New Listings: WLD and CSPR USDT-Margined Perpetual Futures


We are excited to announce that we have listed WLD (Worldcoin) and CSPR (Casper). You can now trade these newly-added USDT-margined perpetual futures contracts with up to 50x leverage on our app and web platforms. 

Contract Specifications

Below is a table showing the contract specifications of the WLD/USDT and CSPR/USDT trading pairs.

What is WLD?

Worldcoin is described as ‘a new identity and financial network owned by everyone’. It offers a privacy-preserving digital identity, World ID, and an ERC-20 currency, WLD, distributed to all users. 

The project seeks to differentiate humans from AI online while safeguarding privacy as well as to explore AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI) to combat income inequality. 

To participate, users can download the World App, reserve their share, and obtain a World ID through the biometric verification device called the Orb. Founded by OpenAI’s Sam Altman, the project demonstrates promising progress in integrating AI and cryptocurrency. It marks a noteworthy advancement in uncovering the potential synergy between these two technologies.

WLD tokens serve as governance tokens and incentives for user participation. The WLD token was launched on 24 July 2023, and there are now a total of 265,000,000 WDC tokens available. WLD is currently ranked 117th on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of over $261 million.

What is CSPR?

Casper (CSPR) is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem designed for enterprise and developer adoption. It aims to simplify the onboarding process and provide a secure alternative to centralized markets by operating as an open-source network that has been vetted by multiple third parties and the community. The platform offers scalability through sharding and upgradeable features like enhanced smart contracts and predictable gas fees.

Operating on a unique Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, Casper allows developers to build blockchain applications with high performance and security. The main utility token, CSPR, is used for various roles within the network, including rewarding PoS Validators and interacting with Casper’s services. The network recently announced support for NFTs, adding to its appeal.

Casper Labs is the development team behind the network, and DEVxDAO provides funding while the Casper Association provides support to expand the ecosystem. The mainnet was launched in March 2021, and the project has secured partnerships with notable companies like Terra Virtua and WISeKey.

CSPR is currently ranked 84th on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of over $438 million.

Trade WLD and CSPR to share a prize pool of 110,000 USDT! 😎

Summer Carnival
Trade to share a 110,000 USDT prize pool

In this campaign, you will get 1 ticket (worth 2 USDT trading funds) for trading every 10,000 USDT in volume. Each user can get up to 100 tickets (equals 200 USDT trading funds) per day. Trading starts at 16:00 (UTC) every day, and tickets won will be credited to your account instantly once you meet the trading requirements. 

Some points to note for the campaign:

  • Currently, over 200 crypto futures are available on BTCC, and you can trade any of them in this campaign to be eligible for the rewards.
  • Registration for this campaign is required. Only trades with trading fees of more than 0 USDT made after the registration will be counted as valid trades for the campaign.
  • Trading funds can be used as margins for trading and to cover trading losses, trading fees, and funding fees when trading perpetual futures.


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