Binance Ankr Quiz Answers: Earn Free Ankr Now

2022/11/28By: L, Laura

Binance Ankr Quiz Answers: Take the Binance Learn and Earn Quiz to win Ankr crypto for free.


Still search for the latest Binance Ankr quiz answers? Want to earn Ankr crypto for free? Now you’ve come to the right place.


Binance Ankr Quiz answers

Here are all the answers to the latest Binance Learn and Earn Ankr Quiz.


Question1: Which of the following best describes Ankr?

Answers: Ankr provides decentralized blockchain node infrastructure along with an entire product suite that makes it easier to build and earn on Web3.


Question2: What is the utility of the native ANKR token?

Answers: All are correct.


Question3: Ankr helps developers access data from blockchains via Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Answers: True.


Question4: Ankr provides Web3 tools for:

Answers: All are correct.


Question5: Ankr Protocol is a marketplace for decentralized node infrastructure.

Answers: True.


Question6: What is liquid staking?

Answers: Liquid staking provides instant liquidity for staked assets so users can earn staking rewards and other yields from multiple DeFi strategies at the same time.


Question7: Ankr has been decentralized since day one.

Answers: False.


Question8: Ankr is one of the fastest-growing decentralized infrastructure providers.

Answers: True.


Question9: Who uses the ANKR token?

Answers: All are correct.


Question10: ANKR token holders can vote on the overall direction of Ankr Protocol via Ankr DAO.

Answers: True.



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How to Participate in the Binance Learn and Earn ANKR Quiz

Through Binance Learn and Earn activity, users can win free ANKR rewards and gain basics knowledge about the crypto.


Follow the steps below to earn the ANKR crypto:

  • Visit the webpage of Binance Learn and Earn section, or through the Binance A
  • Login into your Binanceaccount or create an account if you are new user.
  • Browse through the Binancequiz options and choose the ANKR quiz.
  • Complete the courseusing the above answers we provided.


And that’s it!


Please note that each Binance Learn and Earn quiz can only be participated once, which means that you can only earn rewards once per quiz.


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