5 Promising SocialFi Projects to Watch Out on Pi Network Hackathon

2023/01/16By: L, Laura

A look at five promising SocialFi projects that have caught the eye in the ongoing 2023 Pi Network Hackathon.


5 SocialFi Decentralized Applications on Pi Network Hackathon

Pi Network Hackathon commenced on January 9th, encouraging teams to build their Decentralized Applications (Dapps) across three themes: Social Media, Games & Entertainment, and Consumer Utilities.


Less than a week since the event began, numerous projects, developers, and teams continued to show interest in building on the accessible blockchain. As of writing, the protocol, still in its enclosed mainnet, has registered 2400+ participants.


Previously, we discussed the prospective GameFi projects at the event. Today, we are focusing on another theme—SocialFi. Here are five SocialFi Dapps with innovative utilities at the Pi Network Hackathon.



PiChat is a protocol built to allow Pioneers to connect with friends, families, and loved ones, while also staying updated with the latest news and events. The platform aims to share 95% of the revenue with all users. Further, the team has a vision to become the leading social networking application in the industry.


The PiChat website is live and can be accessed through the Pi Browser.



PiVoice is a SocialFi platform on Pi Network. With PiVoice, Pioneers can connect their social life with their Pi Wallets. The core vision of the platform is to bridge Web2 with Web3, enabling users to access Web2 services using Pi coin.


The platform is currently available in testnet, and users can interact with its ecosystem using the Pi Browser.



This SocialFi platform on Pi Network gives Pioneers the license to create their own articles, publish paid visible contents, share knowledge and earn the native Pi currency.



As the name implies, the platform will allow individuals to buy and sell services online and connect them. Connectinglive will provide a user-friendly interface for users to list and discover services and interact with one another about potential transactions.


Pi Webinars

Pi Webinars is the first decentralized educational video platform on Pi Network. The platform allows users to upload and watch educational videos to earn Pi coins. This is the second time the project has appeared at Pi Hackathon after breaking into the scene in 2021 as a Business Model application.



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