AMC Stock Forecast 2023, 2025, 2030- Is AMC a Good Invetsment?



The movie theater chain owned and operated by AMC Entertainment Holdings is the largest in the world. Here you can obtain the most up-to-date forecasts of AMC prices from industry experts, which will help you time your investment appropriately.


This page contains the most recent AMC stock price forecast and projections from top financial analysts. These forecasts, which include both long and short term outlooks, provide an outline of how AMC’s price may evolve in the future.


Some analysts have predicted a price of $1 for AMC stock, while others have predicted a price of $16, with the most pessimistic expecting the stock to fall much further. The majority of analysts believe that AMC’s future is not bright, hence they advise selling the stock.


In the table below, we’ve provided a quick summary of the most recent estimates for AMC Entertainment’s stock, with an average prediction of roughly $6. To read more precise predictions for the upcoming year, keep scrolling below.




AMC Price History


Its stock price dropped by more than 70 percent in 2020 as the coronavirus epidemic spread and movie theaters were shut down. AMC’s status as a meme company led to massive growth in 2021, when the stock went from selling at less than $2 per share in January to more than $70 per share in June, an increase of more than 3000%. However, they have declined since then.



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AMC Stock Forecast 2023, 2025, 2030


All analysts expect that AMC’s stock price will fall in the future years in the short run. The range of how far it will fall differs amongst forecasts. Below are some expert predictions for how AMC will fare in the coming years.

Most analysts do not make long-term estimates, particularly for meme stocks like AMC. However, its popularity among retail investors, as evidenced by Reddit communities such as Wall Street Bets, has provided some insight into what the future may hold. Long-term forecasts are provided below. It should be noted that these projections are highly speculative.


AMC Stock Price Forecast 2023

In 2023, you’d get $2.60 if you used the same 68 percent projection. Although projections of how low AMC will go are all over the place. MKM Partners’ analysts believe that the price will reach $1, while Macquarie Asset Management’s Chad Beynon sees a potential value of $6 if the company is able to turn things around.



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AMC Stock Price Forecast 2024

Many market watchers predict that AMC stock will be worth between $1 and $6 in 2024. Private retail investors, many of whom financed AMC’s meteoric 2021 rise, are more optimistic, with some projecting a $40 share price for the firm.



AMC Stock Price Forecast 2025

An upturn in AMC’s fortunes is possible by 2025, at which time the stock price is expected to rise to around $60 if all goes according to plan. According to some estimates, the $5.5 billion in high-interest debt the corporation currently carries could be refinanced into more favorable terms or perhaps paid off by that time, depending on the company’s performance in the years leading up to that point.




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AMC Stock Price Forecast 2030


While the precise value of a share in 2030 is highly unpredictable, some analysts predict it may be worth as much as $1,000. Any forecast this far in the future should be treated with skepticism.




What Factors into AMC Price?



The price of AMC is affected by a number of different variables; but, unlike many other companies, it is significantly impacted by retail investors from online groups. We’ve selected some of the most important ones for you down below.


  • Reddit. In 2021, a group of individual investors known as Wall Street Bets on Reddit began purchasing shares of AMC, and the stock quickly became known as a “meme stock.” Wild fluctuations in the market occurred after the corporation received a flood of fresh capital. The price of AMC could change if investors on Reddit do anything else.
  • Positions Short. In 2021, retail investors on Reddit and other sites began purchasing AMC stock to create a short squeeze. Due to their efforts, the company’s stock price increased by more than 1000% in a matter of months. Because of the large amount of existing short positions on AMC, retail investors may once again be able to force a squeeze.
  • Takings at the box office. Tickets to movies account for the bulk of AMC’s revenue. Since 2002, ticket sales have been on the decline, and competition from streaming services like Netflix has further intensified the trend. Not selling enough tickets might mean trouble for AMC’s shareholders.



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