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Market Statistics

Market Cap$612.47M
24h Volume$1991.96
Circulating Amount$990.00B
Price Change (1h)+0.44%
Price Change (24h)-8.46%
Price Change (7 days)+16.12%

About BitTorrent(BTTOLD)

What is BitTorrent (BTTOLD)?

Headquartered in San Francisco, BitTorrent is the company behind the largest decentralized P2P communication protocol, which is used to distribute data and large files on the Internet. The protocol is responsible for moving a large proportion of the world’s Internet traffic every day.

At present, the company has developed two brands of products: BitTorrent and µ torrent, providing popular torrent download clients for windows, MAC and Android. BitTorrent has more than 100million active users every month. It provides rich and secure torrent programs for desktops, browser based torrent media and download products, and Android mobile torrent downloaders in Google play store.


Who is the Founder of BitTorrent?

Bram Cohen. Bram Cohen is an American computer programmer. He is the most famous author of the peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent protocol in 2001 and the first file sharing program using the protocol, also known as BitTorrent.


What is BitTorrent Token (BTTOLD)?

BitTorrent Inc. is launching a TRON TRC-10 cryptographic token called BitTorrent token (BTT). BTT will be used as a general mechanism for the transaction of sharing computing resources between BitTorrent customers and the mobile market of service requestors and service providers. BTT will become a trading unit providing services in the BitTorrent ecosystem that supports BTT. It will be offered as a divisible token, allowing for detailed pricing.

Due to the expected transaction volume, it is not feasible to directly use the public Tron blockchain for all transactions. Therefore, BitTorrent Inc. will deploy an “on chain / off chain exchange”. The exchange will realize the transfer of tokens between high-performance private ledger and public Tron blockchain.


What are the Characteristics of BitTorrent?

BitTorrent speed: BitTorrent speed is a function of BitTorrent, µ torrent web and µ torrent classic. With BitTorrent speed enabled, downloaders will have the option to provide tokens to uploaders in exchange for faster download speeds. By introducing an incentive mechanism to earn BTT tokens, uploaders have reason to extend the seeding time of files and use more bandwidth and storage space for other flood clients in the network. As an cryptographic torrent token in BitTorrent speed, BTT is responsible for providing impetus for a healthier BitTorrent protocol.

BitTorrent file system. Btfs is both a protocol and a network implementation. It provides a P2P mechanism for storing and sharing digital content in a decentralized file system. Btfs is a decentralized file storage system supported by millions of BitTorrent user nodes. By running on the blockchain, it has a proxy proof pile method for processing blockchain transactions. Btfs solves these limitations. Btfs represents the first decentralized storage system that can be used by DAPP developers. Soon, BTT will be introduced into the btfs ecosystem to encourage a fair and rich file system.

DLive. Dlive is a live community built on the blockchain, empowering content creators and viewers.


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