Best 5 Free Bitcoin Mining Sites in 2024 | No Investment


Software designed specifically for mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin exists. In return for your mining efforts, you can get paid in cryptocurrency. These programs generate an exhaustive financial report for you. Most of these programs are fully automated and can be used by anyone without any prior technical training.


The best Bitcoin mining software is outlined here, along with summaries of their key features and relevant websites. The list includes both free and commercial programs.




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Best Free Bitcoin Mining Mining Sites & Apps



Name Payout Frequency Supported Platform
StormGain Daily Web, Android and iOS
Binance Daily Windows, & MacOS
Kryptex Daily Windows 10,11
PEGA Pool Daily Web
BTCminer Daily Windows, MacOS and Linux









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Profit Share | StormGain


StormGain is Bitcoin mining software that facilitates effortless cryptocurrency investment. It has an intuitive dashboard that shows the value of your assets as they rise and fall in real time. You may monitor market developments and trends with the application’s built-in graphing features.





  • A cryptocurrency wallet is a safe place to store your cryptocurrency.
  • Your preferred method of payment is available for selection.
  • Language options for StormGain include several European tongues.
  • This method of mining digital currency eliminates the need for costly mining hardware.
  • The signup procedure is simple.




  • Simple navigation and controls.
  • It allows for diverse cryptocurrency transactions.




  • Unregulated




Minimum Investment No Fees
Minimum Payouts 50 USD
Payout Frequency Daily
Supported Platforms Web, Android and iOS









Kryptex Pro Miner | Kryptex



Kryptex is a tool that facilitates cryptocurrency mining and accepts either USD or BTC as payment. You can use this program even while your computer is not active.




  • This program has a simple installation process.
  • This cryptocurrency mining application has an uncluttered user interface.
  • When the computer is turned on, it begins loading immediately.
  • Get your CPU and GPU mining.
  • It has been translated into numerous languages.




  • Light mode is a feature that limits the percentage of system resources utilized for cryptocurrency mining.
  • It accepts Bitcoin, Gift Cards, and Russian Rubles.



  • You can’t use just one GPU for the lite version.



Minimum Investment 0.00005 BTC
Minimum Payouts Minimum $0.5
Payout Frequency Daily
Supported Platforms Windows 10








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Bitcoin priced on Binance​.US crypto exchange at $700 premium



Binance is among the most reputable companies in the bitcoin mining sector. It began operations in the year 2017 within the Free Economic Zone. It’s the first company of its kind to have official legal standing and offer bitcoin mining services. Over 90,000 people from 200+ countries are using Binance.





  • For mining contracts, $50 is the bare minimum.
  • Online mining contract selection calculator (basic and advanced versions available).
  • Binance is an authentic exchange for financial transactions. Wallets, exchanges, investment portfolios, and savings accounts are all a part of this. So is cloud mining.
  • Binance’s mobile app is a great feature. It may be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play.





  • Compensation on a daily basis.
  • The smallest Bitcoin withdrawal is just 0.001.
  • Varieties of Agreements




  • Just Bitcoin mining



Minimum Payouts 0 USDT
Payout Frequency Every 8 hours
Supported Platforms Windows, MacOS



4. PEGA Pool


PEGA Pool Reviews - 2023



PEGA Pool is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency mining pool.



  • Superb real-time chat assistance
  • Fees are reduced by 1% for green miners.
  • Among the highest paying options out there.
  • Compensation under the FPPS




  • Simple navigation and controls.
  • Trees are planted in exchange for a portion of the fees to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Pay only 1% in fees if you’re a green miner.
  • The FPPS payout.



  • At this time, mining is limited to Bitcoin.



Minimum Investment $0
Minimum Payouts 0.005
Payout Frequency Daily
Supported Platforms Web









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5. BTCminer

BTCMiner Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2



BTCminer is a piece of software that makes mining Bitcoin simple. It is a top-tier piece of crypto-mining software that intelligently determines the frequency with the maximum hash rate.






  • This Bitcoin miner for Windows comes equipped with a functioning Bitstream.
  • This cryptocurrency miner has a temperature sensor and will force the computer to stop down if it gets too hot.
  • Multiple FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) boards can be managed by a single piece of software.
  • After 5 minutes of idleness, it enters a power-saving mode.
  • The Bitcoin mining software can adjust the frequency at which it operates automatically.



  • Excellently designed interface.
  • Multiple platforms and devices are supported.




  • Bitcoin mining has become so competitive recently that this program is useless. It prevents users from










What is Bitcoin Mining?



You probably already know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are distributed ledger assets. That’s why it’s possible to conduct business without resorting to an intermediary like a bank. Bitcoin needs miners to keep its decentralized nature.


