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What is account abstraction eip-4337?

Account abstraction is a game changer for web3 and bringing decentralized applications to a mainstream audience. The power to use smart contracts as your wallet brings endless possibilities and EIP-4337 is the latest proposal of account abstraction that doesn't require a consensus-layer change. Thanks For Reading!

What is account extraction in eip-2938?

Account Abstraction, as proposed in EIP-2938, allows a contract to be the top-level account that pays fees and starts transaction execution. This is achieved by introducing protocol changes with a new AA transaction type that requires two new opcodes: NONCE and PAYGAS, changes to mempool rules and extensions to support advanced usages.

What is account abstraction in Ethereum?

Account abstraction is an innovation that could fix your Ethereum wallet — and potentially enable mass adoption of crypto. What Is Account Abstraction? What Problem Does Account Abstraction Solve? What Are Ethereum Accounts? How Does Account Abstraction Work? What Is EIP-4337? What Are the Benefits of Account Abstraction?

What is account abstraction in UX?

Social recovery is one of the UX improvements account abstraction provides by avoiding the issue of a single point of failure with the private key. Account abstraction can assist by creating a better security net through multiple signers. Account abstraction can also be used to build better blockchain games with micro-economies.

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