How much has been traded in the Coinbase futures market?

The new FTX Coinbase futures market has seen a significant amount of trade volume so far, capturing $2.2 million in volume during the last 24 hours. At the time of publication, the pre-IPO Coinbase contracts are trading for $235 per unit against the U.S. dollar.

What are Coinbase pre-IPO futures contracts?

On December 21, Bankman-Fried announced the launch was now live and Coinbase pre-IPO futures contracts are now swapping for $235 per unit. People can wager on the Coinbase initial public offering (IPO) by leveraging Coinbase pre-IPO futures contracts on the crypto trading platform FTX Exchange.

What is Coinbase’s outlook for the next 4 years?

Looking at the 2025 forecast, Coinbase’s outlook would depend on how the cryptocurrency market evolves over the next four years. Cryptocurrency adoption and trading have increased significantly over the last year, which has led to higher revenues for crypto exchanges like Coinbase. Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest is buying Coinbase.

What is Coinbase?

Company Overview Coinbase was founded in 2012 as a place to send and receive Bitcoin. The company has grown to support dozens of unique cryptocurrencies and has more than 2,700 employees worldwide. Coinbase is a decentralized company with no main headquarters.