AITX Stock Forecast 2023, 2025, 2030: Is AITX Stock a Good Buy?


AITX stock has been in a strong downtrend as it dropped by 99% in value from its all-time high and by 54% in 2022. With AI-based asset gaining great momentum recently, will this penny stock recover in 2023? Here pulls together all the latest AITX stock forecast for 2023, 2025 and 2030 to give you an idea of how the stock might perform in the future.


As of February 07, 2023, AITX had a $66.1 million market capitalization, putting it in the 27th percentile of companies in the Integrated Hardware & Software industry.


AITX Stock Price Today

AITX stock price today is $0.0103, dropped -16.26% from its previous close at $0.0123. During the day, the stock fluctuated 32.97%, ranging from $0.0091 to $0.0121. Over the past two weeks, AITX stock has seen a 16.38% increase. The trading volume decreased 15 million shares, totaling 148 million shares traded for a value of $1.53 million. This decrease in volume is a positive sign, as it usually follows the stock’s movement.



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What is AITX? Fundamentals Analysis

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX) was founded on March 25, 2010, by John B. Crawford. Headquartered in Ferndale, Michigan, it is a business-facing company that targets firms in the manufacturing sector.


Today, the company engages in providing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. One of its main products is the security robots such as ROAMEO. Its focus is on Ai-driven technologies capable of being paired with multi-use hardware and can easily integrate with custom software and cloud services. In addition, they are also involved in the automation and integration of security, concierge, and operational tasks.


The AITX company boasts several subsidiaries, including Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), Robotic Assistance Devices Group, Robotic Assistance Devices Mobile, On the Move Experience, and OMV Transports. These companies manufacture products that are used to maintain stationary workflow automation solutions.


The last few months have seen AITX make significant market moves that will position it as an AI-hardware solutions provider in the markets. Among these moves is the announcement that its subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices Inc (RAD), had signed Prudential Alarm as a new authorized dealer. The company indicated that it had received an order for multiple security robots through this collaboration. This will see the company increase its sales in the coming years.


The company also planned to bringthe RAD light my way, an integrated facility, and campus safety application to the market. These moves will see the company continue to gain traction and increase sales.


As a penny stock, AITX does not have the heavyweight investors that hold other companies like Blackrock and Vanguard. According to Yahoo Finance, the biggest institutional shareholders in the company are Baxter Brothers, MAI Capital Management, and Williams Jones Wealth Management. It is also estimated that Steven Reinharz, the company’s CEO, has a major stake in the company.


Still, the main concern for the AITX stock price is the significantly high debt and huge cash burn. It has more than $35 million in total liabilities and little cash. With these realities, the company may likely have a challenge selling more stock.


AITX Stock News

  • AITX CEO Steve Reinharz Expands Communications Reach Efforts in February.

On February 1, 2023, AITX announced that CEO Steve Reinharz will conduct 2 highly visible media outreach campaigns.


On February 5, Reinharz conducted another session of his ‘Ask Me Anything’ series. These hour-long live sessions, also presented on YouTube Live are designed to connect Reinharz with the growing AITX community. Questions are posed on the Company’s Discord channel and via YouTube. Reinharz does not screen the questions and his responses are often insightful.


Reinharz added, “Lately I’ve been stepping up the communications with the AITX community and new followers. The pace and volume of activity throughout the Company drive me to connect as much as possible, and we’re still accelerating the outreach. There’s much more coming.”


The AITX / Reinharz ‘Ask Me Anything’ can be viewed on YouTube at


  • AITX Price Changes for Some Security Robots

On January 31st AITX announced price changes across four solutions offerings effective the start of the Company’s next fiscal year, March 1, 2023. Price increases range from 18% to 29% for three solutions. Furthermore, one solution will have a price decrease of 17%.


AITX noted that in most cases the final pricing is determined by its network of over 50 dealers, and it is ultimately the responsibility of these dealers to apply and pass on any price increases to customers. The primary reason for these increases is to ensure value pricing in the market.


These price increases help AITX achieve previously stated gross revenue goals for FY24 in addition to adding flexibility to manage inflationary pressures without grossly deviating from target return-on-capital and gross profit margins.


  • AITX Supports New Agreement Between ASIS International and Circadian Risk

On January 25th AITX announced its support for the agreement made between ASIS International and Circadian Risk, Inc. to deliver the security organization’s Physical Asset Protection (PAP) Standard as a SaaS-based assessment within Circadian Risk’s Enhanced Solutions™ Risk Suite.


Previously AITX announced an investment in Circadian Risk, paving the way for possible collaborations and integrations with AITX solutions. Circadian Risk develops software that gives security professionals the power to proactively reduce potential risks to individuals and assets. Their vulnerability assessment tools provide a complete detailed analysis, as well as corrective actions for every issue that may arise.


