805, with a range of $830 to $780 from the 47 analysts who have provided projections.




Is MSFT a Good Investment?


We’ve included both our short-term and long-term MSFT price predictions here for your convenience. We also talked about the company’s offerings, their recent investment in ChatGPT, and its future prospects for growth and profitability.


From what we’ve covered so far, it’s clear that Microsoft (MSFT) stock has been a reliable investment option for decades. The stock price has gone up significantly since its inception, despite occasional dips.


Also, our Microsoft stock price Prediction shows that the stock is set for tremendous growth in the future years. There could be lulls in the action, and the price could even drop occasionally. Stock of Microsoft, on the other hand, is anticipated to rise dramatically in the future.


A look at MSFT’s past performance and future Predictions should be enough to sway your decision to buy shares. Don’t be scared to buy Microsoft shares if you believe in the company’s long-term potential as a technological powerhouse. The firm has established itself as a leader in the software industry and its subsectors. Its future prospects are bright, and it can compete successfully with any other industry leader.




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Is MSFT a Good Long Term Investment ?


There is no questioning Microsoft Corp.’s long-term performance, despite the fact that the stock price of the company’s stock remains volatile. Microsoft’s share price has risen consistently since its IPO in 1986, and in 2021 it will hit a record high of $343.11. Although it is challenging to predict where the stock price of the firm will be in the future, the company has the potential to reach the 500 USD mark by 2025.


Because of its commitment to innovation, proven track record of achievement, recent investment in OpenAI, and cutting-edge technology like Hololens and mixed reality, Microsoft Corp. is set up to continue its growing trend and attain new heights in the years to come.


Microsoft stock, like any other investment, is susceptible to market fluctuations, fierce competition from rival IT companies, and possibly regulatory scrutiny. Whether or not Microsoft shares, or any other stock, is a good fit for your investment goals and risk tolerance requires careful research and the advice of a financial professional. If you can’t afford to lose the money you invest, don’t invest it.






Will MSFT stock reach $500 per share?

Microsoft’s share price will approach $500 in the near future. In reality, the stock might hit that price as early as 2025, which is only three years away. It is possible that it will travel faster or slower. Everything is determined by market forces.


Can Microsoft stock hit $1,000?


There is no persuasive evidence that Microsoft stock will not eventually reach $1,000. In the end, the price had climbed from $0.10 in 1986 to over $300 in 2021. Only 36 years separate these occurrences. The share price will inevitably approach $1000. According to our projections, this is unlikely to occur within the next ten years.


In five years, where will Microsoft stock be?

In five years, the Microsoft stock price will reach $700, based on the available evidence. According to the most recent projections, it will cost $657 in the middle of 2028 and $706 by the end of the year.



Is it wise to invest in Microsoft stock?

Buying Microsoft stock is a good idea, sure. In fact, the recent slight price drop makes this a great time to buy. Since we anticipate a price increase in the near future, now is the time to make a purchase.



Do you think buying Microsoft (MSFT) stock would be a good idea?

Buying Microsoft seems like a good idea. Since going public, the company has experienced significant growth. Moreover, our projections indicate that the stock’s value will rise steadily over time, bringing substantial rewards to shareholders.



Can Microsoft still be a good investment now?

No, it’s never too late to begin investing, especially if you want to buy shares in a reputable company with bright future prospects. If you missed out on earlier opportunities, it’s not too late to buy now, since the stock is expected to continue increasing.



Can we expect MSFT stock to hit $500?

The price of a Microsoft share will rise to over $500 eventually. The stock might hit that price as soon as 2025, which is only three years away. It could proceed faster or slower than expected. Everything is determined by the market.


Have shares of Microsoft reached $1,000 yet?

There is little to no evidence that would prevent Microsoft stock from reaching $1000 at some point in the future. After all, by 2021, the price had risen to over $300 from just $0.10 in 1986. There is only a gap of 36 years between them. Without a doubt, the stock price will hit $1,000. Based on our projections, this happening within the next decade is extremely unlikely.


In five years, where do you see Microsoft shares trading?
Based on the evidence at hand, we predict that Microsoft stock will be trading at $700 in five years. Recent projections place the price at $657 by midyear 2028 and $706 by year’s end.











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