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Market Statistics

Market Cap$317.74M
24h Volume$919527.18
Circulating Amount$40.00B
Price Change (1h)-1.41%
Price Change (24h)-2.19%
Price Change (7 days)-6.50%

About Fruits (FRTS)

What is Fruits (FRTS)?

FRTS is a platform that provides an ecosystem service through an easy-to-use interface, connects different stakeholders of the non-profit space, and ensures the transparency and traceability of all donations. FRTS’ services include a payment gateway for donations in any local currency, a wallet to facilitate currency storage and donations, an explorer to track donations, tools to connect donors and other actors, and tools to establish and run fund-raising activities.

The FRTS project was conceived and developed by t-sky, an enterprise software development company with a long history. Since its inception, t-sky’s professional team has worked with many different charities, some of which are listed on its official website.

T-sky is headquartered in Hong Kong. It actively participates in charitable activities. T-sky has developed FRTS coins. In order to ensure that every donation is used effectively and honestly, t-sky maintains a working relationship with digital assets general reserve Company Limited (gRDA), a Hong Kong based trust company. GRDA is a registered company with a trust license regulated by the Hong Kong government. T-sky’s corporate assets and its FRTS projects will be managed and supervised by gRDA. T-sky will work with different charities and companies to help people in need. From Hong Kong to the world.

About the Current FRTS

Fruit (FRTS) successfully implemented their large-scale hard fork, converting their old erc20 FRTS tokens into their original FRTS coins in the original blockchain economy, using the POC algorithm. The exchange was conducted in a ratio of 1:1.

Where Can I Buy Fruit (FRTS)?

FRTS can currently be traded on multiple exchanges, including probit global, xt COM, LBank. These exchanges offer trading options for bitcoin (BTC) or tether (USDT).

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