In its most fundamental form, miners are those who link specialized pieces of hardware to the blockchain. These gadgets can figure out answers to really difficult math problems. The miner will receive the block reward if they are the first to answer an equation.


  • The 6.25 BTC block reward is distributed every 10 minutes.
  • The previous rewards were worth between 12.5 BTC and 50 BTC.
  • However, at the time of this writing, 6.25 Bitcoins is worth around $250,000, according to market rates.


Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable for the average Joe, despite the fact that it may sound lucrative. This is because you need a specialized crypto mining computer to compete with other miners for the reward for solving the 10-minute block equation first. Not only is this difficult to come by, but it can also be quite costly.

Furthermore, Bitcoin miners are connected to the blockchain around the clock to increase their chances of success, which uses a lot of energy. Even if you have the necessary technology, it will be challenging to make regular returns from mining unless you live in a location with cheap energy expenses.


Because of this, the most reliable Bitcoin mining platforms provide their resources in a cloud-based model. In other words, mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies no longer necessitates costly specialized hardware or extensive energy usage, as it can be done remotely. Rather, all you have to do is put money into a mining pool and select a contract. You can start making passive revenue as a result of this.






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How Does Crypto Mining Work?


The foregoing section provided a high-level overview of Bitcoin mining. Now we’ll delve a little deeper so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in the passive investment area.




Traditional Bitcoin Mining


Considering the aforementioned, a conventional Bitcoin mining approach is probably not something you want to pursue.

However, a thorough understanding of the mechanics of cloud mining is essential, even if you’re eager to dive in. After all, you’ll need to take a chance with some of your cash if you want to make any money at a Bitcoin mining site.


  • Thus, a new block is mined on the Bitcoin network approximately every 10 minutes.
  • Each block contains a sequence of transactions that occurred within the preceding 10 minutes.
  • All of the transactions in a given block are verified as legitimate and added to the Bitcoin ledger once the block is validated.


To confirm a block, miners must now check the chain of transactions within it.


  • This is accomplished by solving a very complicated equation, which usually takes around 10 minutes.
  • This is because only one miner may earn the 6.25 BTC reward for solving a given block.
  • It goes without saying that Bitcoin miners can only make money in the conventional sense if their earnings are higher than their operational expenses.




Bitcoin Cloud Mining 


Our top Bitcoin mining sites list included only companies that offered cloud-based, remote services. In plain English, this indicates that no specialized hardware purchases are necessary.


In addition, the only power required to participate in cloud mining is that require to connect to the internet. Instead, once you sign up for a cloud mining service, all the necessary hardware will already be in place at the company’s own rigging farm.


When you purchase a cloud mining contract, you are effectively leasing a portion of the farm’s total hashing power.


To oversimplify, let’s say you put $100 into a Bitcoin mining platform and that platform generates a profit of $10,000 in 24 hours.


Payments for mining prizes usually occur once every day. The tokens can then be reinvested in a new mining contract, allowing for the possibility of compound growth.


Also, it’s important to know that the standard minimum contract length for Bitcoin mining services is one year. However, there are those who provide more adaptable terms, albeit at lower interest rates.





Can You Earn Money by Mining Bitcoin?



The average person is no longer likely to make money mining Bitcoin the old-fashioned way. Importantly, a small number of large-scale Bitcoin mining pools, many of which are based in China, now dominate this market.

That being said, investing in a Bitcoin cloud mining site can result in a profit. The provider will often share the expected return on investment with you as a percentage.


Some service providers even go the extra mile of revealing your daily, weekly, and monthly earnings.


  • It is important to keep in mind, however, that the profitability of mining depends heavily on the value of digital currencies.
  • The rate of return quoted by a Bitcoin mining pool, for instance, assumes that the miner will be paid in Bitcoins rather than other cryptocurrencies.
  • This indicates that the mining rewards for an investment of 1 Bitcoin at a yield of 10% would be an additional 0.10 Bitcoin.
  • In this case, if the value of the digital currency you are mining drops by a large amount, you may lose money.


Furthermore, we contend that, as we will discuss in greater depth later on in this article, there are significantly superior methods by which you can generate passive income from your bitcoin investments.




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How much can one earn through Bitcoin mining?


Miners who are in the effective completion of a block will be rewarded with 6.25 BTC.


What is the manner in which bitcoin mining consumes fossil fuels?


Miners are obligated to resolve mathematical equations of the utmost complexity. Moreover, the intricacy of every equation necessitates an enormous quantity of electricity. Given the continued global dependence on fossil fuels, the current state of Bitcoin mining does not adhere to environmentally sustainable practices.


How do I begin Bitcoin mining?


