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Market Statistics

Market Cap$134.88M
24h Volume$4.61M
Circulating Amount$7.00B
Price Change (1h)+0.27%
Price Change (24h)-0.68%
Price Change (7 days)-7.59%

About Astar(ASTR)

Astar is a multi chain smart contract platform, which was launched in January 2022. However, in recent weeks, it has failed to attract investors. In the 14 days before May 24, the original token ASTR fell by 19.4%, which was involved in the current bearish sentiment in the cryptocurrency field.

Astar network claims to be “the parachain with the highest locked total value in the Polkadot ecosystem and the most transferred Ethereum assets”. According to its website, it connects the Polkadot ecosystem with cosmos, Ethereum and other important blockchains.

The project claims to have locked in a total value of $1billion and more than 500000 community members. Despite its recent poor performance, it seems to be an impressive project. However, how does this affect astar’s price forecast? Before looking at any predictions, let’s consider how the agreement works and who founded astar.


What is the Next Step of ASTR?

According to the data of coinmarketcap, the token fell immediately after its launch, from $0.278 on January 18, 2022 to $0.1798 on the same day, and then fell to a low of $0.0854 on January 25.
The token then showed a slight upward trend, rising to a daily high of US $0.1494 on February 23. Although it fell to $0.1276 on February 25, the token then rebounded and hit a high of $0.1659 three days later.

On March 7, the token fell to a daily low of $0.09729 and soared to an intraday high of $0.2774 on April 2. Although it was revised to a daily low of US $0.1997 on April 4, the token soared to a record high of US $0.3353 on April 10, 2022.

Since then, ASTR has experienced a stable downward trend, falling to a low of US $0.1312 on May 1, and further falling to US $0.04194 on May 12. The token has rebounded. As of 18:21 (utc+1) Beijing time on May 24, 2022, its price is US $0.08094.

According to coingecko, ASTR has increased by 39.5% in the 24 hours from May 23 to 24. By the data of coinmarketcap, the market value of the project is US $275million, ranking 227th among all cryptocurrencies. The total supply is 7billion ASTR and the circulation supply is 3.41 billion. How does this information affect the price forecast of astar coins?


Astar Price Forecast

While price forecasting is important in trying to determine whether a cryptocurrency is a good proposal, it is important to remember that price forecasting, especially long-term forecasting, can be very inaccurate. This is due to the inherent volatility of the market. Inevitably, the more new the token, the less the basis for price prediction platforms, making them more likely to be inaccurate.
With this in mind, let’s look at ASTR’s price forecasts.

Digitalcoinprice predicts that the astar price in 2022 will be $0.11, and then it will rise to $0.12 in 2023. The platform predicts that the astar price in 2025 will be $0.17, while in 2026, it predicts that the token will drop to $0.15. In 2027, the price forecast of ASTR is USD 0.21, while that of astar in 2030 is USD 0.38.

In the bullish forecast, priceprediction believes that ASTR will rise to $0.13 by may2023, $0.18 by may2024 and $0.27 by 2025. In 2030, the platform suggests that the token may rise to $1.68.
In an optimistic forecast, gov capital outlined that the price forecast of astar cryptocurrency in 2023 may be USD 0.2007. The platform predicts that the currency may rise to US $0.529 by 2027.

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