Top 5 Free Crypto Airdrops List in 2024 | Best Upcoming Airdrops



  • Cryptocurrency projects utilize token airdrops as a tried-and-true method for expanding their communities and bolstering their financial viability. Typically, the airdrop strategy aligns with the project’s objectives.
  • Every year from the year 2020, there have been numerous airdrops. Being an early adopter of initiatives that are likely to offer airdrops can improve your chances of being eligible for one.
  • LayerZero,zkSync,Renzo, Protocol and Linea are just some of the speculated cryptocurrency projects that will airdrop some of their native tokens to their community in 2024.


Crypto airdrops allow new cryptocurrency companies to reach out to their audiences by giving away free tokens. Airdrops are a great way to promote new cryptocurrencies, reward loyal clients, and increase their adoption rate. Standard, Holder, Exclusive, and Bounty airdrops are among the many varieties of this type of reward. Keep yourself apprised of news, complete certain tasks, and your qualifying wallet will be automatically rewarded with tokens when you participate in an airdrop. To stay safe from phishing and frauds, be wary and check the credibility of airdrops.


Some potential benefits of airdrops include increasing token distribution, rewarding loyal customers, and sticking out in a crowded marketplace. The danger of investing in low-quality projects, worries about network security, and the possibility of scams are some of the downsides to think about. Furthermore, airdrops don’t necessarily have liquidity, which means the tokens you get may not be worth anything if they can’t be exchanged on a public market. Before participating in an airdrop, users should educate themselves on the potential dangers and do their homework.


This blog post will provide a summary of 10 notable crypto airdrops and will go over what each one is and how it works. This list is not intended to be an investment recommendation; it is based on internal research. It is recommended that investors conduct comprehensive due research before making any judgements.






What are Crypto Airdrops?


As a marketing tactic, blockchain-based businesses often use crypto airdrops to send free tokens or coins to the wallets of crypto community members who are very active. A new cryptocurrency project can be promoted, a current ecosystem can have its community engaged or loyal strengthened, and a more decentralized network can be established through improved token distribution using this strategy.


There are several layers to the rationale behind airdrops. Projects can increase their visibility in the vast cryptocurrency market, foster a dedicated user base, and encourage trading by giving out tokens for free. This is especially important for freshly established projects trying to get into the crypto market, which is very competitive.


Usually, in order to be eligible for airdrops, you have to do certain things. Some examples of such things include keeping a certain cryptocurrency in one’s possession, signing up for a project’s newsletter, interacting with the project on social media, or making a monetary or in-kind contribution to the platform.


Participants should proceed with caution while dealing with airdrops, nevertheless. Many of the airdrop chances are actually frauds or fraudulent enterprises that try to trick people into giving their money. Prior to participating in any airdrop activity, it is crucial to carry out thorough research about the project’s team, goals, and community feedback. This foresight helps reduce potential dangers and verifies the opportunity’s validity.





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Top 5 Free Crypto Airdrops List in 2024

1. LayerZero


LayerZero is an advanced omnichain interoperability protocol tailored for efficient crypto message passing across different blockchain networks. This protocol guarantees authentic and reliable message delivery, with an emphasis on configurable trustlessness, essential for secure crypto transactions and interactions.


LayerZero’s successful funding round, amounting to $173.3 million, includes investments from prominent entities like Alameda Research and Andreessen Horowitz. This milestone paves the way for their anticipated token launch. Users engaged in decentralized applications (dApps) built on the LayerZero framework could potentially benefit from crypto airdrops if LayerZero launches its own token.


  • LayerZero: A crypto network omnichain interoperability protocol.
  • Focuses on safe, low-cost message transfer between blockchains.
  • Delivers communications with assurance of authenticity and with the ability to customize trustlessness settings.
  • Raised $173.3 million from investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and Alameda Research, with success.
  • revealed their ambitions to launch their own token.
  • When their token is introduced, users of dApps on LayerZero can be qualified for cryptocurrency airdrops.







2. zkSync 


zkSync is an example of a trustless protocol that uses cryptographic validity proofs to enable affordable and scalable Ethereum network transactions. Significant investments have been made in this platform, totaling $458 million from well-known investors like Blockchain Capital and Dragon Capital. Furthermore, zkSync has made references to the impending release of its native coin. The protocol upholds Ethereum’s strict security guidelines while performing calculations and storing data off-chain. To give an extra degree of security and proof of humanity, zkSync also uses Sybil wallets and Gitcoin passports. Users can bridge their ETH, USDT, or USDC from the mainnet to zkSync, add the zkSync network to their wallets, and trade frequently to increase their eligibility to potentially take part in a zkSync Airdrop.



  • Scalable transactions with Ethereum’s trustless protocol.
  • Gathered $458 million from capitalists.
  • Upcoming release of a native token.
  • Off-chain data storage and computing.
  • Uses Sybil wallets and Gitcoin passports for security.
  • Add network to wallet, bridge assets, and trade frequently for possible airdrop.







