Ethena (ENA) Price Prediction 2024,2025,2030




Offering market participants a yield on their dollar or stablecoin holdings is one thing. Offering a compelling offer that is difficult to resist is something else entirely. Ethena decides on the latter.


With a formal debut, Ethena has been receiving a lot of attention. You will discover the concept behind the Ethena project in this post. Additionally, you will gain additional knowledge about ENA, the project’s token. This article will also discuss pricing predictions for the years 2024 to 2030.



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Ethena (ENA) Overview


🪙 Name Ethena
💱 Symbol ENA
🏅 Rank #67
💲 Price $1.17299204798
📊 Price Change (1h) 0.37 %
📊 Price Change (24h) 13.92 %
📊 Price Change (7d) 70.59 %
💵 Market Cap $1671513668.38
💸 Circulating Supply 1425000000 ENA
💰 Total Supply 15000000000 ENA




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What is Ethena (ENA)?

Ethena is a project that uses Ethereum (ETH) as its foundation and aims to create a synthetic dollar protocol and an internet native yield. An internationally recognized dollar-denominated instrument, USDe, is available to Ethena users.


Additionally, the project’s goal is to make sure that its users may perform transactions without relying on traditional financial institutions. Its 117,530 active users would be able to stand in for these institutions thanks to its crypto-native approach.


Curiously, Ethena has the support of several powerful people. Arthur Hayes, who was a co-founder and former chief executive officer of BitMEX, is one of them. Bybit Mirana, Binance Labs, OKX Ventures, and Dragon Fly are among the firms who have shown their support for the initiative.




Ethena (ENA) Price History



The price of ENA has increased by 23% in the past 24 hours, and it is now trading at $0.84. Its trade volume reached $2.75 billion during the same time frame. According to this metric, ENA’s trading volume was the eighth highest among all cryptocurrencies.


With an undiluted capitalization of $1.20 billion, it was placed 84th in terms of market cap. There is a cap of 15 billion ENA tokens, according CoinMarketCap. Having said that, there were only 1.42 billion in circulation.


There is a possibility of a 35.4% yearly yield on Ethena’s current Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.9 billion. You can purchase ENA tokens on several exchanges, including Bitget, Binance, LBank, and Bybit.







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Ethena (ENA) Price Prediction 2024


Arthur Hayes and other investors anticipate a meteoric rise in ENA’s price in 2024. For example, Hayes mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the price could be driven higher by the Asian market’s influx. The BitMEX co-founder hinted in another post that $10 might be the price.



No matter how upbeat things seem, a technical analysis of ENA is required. Positive readings from the Awesome Oscillator (AO) on the ENA/USD 1-Hour Chart point to growing upward momentum.


Coin Edition also considered the Fibonacci extension, which indicated that ENA has a short-term potential to reach $1.57. If these signs continue, we may see a higher price for ENA in 2024. With a continuation of this year’s positive trend, ENA might reach $2.50.




Ethena (ENA) Price Prediction 2025


By 2025, the token might be in high demand due to the enticing income that Ethena offers. If this holds, we may see ENA’s price reach $5 before the end of the year.



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Ethena (ENA) Price Prediction 2026


The rally in ENA is anticipated to continue until 2026. The price might not, however, quadruple by 2025 levels. However, $8.75 is not out of the question.



Ethena (ENA) Price Prediction 2030


It is possible that ENA’s value will rise in 2030. But it may not be five times as good as it may be in the year 2029. Therefore, $37.45 is the projected price for 2030.


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Lastly, it should be noted that Ethena provides a respectable yield, which customers may encounter difficulty obtaining elsewhere. But if the market conditions are bad, people wonder if the initiative can keep going and pay out the rewards.


Users should likewise exercise caution, even though the CEO has already taken care of such problems. It began well, considering ENA’s price. The results of the token study imply that its value may rise further. There may be downsides, but ENA could be a bullish play in this cycle.




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