If you do not intend to invest six figures in a completely operational mining rig, it is advisable to begin your mining endeavors with a cloud mining platform such as Bitcoin Minetrix.



How is Bitcoin mining conducted?


Specialized ASIC hardware will be utilized by Bitcoin miners to connect to the blockchain network. The hardware will then attempt to solve an exceedingly difficult equation before any other miners. The miner will be rewarded 6.25 BTC upon successful validation of the transaction block for the aforementioned 10-minute duration. Besides the necessary hardware, this necessitates Bitcoin mining software as well.



Can you do free bitcoin mining without investment?

However, some websites also allow you to do free bitcoin mining without investment. Nowadays, providing hardware for rent has become a service. In this process, you will have to pay too much for hardware and get a low profit. That’s why most people prefer free cloud mining.



How to get 1 Bitcoin for free?

Answer: The fastest and easiest way to get 1 bitcoin for free is Coinbase. Other programs include Coinmama, Virwox, RunCPA, Bitbond, Trezor, and many more. Question: Is Free Bitcoin Mining Real? Answer: Yes, without a doubt. Bitcoin mining can be done for free in the listed top 10 free bitcoin mining sites.



How to mine bitcoin for free in Indonesia?

WormMiner This site is widely used by Indonesians for mining Bitcoin for free. If you don’t believe, check on their website under “user activities”. They also have more than 150,000 miners. You only need to register on the website and get 1 free mining machine to start mining. 4. Bitcointoolmining (need DEPO)



How to mine bitcoins?

Mining bitcoins in this era of technology science is one of the most profitable approaches towards acquiring intangible money. There are several fast & free bitcoin mining sites where one can mine bitcoins easily. The bitcoin mining software is a tool that specializes in mining cryptocurrency by using computing power.



Where to Trade BTCUSDT Futures?



Now you can trade Bitcoin (BTC) futures on BTCC. BTCC, a cryptocurrency exchange , was founded in June 2011 with the goal of making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone.  BTCC is a crypto exchange offering users liquid and low-fee futures trading of both cryptocurrencies and tokenized traditional financial instruments like stocks and commodities.


BTCC Exchange


BTCC offers exclusive bonus for new users. Sign up and deposit on BTCC to get up to 10.055 USDT in bonuses. Meet the deposit targets within 30 days after successful registration at BTCC, and you can enjoy the bonus of the corresponding target levels.     Find out what campaigns are available now:


BTCC also has an iOS app and Android app if you prefer to trade on the go.


    iOS QR Code               Android QR Code 







Download App for Android Download App for iOS

How to Trade Tether (USDT) on BTCC



Mobile App
  • 1. Download the BTCC App via App Store or Google Play
  • 2. Register and verify your account, or log in to your BTCC account.
  • 3. Tap ‘Buy Crypto’.
  • *Please note that only verified users are eligible to buy crypto on BTCC.
  • 4. Enter the amount you would like to buy in USDT.
  • 5. Select a service provider and proceed to payment.
Web Platform
  • 1. Register and verify your account, or log in to your BTCC account.
  • 2. Click ‘Buy Crypto’ on the menu.
  • *Please note that only verified users are eligible to buy crypto on BTCC.
  • 3. Enter the amount you would like to buy in USDT.
  • 4. Select a service provider and proceed to paymen.





Why Trade Bitcoin (BTC) Futures on BTCC



To trade Crypto futures, you can choose BTCC crypto exchange.BTCC, a cryptocurrency exchange , was founded in June 2011 with the goal of making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone. Over 11 years of providing crypto futures trading services. 0 security incidents. Market-leading liquidity.


Traders may opt to trade on BTCC for a variety of reasons:


  • Secure:safe and secure operating history of 11 years. Safeguarding users’ assets with multi-risk management through the ups and downs of many market cycles
  • Top Liquidity:With BTCC’s market-leading liquidity, users can place orders of any amount—whAVAXer it’s as small as 0.01 BTC or as large as 50 BTC—instantly on our platform.
  • Innovative:Trade a wide variety of derivative products including perpetual futures and tokenized USDT-margined stocks and commodities futures, which are innovative products invented by BTCC.
  • Flexible:Select your desired leverage from 1x to 150x. Go long or short on your favourite products with the leverage you want.






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1.Is BTCC safe?

Since its inception in 2011, BTCC has made it a priority to create a secure space for all of its visitors. Measures consist of things like a robust verification process, two-factor authentication, etc. It is considered one of the most secure markets to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.


2.Is it possible for me to invest in BTCC?

Users are encouraged to check if the exchange delivers to their area. Investors in BTCC must be able to deal in US dollars.


3.Can I Trade BTCC in the U.S?

Yes, US-based investors can begin trading on BTCC and access the thriving crypto asset secondary market to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.






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