ETC Price Prediction 2025-2030: Will Ethereum Classic Go Up?


ETC Price Prediction 2025, 2030 Overview: The maximum and minimum Ethereum Classic prices are $67.52 and $57.43 in 2025, $440.27 and $368.71 in 2030.


Ethereum (ETH) is one of the two top cryptocurrencies, along with bitcoin (BTC). However, there is another version of Ethereum, that claims to be the truly authentic one.


That is Ethereum Classic (ETC), the coin that stuck to the original blockchain after the hard fork that produced.


Now that ETH has completed its transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism from a proof-of-work (PoW) one while ETC maintains its PoW status, the latter could turn out to prove more popular as a store of value, thanks to its cheaper price.


Let’s take a closer look at Ethereum Classic (ETC), and dive into the future Ethereum Classic price prediction 2025 – 2030 that were being made as of 26 December 2022.


What Is Ethereum Classic?

Founded by Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Classic is a blockchain that was built due to the split of the Ethereum blockchain into two separate chains after a disagreement among its community members.


In July 2016, the Ethereum network forked into two blockchains: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic uses proof of work to validate transactions. However, after the Merge in September 2022, Ethereum recently switched to the proof of stake consensus, making it sustainable. These blockchains have their own currencies: Ether (ETH) and ETC.


Ether (ETH) is the native token of Ethereum, whereas ETC is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum Classic. Post the split, ETH holders at the time received the same amount of ETC in their wallets for free.



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Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic 

Exchanges supported both blockchains, allowing the Ethereum Classic legacy network to continue with ETC as its native coin.


The two blockchains have diverged as the ETH blockchain moved towards a series of updates to create Ethereum 2.0, including a shift from the energy-intensive proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm to the more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake (PoS) mining algorithm.


There are no plans for Ethereum Classic to convert to PoS. There is also no official development team for Ethereum Classic. Instead, several development groups are working on updates to the open-source code.


The Merge offered opportunities for Ethereum Classic to pick up users that may prefer the previous version. The Mantis IOHK Twitter account tweeted ahead of the Ethereum hard fork on 5 August 2021: “Ethereum’s move to PoS and Sharding may disrupt many in the community who prefer PoW and a strong base-layer approach to blockchain security. This is where #EthereumClassic becomes a viable alternative for #Ethereum projects to migrate to.”


Like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic operates as a smart contract network and can host decentralised applications (dApps). As the ETC price rises, the rewards miners receive for verifying blocks increase, incentivising more miners to join the network and increase its network security.


As activity on the Ethereum Classic blockchain fell, it became more vulnerable to attack. In January 2019, there was a double spend of $1m in ETC on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange in a 51% attack, which can only occur if one entity or collective owns at least 51% of the network. Coinbase and several other exchanges paused ETC transactions, and the price dropped in response.


ETC Price History


Let’s now cast our eyes over the ETC price history. While past performance should never be taken as an indicator of future results, knowing what the coin has done in the past can give us some much-needed context when it comes to either making or interpreting an ethereum classic price prediction.


ETC was worth $2.08 when the blockchain split in July 2016. The price had fallen to $0.75 by November 2016, where it bottomed out. The coin then accelerated to reach $46 by December 2017. A subsequent crash took the price back down to $3.76 by December 2018.


It had returned to $12.34 in February 2020, its highest level since 2018. The price f ell to $4.51 in March 2020 as markets across the board as a result of anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and ETC traded in a range between $4 and $6 for the rest of the year.


The start of 2021 was a good time for crypto, and ETC was able to take advantage of more and more people getting involved. It reached an all-time high of $176.16 on 6 May 2021, then dropped back sharply as the market crashed. As with other crypto prices, ETC bottomed out on 22 June, dropping to a low of $32.51.


Ethereum classic reached $76.94 on 15 August 2021, its highest level since the fall from May’s highs while, on 6 September, it reached a periodic high of $77.07. After that, though, it slipped back down and fell to close the year at $34.12.


2022 has been a poor year for crypto and ETC has not escaped various downturns. It hovered around the $30 mark for most of January, but rebounded in March to reach a  high of $52.17. From there, a series of market crashes saw it drop to a low of $12.60 on 18 June. It recovered and spent a few months hovering between $20 and $30, before the collapse of the FTX (FTT) exchange saw a market crash which sent the coin down to a low of $14.89 on 19 December. On 21 December it was back up to about $16.40.  At that time, there were just over 138 million ETC in circulation out of a total supply of 210.7 billion. This gave the coin a market cap of about $2.27bn, making it the 25th largest crypto by that metric.



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ETC Price Prediction 2025 – 2030

We’ve covered most of the important things you need to know about Ethereum Classic before considering the ETC price prediction, as well as the Ethereum Classic price history and technical analysis. If you are really interested in investing in the coin, this is the time to be more attentive.


Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2025

Our Ethereum Classic price prediction 2025 forecasts that in 2025, the minimum ETC price might drop to $57.43, while its maximum can reach $67.52. On average, the trading cost will be around $59.48.



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ETC Price Prediction 2030

According to experts’ Ethereum Classic price prediction 2030, ETC is expected to be traded for at least $368.71, with the possible maximum peaks at $440.27. Therefore, on average, you can expect the ETC price to be around $381.46 in 2030.


ETC Price Prediction Conclusion: Is Ethereum Classic a Good Investment?

In conclusion, Ethereum Classic is showing strong potential for growth in the near future as buyers are starting to take charge of the market while sellers have backed off. However, we could see some short-term profit-taking and consolidation after the recent breakout.


The Ethereum Classic prediction above certainly shows solid growth potential for ETC price. However, the future of Ethereum Classic may not follow the predictions here.  Just as the coin has a high chance of gaining value in the future, there is a chance that it will lose value over time. It is only fair that we conclude this section by sounding the warning that ETC is a highly volatile asset that is vulnerable to the current bear market. Everything could happen. You should always carry out your own thorough research before making an investment.



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