3. MetaMask


If you’re looking for a good forthcoming crypto airdrop, keep an eye on MetaMask, a popular custodial wallet that might be giving away free cryptocurrency. MetaMask is a mobile app and browser plugin that provides crypto traders with a private login and key.


Moreover, it can serve as a wallet, an exchange, or any other function required for the safekeeping of digital assets. The number of people using MetaMask each month has exploded, now reaching over 30 million. The wallet can be used by individuals and businesses to gain access to DeFi, mint NFTs, and perform other operations on smart contract networks.


This Ethereum wallet is on the list because it is widely speculated to be working on its own coin. To elaborate, MetaMask is expected to implement an airdrop when the platform debuts its native currency, given the growing popularity of such initiatives in the crypto industry.


Joseph Lubin is not only one of the creators of Ethereum but also the creator of the platform on which the MetaMask wallet was built. Joseph tweeted in late 2021 to “keep tuned,” presumably referring to $MASK. As we’ve mentioned, MetaMask is already popular, so if this airdrop materializes, it might be excellent.





4. Renzo Protocol



Built on top of the Ethereum network, Renzo Protocol has raised $3.2 million in funding in a seed round headed by Maven 11 and is valued at $25 million. As part of its beta mainnet release, the protocol now allows users to stake ETH using EigenLayer; support for liquid staking tokens (LSTs) is planned for the future.


With this unique product, consumers can deposit ETH and eventually LSTs in return for ezETH, which can be used in DeFi applications and generates higher returns. Renzo Protocol has drawn an impressive Total Value Locked (TVL) of more than $35 million in just one month of its introduction, according to DeFilama. Users who follow the official website, connect their wallets, restake ETH, and use referral codes to introduce friends may be eligible for the Renzo Protocol Airdrop.



  1. Constructed using the Ethereum network.
  2. Obtained a $25 million value and $3.2 million in seed finance.
  3. Permits users to withdraw Ethereum on the beta mainnet via EigenLayer.
  4. Support for liquid staking tokens (LSTs) is planned for the future.
  5. Provides ezETH with extra yields for DeFi applications.
  6. Over $35 million TVL was attained in a single monthPossible airdrop: Reload ETH, link your wallet, and use referral codes.




5. Linea


With its ConsenSys-powered zk-rollup solution that is developer-friendly, Linea is an interesting blockchain startup. Linea allows developers to build on top of a zkEVM without needing deep knowledge of zero-knowledge technology; the focus is on scalability and zero-knowledge proofs. The possible airdrop is what really sets Linea apart; depending on user engagement, each wallet might receive up to $15,000. Participation in Linea’s ecosystem is highly recommended if people want a chance to win the LINEA Airdrop.


You can do this via registering a Linea domain name, trading on Linea DEXs, using official and alternative bridges, and joining LayerBank’s lending platforms. Please be aware that there may be expenses involved with taking part in these activities, such as the $100 required to bridge to Linea and any petrol taxes that may apply. The exact date of the airdrop has not been announced yet, but users may keep themselves informed by following Linea’s official channels.






How to Find the Best Airdrops?



A number of future airdrops are worth noting for cryptocurrency holders. Users can learn about impending airdrops by becoming active in crypto networks and forums and by keeping up with crypto news sites. It’s a good idea to follow crypto projects on (official) social media and join related Telegram groups. You can also sign up for newsletters from crypto projects and airdrop aggregators, or use websites that aggregate airdrops.



Not all airdrops are real, so it’s crucial to be careful and check them out thoroughly before taking part in one. There are those that could ask for your financial or personal information. Some fraudulent websites convincingly masquerade as authentic ones in an effort to trick visitors into clicking on malicious links. This can put cryptocurrency and digital currency in wallets at danger. No matter how experienced you are in the financial markets, you should always double-check the legitimacy of any links you click.







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Cons of Crypto Airdrops


From a monetary standpoint, the majority of cryptocurrency airdrops pose no risk. This is due to the fact that there is zero financial risk involved. Additionally, if the tokens that were airdropped can be traded on cryptocurrency platforms, you have effectively received free money. Crypto airdrops are exciting, but investors should proceed with caution, as CNBC outlined.


You may need to link a wallet in order to get some cryptocurrency airdrops. The airdrop can potentially steal your wallet information if it is not real. In that case, the whole token supply in the wallet might be transferred. The ‘Advanced Fee’ fraud is another potential threat. Before the tokens are airdropped, the project may request a modest quantity of cryptocurrency.


But you’ll never get tokens. Airdrop frauds requesting your wallet’s private key to validate the claim were also discovered. Afte


r that, the criminal can access all of the funds in your wallet. Your private keys should never be shared with anyone.










We’ve discussed some possible reductions for 2024, but this is by no means an entire list, and none of the reductions discussed here can be promised to occur. But, there are consistent patterns in the kinds of things you can do to increase your chances of qualification, such as maintaining your presence in the community and participating in the project.


