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What is Ethereum account abstraction?

In the case of Ethereum, account abstraction seeks to eliminate the existence of two types of accounts by unifying them. Thus, a single contract account will be empowered to transact with tokens and create contracts, unifying both account types. Instead of being separate account types, both EOAs and CAs will fall under a single type.

What are transactions in Ethereum?

Transactions in Ethereum are cryptographically signed data messages that contain a set of instructions. These instructions can interpret to sending Ether from one Ethereum account to another or interacting with a smart contract deployed on the blockchain.

What is account abstraction?

Account abstraction enables smart contracts to initiate transactions themselves, so that any logic that the user wishes to implement can be coded into the smart contract wallet itself and executed on Ethereum. Ultimately, account abstraction improves support for smart contract wallets, making them easier to build and safer to use.

What is the state of Ethereum?

The state of Ethereum has millions of transactions. These transactions are grouped into “blocks.” A block contains a series of transactions, and each block is chained together with its previous block. To cause a transition from one state to the next, a transaction must be valid.

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