How to Buy MEMAG Crypto – Beginner’s Guide

2023/02/06By: C, Fiona


One of the most anticipated crypto presales of 2023 is Meta Masters Guild. An exciting, safe, and decentralized platform for play-and-earn crypto games is being developed as part of this project.


In this primer, we’ll show you the ropes on how to participate in the MEMAG presale and get your hands on tokens at the lowest possible cost. We also explain the MEMAG project so that potential backers can evaluate the play-and-earn model with more knowledge.



What is MEMAG Crypto?



Did you know that MEMAG is one of the most promising artificial intelligence-based cryptocurrency projects scheduled for release in 2023? The goal of the brand-new blockchain project Meta Masters Guild is to popularize the team’s novel play-and-earn concept. MEMAG is introducing a new phenomenon to the market that is distinct from the more conventional “play to earn” concept.


Simply said, play-and-earn systems make the game itself the primary objective. The play-and-earn model can only survive in the long run if plenty of people are having fun with it.


In contrast, the play-to-earn mentality is predicated almost entirely on financial gain, which is an untenable principle to uphold over time. MEMAG calls itself a “Guild” for gamers. For those who are unaware, this means that MEMAG will act as a go-between for players and creators of video games.


To put it another way, the MEMAG ecosystem will work with some of the most promising new studios in the industry, giving gamers access to a wide selection of games. Three games have been ordered so far, according to the MEMAG whitepaper.


For example, the games Meta Masters Word, Raid NFT, and Meta Kart Racers (about which more will be said in a bit) fall within this category. All games hosted in the MEMAG ecosystem will have a reward system in place, regardless of genre. Players will have more reason to stick around for the long haul if this is implemented.


As it turns out, the MEMAG project has two distinct digital currencies. At the outset, we have Gems. In a nutshell, players will receive Gems tokens whenever they earn a prize from gameplay. As the second token, “MEMAG” is the most important one.


Once the presale is over, MEMAG, the project’s core cryptocurrency, will be sold on both decentralized and centralized platforms. If a person earns and hoards enough Gems, they can eventually trade them in for MEMAG.


Alternative uses for Gems inside the MEMAG ecosystem are also possible. This includes the option to purchase virtual items within the game. Additionally, all game assets are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, making them tradable and subject to market forces.


Finally, individuals seeking the most promising cryptocurrencies may wish to investigate the MEMAG presale campaign before it ends.


The initial cost of participating in the MEMAG crypto presale will rise with each successive step. That means the first investors in the company will enjoy a competitive advantage. As of this writing, in Phase I of the presale, one MEMAG token can be purchased for $0.007 USDT. Price will rise to 0.01 USDT in Stage 2 of the process.




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How to Buy MEMAG Crypto?


Cryptocurrency investors who have participated in other presale launches will likely be familiar with the necessary procedures. However, newcomers may benefit from some instruction. Because of this, we’ve included a comprehensive guide on how to participate in the MEMAG presale and get tokens in a matter of minutes.




Step 1: Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet


Investors in the MEMAG presale will need access to a cryptocurrency wallet, as is the case with any new coin listing. Although there are a number of different wallets that can be used to participate in the MEMAG presale, the consensus seems to be that MetaMask is the most secure and convenient.






MetaMask is used by millions of traders throughout the world and is compatible with a wide range of devices. There’s even an app for your iPhone or Android device! MetaMask is a browser extension that works with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox to make investing even easier.


The investor must then create a new wallet after downloading MetaMask. The investor will then be prompted to select a password and record the on-screen 12-word recovery phrase.



Step 2 – Buy Ethereum


The MEMAG presale accepts two cryptocurrencies as payment methods: Ethereum and Tether. Either will do, but for the purpose of this step-by-step guide, we will use Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.


  • Using a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance is the most cost-effective option to buy Ethereum online.
  • The reason for this is because opening a Binance account and completing the KYC process takes less than two minutes.
  • Investors can then purchase Ethereum using a debit/credit card or bank transfer.


The alternative option is to purchase Ethereum with a debit or credit card through the MEMAG presale dashboard. The payment will be processed by a third party, and costs will likely amount to 3 to 5 percent.


Step3 – Transfer Ethereum to the MetaMask wallet


Assuming Ethereum was acquired through a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance, moving the tokens to MetaMask is the following process.

  • A copy of the investor’s Ethereum deposit address can be obtained using the MetaMask user interface.
  • You may see it below “Account 1” on the display.
  • Just hit the copy button.


The next step is to visit the cryptocurrency exchange where your Ethereum tokens are stored. Put in a withdrawal request to the exchange using the receiving address you copied from MetaMask. On average, it takes about five minutes for Ethereum to be sent from a cryptocurrency exchange to a client like MetaMask.




Step 4 – Connect MetaMask to the MEMAG’s Pre-Sale


At this point, you should have enough Ethereum or Tether in your MetaMask wallet to get started. Following this, link your MetaMask wallet to the MEMAG presale control panel.


To begin, head on over to the ‘Connect Wallet’ button on the MEMAG presale website. You should choose MetaMask as your wallet when requested.


The user should be prompted to verify the connection to MEMAG when they first launch the MetaMask wallet. Verify this, then go on to the next and final stage.




Step 5 – Buy MEMAG Crypto


It’s time to link up MetaMask with the upcoming sale. The last remaining step is for the investor to indicate the quantity of MEMAG tokens they desire to acquire.


One final confirmation via MetaMask is necessary after the purchase has been confirmed. To confirm the MEMAG pre-sale order, open your MetaMask wallet once more.


The tokens can be claimed by returning to the MEMAG presale website after the sale has ended. Once the investment is complete, the MEMAG tokens will be sent to the same MetaMask wallet from which they were originally purchased.






All things considered, MEMAG has the makings of a top-tier crypto presale in 2023 and beyond. As a guild, it is creating a long-term play-and-earn model, and it will also host several games within its ecosystem. As a result, its entire catalog of games will eventually be popular all over the world.


The MEMAG presale has just started, which means early investors may get in on the action at the lowest possible cost.



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1.Where can I purchase MEMAG tokens?

You can buy MEMAG tokens in advance of the main sale on the project’s website. Both Ethereum and Tether can be used to participate in the presale. For the most part, participants will link their MetaMask wallets to the MEMAG presale website in order to trade ETH/USDT tokens directly. Tokens for the MEMAG platform will be made available to backers following the conclusion of the presale.



2.How much does MEMAG cost?

At the time of writing, the price of a token in the MEMAG presale, which is at stage 4, is $0.016 USDT. By the completion of the presale, MEMAG will be published on cryptocurrency exchanges at a price of 0.023 USDT, with each subsequent stage representing an increase in price.



3.Is it wise to put money into MEMAG?

MEMAG is creating a unique gaming guild ecosystem that will support many different types of play-and-win games. It will be possible to play each game on iOS and Android mobile devices. From an investing viewpoint, the upside potential could be appealing, particularly for those who obtain exposure during the presale, if the project takes off in 2023. Since the first stage of the presale costs merely 0.007 USDT, while the initial exchange listing costs 0.023 USDT, this represents a significant discount. That’s a difference of more than 230%.



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