5 Best Stocks to Buy in May 2024


A robust job market, decreasing inflation, and a halting rate of increase in interest rates were the three factors that propelled stocks upward in 2023 and may have heralded the long-awaited “soft landing” of the American economy.


With all three of the main U.S. stock market indices reaching all-time highs in the first few months of 2024, this momentum has persisted. Nevertheless, over the first four months of the year, U.S. News’ selections have managed to beat the overall market. This equal-weighted portfolio of ten stocks has returned 8.9% in 2024 through April 29, compared to the S&P 500’s 7.3% return during the same period.


Investors may expect a lot of shocks in 2024, some of them negative. However, for the remainder of the year and into the future, there are solid reasons to be bullish about each of the equities listed below. These are the top five stocks to purchase in 2024.



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5 Best Stocks to Buy in May 2024


Now that you’ve seen our top 5 best stocks to buy now, you may be wondering why we picked each company. Here’s a quick rundown of why we’re such a fan of each as a long-term stock to invest in.





1.Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)


Just four publicly traded firms, including Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have a valuation of more than $2 trillion as of this writing. Google is an established behemoth in the technology industry, known for its ubiquitous search engine but also for its smart devices, Pixel smartphones, YouTube, and a plethora of services branded as Google, such as Google Cloud and the Google Play store.


The improved ad revenue, stronger margins following effective cost savings, and artificial intelligence were the reasons given by JPMorgan for naming Alphabet a “top stock” for 2024. This announcement was made in late 2023.


Despite OpenAI’s ChatGPT’s prominence as the most well-known AI chatbot for consumers, Google has introduced Gemini to compete with GPT-4. A number of historical personalities had their races misrepresented in Gemini’s strange image creation feature, which led to the company’s less-than-stellar reaction.


Since then, GOOGL’s fortunes have swiftly turned around, and the stock has recovered from a 5% year-to-date loss in early March. In its first-quarter earnings report, which was released on April 25, Alphabet, the search behemoth, confirmed its rapid return to the market by reporting comfortable beats on both revenue and earnings. In addition to approving a new share repurchase program worth $70 billion, the business also declared its first-ever dividend.


Based on valuation alone, there is still more potential upside even after the stock’s rebound – it’s already up nearly 19% through late April.


With a projected price-to-earnings ratio of 26.6 for Apple Inc. (AAPL), there is still 20% more upside from present levels, even though GOOGL shares are currently trading at 22.2 times forward earnings. It would be logical to anticipate that the multiple disparity will close. Analysts anticipate that GOOGL’s revenue and profitability growth will outpace Apple’s growth during the past five years.







2.Walt Disney Co. (DIS)


An old favorite from last year’s list, Disney is a worldwide powerhouse in the entertainment industry with a wide range of products and services including theme parks, cruises, television, movies, and streaming services like Disney+ and ESPN.


The House of Mouse recently revealed that it would be increasing its cost-cutting objective by more than 35%, from $5.5 billion to $7.5 billion. This move comes after famed CEO Bob Iger returned to the top C-suite seat in late 2022, following a period of spiraling costs. Activist investor Nelson Peltz fought for two board seats and claimed the board was overly devoted to Iger in an early proxy struggle with Disney. In early April, shareholders approved the company’s proposed slate of directors, proving that Iger and Disney had prevailed.


Shareholders have good reason to trust Iger; under his leadership, the business has made several astute purchases, such as Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, and Lucasfilm. The most recent earnings report from February, in which Disney surpassed profit projections and increased its guidance while mentioning that its cost-cutting strategy is already paying off, did little to bolster the argument that the firm is a mismanaged entertainment relic.





3.Discover Financial Services (DFS)


Discover and similar companies should be well-positioned to reap the rewards of an economic recovery, given the growing likelihood of a soft landing. Comparatively speaking, DFS is a much smaller credit card issuer than giants like Visa Inc. (V), Mastercard Inc. (MA), and American Express Co. (AXP). Discover isn’t like other issuers; they really lend money to customers rather than just getting a percentage of their purchases. So, DFS’s success hinges on the well-being of American consumers, who, fortunately, are in good shape.


Capital One Financial Corp. (COF) agreed to acquire Discover in an all-stock deal in February, creating an even more formidable opponent to the other credit card companies. This was a pleasant surprise for DFS shareholders. The anticipated closing date for the deal is either late 2024 or early 2025, subject to final regulatory clearance. As of April 29, the purchase price was 15.9% more than Discover’s stock price, and shareholders of DFS will receive 1.0192 COF shares for every DFS share they possess.


Discover stock will likely follow the performance of Capital One shares due to the all-stock nature of the proposed agreement, while DFS stock will also be affected by the regulatory approval prospects of the deal.






4. Citigroup Inc. (C)


Megabank Citigroup is the last company on this list, and it is the third stock that has been recommended before, in 2023. Citigroup, a value stock with a respectable 3.4% dividend and a market valuation of around 11 times forward profits, has had a great start to the year, increasing its value by more than 22% as of April 29. Although this indicates that Wall Street has taken notice of the stock, the recent recovery has not been sufficient to rectify the significant discount to book value that Citigroup stock continues to exhibit: At only 0.63 times book value, shares are currently trading at a discount.


The corporation is implementing a turnaround strategy that involves lowering costs and selling off non-core elements of the business, so that could be the reason. Although the reorganization of Citigroup would take some time, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway began purchasing the shares in early 2022, thus it is still one of their holdings. With a four-star rating and a fair value for shares of $68 (representing a 9.2% upside from its closing price of $62.26 on April 29), Citigroup is also believed by analysts to be a bargain.





5. Nvidia Corp. (NVDA)


Nvidia, a manufacturer of high-end semiconductors, is among the most remarkable stock market growth stories of the last fifteen years. Especially considering Nvidia’s scale, Wall Street is impressed with the company’s growth rates. In the most recent quarter, Nvidia saw a 265% year-over-year increase in revenue and a 768% increase in net income. Nvidia will continue to see good growth numbers, according to analyst Angelo Zino, because to record demand for artificial intelligence and cloud computing. He anticipates a 20% increase in 2026 and an 80% increase in fiscal 2025. After trading as high as $826.32 on April 25, NVDA stock was given a “buy” rating and a $1,000 price objective by CFRA.





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Final Words


Although we’re bullish on each of these stocks and think they are good stocks to buy right now, they might not all be the best choices for investors without established and diversified portfolios. Even the most stable companies on this list aren’t immune to volatility in their stock prices, especially over short periods.


Therefore, before you decide to purchase any of these stocks, do plenty of research to ensure they are aligned with your financial goals and risk tolerance.








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