Furthermore, keep in mind that the information shown here is for illustrative reasons only and not as a substitute for professional financial guidance. Before engaging in any sort of interaction with a protocol or decentralized application, it is always wise to undertake one’s own study.







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How to Trade Crypto Futures on BTCC?


To trade with BTCC, please follow these general steps:


Register an account: Visit the BTCC website and create an account. Provide the requested information, complete the verification procedure, and implement any necessary security measures, such as two-factor authentication (2FA).


Deposit Funds: After you’ve created your BTCC account, you’ll need to fund it. BTCC may accept numerous deposit methods, including bank transfers, cryptocurrency deposits, and other payment choices. Select the way that works best for you and follow the instructions to deposit funds into your account.

Choose a Trading Pair: BTCC offers a variety of cryptocurrency trading pairings. Choose which trading pair you want to trade. For example, if you wish to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, use the BTC/ETH trading pair.


Place an Order: BTCC normally offers choices for market and limit orders. A market order allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the current market price. With a limit order, you specify the price at which you wish to purchase or sell, and the trade is executed when the market hits that price.


Monitor and Manage Trades: After placing your order, you can track the status of your trade using the BTCC interface. You may see open orders, filled orders, and your trading history. You can also use stop-loss or take-profit orders to limit your risk or automate specific components of your trading plan.


Withdraw Funds: If you want to take your funds off the exchange, you can do so by withdrawing them from your BTCC account. To initiate a withdrawal, follow the instructions provided and provide the relevant information, such as the destination wallet address.


Stay Informed: Keep track of market movements, news, and other variables that may affect cryptocurrency values. BTCC may offer real-time market data, trading charts, and analysis tools to assist you make informed trading decisions. Staying educated can help you optimize your trading tactics.



BTCC is one of the world’s oldest and most popular bitcoin exchanges. Bobby Lee created it in 2011, with its headquarters initially located in Shanghai, China. BTCC contributed significantly to the early development of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystems.


BTCC initially concentrated on Bitcoin trading, but it gradually expanded its capabilities to cover other cryptocurrencies as well. The exchange allows users to purchase, sell, and trade numerous cryptocurrencies, including as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), among others.


BTCC has received recognition for its strong trading platform, liquidity, and security precautions. The exchange provides features such as spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading to accommodate various types of traders and investors. It gives consumers real-time access to market data, order books, and trading charts, allowing them to make informed trading decisions.


BTCC has undergone various alterations throughout the years in order to adapt to the changing regulatory landscape. It expanded its activities abroad, opening offices in other countries to serve a global customer base. However, cryptocurrency legislation and availability may differ based on jurisdiction.


As the cryptocurrency market evolves, BTCC remains a significant player in the industry, providing a variety of services and contributing to the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem.



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  • Established Reputation: BTCC is one of the oldest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, having been operational since 2011. Its history in the market enhances its credibility and trustworthiness.


  • A Diverse Selection of Cryptocurrencies: BTCC allows customers to access and exchange a wide range of digital assets.


  • Margin and Futures Trading: BTCC provides margin and futures trading options, allowing customers to expand their trading holdings and potentially increase their profits.


  • Proficient Trading Instruments: such as real-time market data, trading charts, and technical analysis indicators. These tools can help users make informed trading decisions.


  • Security Measures: BTCC values security and uses a variety of safeguards to secure customer payments and information. This includes two-factor authentication (2FA) and cold storage of cryptocurrency assets.


BTCC Bonus

BTCC bonuses apply to different categories of users. You can deposit and receive up to 10,055 USDT.  Every new user gets a 10 USDT coupon after completing their registration. You will also get an additional 20 USDT coupon on completing your KYC verification.

  • Bonus On First Deposit And Trade


You will get a bonus worth 10 USDT when you deposit 200 USDT and above within 7 days of opening an account. The reward includes a 5 trading fund and a 5 USDT coupon.




If the deposit is 500 USDT and above, you will get a 20-trading fund. Furthermore, if you make a cumulative deposit of 2000 USDT within 30 days of opening an account, you will get a 30 USDT trading fund. Trading within 7 days of signing up will also earn you a 20 USDT coupon.




  • BTCC Futures Trading Bonus


You can earn bonuses from trading futures on BTCC within a stipulated time.


  • A cumulative future trade of 200,000 USDT and above will earn you a 10 USDT trading fund and a 200 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 500,000 USDT and above will earn you a 20 USDT trading fund and a 300 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 1 million and above will earn you a 50 USDT trading fund and a 500 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 5 million USDT and above will earn you a 125 USDT trading fund and a 1000 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 10 million USDT and above will earn you a 250 USDT trading fund and a 2000 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 20 million USDT and above will earn you a 500 USDT trading fund and a 5000 USDT coupon.

  • Other Bonus
Invite a Friend

Invite a friend to BTCC to get a 25% rebate on their trading fees. You can get up to 530 USDT in rewards per referral.

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