ASIS International is the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals. With hundreds of chapters across the globe, ASIS International is recognized as the premier source for learning, networking, standards, and research.


  • AITX Announces ‘Bailey’s 5’, an Expansion of the ‘Bailey’s Gift’ Campaign

On January 24th AITX announced an extension to its ‘Bailey’s Gift’ campaign, ‘Bailey’s 5’.


The campaign will see AITX donate a minimum of five ROSS AI-based security solutions to qualified K-12 schools in the United States. View the video announcement here


ROSS (RAD Operations System Software) is the AITX software solution enabling millions of legacy IP security cameras previously deployed to be able to connect with the RAD ecosystem (RADSoC). RAD’s firearm detection identifies the presence of side arms and long gun firearms. Immediately upon the detection of a firearm, RAD’s AI-driven analytics can autonomously perform a variety of actions including appropriately activating a local audible and visual alarm, locking and securing electronic doors, notifications to remote monitoring or onsite security personnel, and law enforcement authorities – ideally before any shots are fired.


AITX believes that there are more than 100,000 K-12 schools that could immediately benefit from this firearm detection technology. AITX hardware and software solutions deploy quickly and provide a non-biased level of early detection and deterrence to potential firearm-related events in and around these buildings.



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AITX Stock Forecast: Recent Financial Reports

AITX has not had the best financial growth for the past few years. In the financial year 2020, the company recorded a net income of negative $5.9 million. This loss was an improvement from 2019 numbers, where the company recorded a net loss of $6.21 million.


Looking at the 2021 quarterly numbers, the company recorded a net loss of $35.9 million in the first quarter. This was followed by another net loss of $4.8 million in the second quarter and a net loss of $7 million in the third quarter. The company also did not have the best quarterly figures when it came to revenue. In the first quarter of 2021, the company recorded a revenue of $560,000. For the second and third quarters, the company recorded a revenue of $141,000 and $373,000 respectively.


The company’s balance sheet for the third quarter of 2021 also shows an interesting fact about the company’s financial health. The company had a debt-to-asset ratio of over 270 per cent. The company’s assets were also less than its liabilities. According to financial reports, the company had assets worth $9.27 million and liabilities worth $25.37 million.


In October 2022, AITX published strong financial results. Its subscription revenue rose by 85% You t over $228k in Q3. It also increased its gross profit margin to 87%. Notably, it continued diluting shareholders through stock issuance to receive additional share proceeds.


Meanwhile, an AITX subsidiary known as Robotic Assistance Devices won multiple orders for 33 security robots in late 2022. They were delivered to four different clients covering 28 ROSAs and five TOM robots. It was unclear how much of these funds went directly to AITX.


AITX Stock Predictions 2023, 2025 and 2030

Our data indicates that AITX stock price has been in a downtrend for the past 1 year under the bearish market environment. With the rise of increasing AI projects like ChatGPT, however, there may be positive trend in the future. Get the AITX stock forecast in 5 years and find out what affects the AITX stock price.


It should be noted that there is no consensus on a future AITX stock price target. It is a small stock that trades at fractions of a penny and the long term prediction is likely to include lots of big swings in price.



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AITX Stock Forecast 2023

AITX stock was trading at $0.0057 at the beginning of 2023. Since then, AITX shares have increased by 80.7% and is now trading at $0.0103. AI-focused asset investment has been a popular topic in recent month with the launch of ChatGPT. Our AITX stock predictions 2023 forecast that the stock may reach $0.03 by the end of 2023.


AITX Stock Predictions 2025

Based on our AITX stock predictions 2025, AITX stock price is expected to reach above $0.1 by 2025. This will be an average of 41% growth between 2023 and 2025. Although this figure is conservative due to recent price action history that has shown that AITX stock price can rise at such a rate within less than a week, we expect the prices of the stock between 2023 to 2025 to grow at a relatively stable rate. However, some AITX stock price predictions 2025 suggest that there is still a possibility that AITX stock could be trading as high as $0.5 to $1.00 by 2025.



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AITX Stock Price Prediction 2030

According to AITX stock predictions 2030, AITX stock price is expected to cross the $1 mark and range between $5 and $10. This is a conservative prediction, and there is a likelihood that the prices could be as high as $20 by 2030.


AITX Stock Forecast: Is AITX Stock a Good Buy?

The AITX stock price predictions above show solid growth potential for AITX price. We conclude that AITX is a good investment for long-term investors. The stocks have shown their volatility in the past, where prices can rise up to 94% within three days. However, with our 2023 AITX stock forecast showing that the prices may rise by over 200% before the year’s end, the return on investment is higher than most traditional investment institutions, whose returns are below 20%.



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