Binance Crypto Wodl Answer –Beginner’s Guide


The third week of Binance Wodl has here, and with it comes revised options for answering questions about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Do you want to continue your winning streak? You can hopefully use this list of plausible Binance Wodl responses and terms to keep your Binance hopes alive. Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, just launched Binance Crypto Wodl, a game that allows players to earn free exclusive cryptocurrency rewards.

Binance has been looking for new methods to entice and retain consumers through imaginative gaming activities centered around blockchain technology jargon and cryptic cryptocurrency acronyms following the success of Binance Quiz and the Binance Bitcoin Button game.

You may increase your chances of winning a chunk of Binance’s enormous jackpot by simply guessing the answers to the crypto puzzles posted on Wodl. For this reason, the Wodl answers provided below should be considered carefully if you wish to improve your chances. Instead, have a look at the upcoming BNB Burn schedule or these recent additions to Binance’s tradable tokens.


Binance Crypto Wodl: Explained

In honor of Binance’s fifth year in business, the Crypto Wodl game was released.

The game is just one of Binance’s new features designed to encourage user participation and attract new customers. To get free cryptocurrency rewards, you must guess the correct blockchain or cryptocurrency-related term in this game.

In order to increase your chances of winning, you get six tries to guess the proper term. That one? a portion equal to ten thousand billion US dollars. The event is over, but you may continue have fun with your favorite NFT games on Binance and other platforms.



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Today’s Binance Wodl Answer: Explained

While today’s Wordle answer remains constant across all users, it appears that Binance’s Crypto Wodl responses shift across sessions. It’s already challenging enough, but not all words have the same number of letters.


Will Binance’s Crypto Wodl Be Available Again Soon?

Following a brief hiatus on July 17, Binance Wodl will reopen for Week 3 from July 25 through July 31.

For the last time this August, Wodl will return on August 1 for a run of four weeks.

Once that happens, the future of Binance Wodl is uncertain. While the advertising drive will have concluded, what will happen next is anyone’s guess. Perhaps without the incentive it will continue.



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How to Play Binance Crypto Wodl?

Here are the steps you need to do to play Binance Crypto Wodl:

  • Make sure your identity is verified by Binance before you start trading.
  • Connect with your account information and click the More button.
  • Look for the link that says “Wodl” and then click it. The Crypto Wodl website is another option.

You can only participate in the game if you select the correct crypto/blockchain-related word.

When you log in, it will function similarly to the well-known Wordle game. Enter a word, and the game’s character tiles will light up in a color to indicate whether or not that letter appears in the final word—or whether it’s merely in the wrong place. A color key for Wodl is as follows:

  • Green
    The correct letter is there. Thank you!
  • Yellow
    Incorrect placement of the letter within the word. That needs to be remembered.
  • Black
    The letter is completely absent from the Wodl solution.

You’re allowed two daily Wodl games, and a fresh Wodl response will be delivered to you within a day. There are only six chances to get the right answer, just like in the original game. Even if you end yourself on the losing end, there is still a chance to salvage your social standing by taking a few bold moves.

You can reenter the contest for another shot at the Wodl answer and the reward by sharing a relevant post from Binance’s news feed on your social media accounts. Indeed, we did declare it to be cheeky.


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