VIP Benefits Upgrade: Enjoy Enhanced Perks and Reduced Requirements


BTCC VIP Benefits Upgrade

We are excited to unveil a significant enhancement to our VIP programme, driven by our relentless commitment to serving our ever-growing community. This revamp provides a host of exclusive benefits that truly set us apart from the competition.


Reduced Trading Fees—Save More on Every Trade

Get up to 20% off on trading fees

As part of our commitment to providing you with the most competitive trading environment, we are thrilled to announce that our VIP programme now offers reduced trading fees like never before. Here’s what you can expect:

🔹 Up to 20% Off on Trading Fees

Maximum trading fees have been significantly reduced from 0.065% to an astonishingly low 0.045%. Minimum trading fees have been slashed from 0.035% to an unbeatable 0.01%.

🔹 VIP0 Users, Rejoice!

Even if you’re new to the platform as a VIP0 user, you can now enjoy some of the industry’s lowest trading fees—0.045%—right from the get-go.

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Easier Upgrades—Climb the VIP Ladder Swiftly

We understand that progression is key, and we want to make it easier for you to ascend the VIP levels. Here’s how we’ve simplified the upgrade process:

🔹 Choose Your Path

Upgrade your VIP level by meeting 

the “Total Assets Value” or “30-Day Trade Volume” requirement

Unlike the previous system where both requirements had to be met, now you can simply pick one—either meet the total assets requirement or the 30-day trading volume requirement—and you’re ready to level up!

🔹 Additional VIP Tiers

We’ve introduced new VIP tiers to ensure your path to upgrading is smoother and faster than ever before.

Newly-added VIP levels

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Introducing SVIP Tiers—Elevate Your Trading Experience

Become an SVIP

In this round of VIP programme revamp, we’ve added the SVIP tiers, which are suitable for our esteemed, experienced traders who command large deposit amounts and trading volumes.

SVIP1 and above users are entitled to an array of VIP-only privileges, including birthday gifts, priority customer support, BTCC branded merchandise, access to VIP-exclusive campaigns, and more.

Becoming an SVIP is easy and rewarding! In our revamped VIP programme, users who were previously at VIP5 or above will be automatically upgraded to the prestigious SVIP tier. This exclusive status comes with a significant reduction in trading fees, where previous VIP5 users will enjoy a remarkable decrease from 0.045% to an incredible 0.035%. As you move up the SVIP ladder, the lowest trading fee you can enjoy is 0.01%. Your path to elite trading benefits has never been this enticing!

Become an SVIP



Q: How is my trade volume from the last 30 days calculated?

A: All open and close orders completed within the past 30 days will be calculated, including USDT-margined, coin-margined, tokenized stocks, and commodities futures. You can check your most updated trade volume by visiting your VIP page.

Q: How do I check my Total Assets?

A: You can check your most updated total assets in [Assets] → [Overview].

Q: When will the VIP levels be updated?

A: For users whose current level is VIP0, a deposit of 200 USDT (or the equivalent value in other currencies) will immediately upgrade your account to VIP1. For users at or above VIP1, your account will be upgraded on the next day at 17:00 (UTC), once you meet the next level’s requirements.

Q: What are coupons? What is the fee coverage rate by coupons?

A: Coupons can be used to cover trading fees when trading USDT-margined perpetual futures. When deducting trading fees, the amount will be deducted from the user’s assets first based on the fee coverage rate users enjoy at their VIP level. All coupons will be cleared when users make withdrawals.


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