New Listing: AAVE USDT-Margined Perpetual Futures


We are excited to announce that we have listed AAVE (Aave). You can now trade these newly-added USDT-margined perpetual futures contracts with up to 50x leverage on our app and web platforms. 

Contract Specifications

Below is a table showing the contract specifications of the AAVE/USDT trading pair.

What is AAVE?

Aave is a decentralised cryptocurrency platform that allows users to borrow and lend various digital assets. It originated as ETHLend in 2017 but was revamped into Aave in 2020 to address liquidity and loan request matching issues. Aave operates as an algorithmic money market, providing loans from a pool of assets instead of individual lenders.

Aave’s unique features include flash loans, non-fungible token (NFT) game development, as well as AAVE, the new token introduced at a 100 LEND (the token of ETHLend) to one AAVE ratio. AAVE holders act as a backstop for the protocol through a new concept called “Safety Module”, protecting the system from a shortage of capital.

Through Aave, users can borrow cryptocurrency loans or lend their assets. Loans are obtained from a pool, and the interest rate depends on the utilization rate of the assets in the pool. If most assets in a pool are used, the interest rate is high to attract users to deposit more capital. If there are not a lot of assets in a pool, then the interest rate would be low to entice borrowing.

AAVE is the native token of the Aave platform, serving primarily as a governance token. It allows users to vote on Aave improvement proposals (AIPs) and provides transaction fee discounts for collateral depositors. Borrowers of AAVE tokens are not charged any fees.

AAVE is currently ranked 44th on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of over $914 million.

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