AMC Stock Price Prediction 2022,2025, 2030-How High will AMC Go?

11/17/2022By: C, Fiona

When it comes to cinemas, no other company compares to AMC Entertainment Holdings. Here you can obtain the most up-to-date predictions of AMC prices from industry experts, which will help you time your investment appropriately.

This page includes the latest AMC stock price prediction and forecasts from renowned financial analysts. These forecasts, which extend to both the long and near term, provide an overview of the potential development of AMC’s price.


AMC Stock Price Targets


The most optimistic AMC stock price estimate see’s a price of around $16, while other pessimistic analysts think its price will fall even further, down to $1. Analysts agree that AMC has a bleak future ahead, so you should probably get out of the company now.


In the table below, we’ve provided a quick summary of the most recent projections for AMC Entertainment’s stock, with an average price target of $6. If you want to read more detailed predictions for the end of the year, keep scrolling below.


AMC Stock Price Prediction


In the near future, all market watchers expect AMC’s stock price to decline. Estimates of how much it will decline, however, have a wide margin of error. Below we have offered some expert opinions of how AMC will fare over the next five years.


In the case of meme stocks like AMC, analysts are especially reluctant to give long-term projections. However, its rising profile among individual investors has given us a glimpse into the future thanks to communities like Wall Street Bets on Reddit. Predictions for the future are provided here. Remember that these projections are based on a lot of assumptions and uncertainty.




AMC Stock Price Prediction 2022


If AMC’s share price drops by 68% this year, it might reach $7.80. That number is a weighted average of current projections from various financial analysts. Still, not all projections call for such a sharp decline in cost. In this article, we’ll look at B. According to Riley Securities, the fair value of AMC stock will be $16 by the year’s end.



AMC Stock Price Prediction 2023


Keeping the same 68% forecast would lead to $2.60 in 2023. Nevertheless, predictions about how low AMC will go are all over the place. Some analysts, like those at MKM Partners, expect the stock will reach $1, while others, like Chad Beynon of Macquarie Asset Management’s, think it might be worth $6 if the company is able to turn things around.


AMC Stock Price Prediction 2024


In 2024, many market watchers predict that AMC stock will be worth between $1 and $6. Private retail investors, many of whom aided AMC’s significant gain in 2021, are more optimistic, with some projecting a $40 share price.


AMC Stock Price Prediction 2025

2025 might be when the firm sees a change in its fortune and, if everything goes to plan, AMC’s stock price estimate could be roughly $60. Its proposed that high interest $5.5 billion debt the corporation holds could be shifted to better terms or possibly paid down by then, however this relies on the preceding years and how the company performs.


AMC Stock Price Prediction 2030

Some estimate a share price of as high as $1000 by 2030, although where its share price is by then relies on a large range of factors. Any prognosis this far away is inherently speculative and should be treated with more than a grain of salt.


What Factors Impact the Price of AMC?


The price of AMC is affected by a number of factors, but unlike many companies, it is significantly impacted by retail investors from online groups. We’ve selected some of the most important ones for you down below.


Reddit. AMC became renowned as a meme stock in 2021, when Wall Street Bets, a Reddit forum for regular investors, began investing in the company. An influx of additional capital was injected into the company, resulting in radically unstable situations. Any more action by Reddit investors is likely to have an effect on AMC’s pricing.

Short Positions. In 2021, retail investors on Reddit and other forums began purchasing AMC stock to provoke a short squeeze. In only a few months, they were able to increase its stock price by almost one thousand percent. The quantity of open short bets on AMC could lead to another squeeze by ordinary investors.

Movie ticket sales.  The majority of AMC’s revenue is generated through the sale of tickets to view movies. Since 2002, ticket sales have steadily declined, and competition from streaming services such as Netflix has further increased the decrease. If AMC cannot sell sufficient tickets, it will likely be unable to satisfy its stockholders.


How has the AMC Price Fluctuated?

As the coronavirus epidemic spread over the world in 2020, its stock price plummeted by more than 70% as movie theaters were forced to close. However, due to its status as a meme company, AMC’s share price rocketed in 2021, from less than $2 in January to more than $70 in June, a rise of more than 3000%. However, they have declined since then.


What am I to Do Now?

Knowing what the experts think about the future of AMC’s stock price, you might decide to invest in the firm. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself fall behind on the latest AMC happenings.