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Market Statistics

Market Cap$221.97M
24h Volume$26.15M
Circulating Amount$10.00B
Price Change (1h)+0.57%
Price Change (24h)+4.57%
Price Change (7 days)-11.97%

About Ankr(ANKR)

Ankr was founded by CEO Chandler Song in 2017. His idea is to create an easy-to-use platform for the development of Web3 (also known as decentralized Internet). Ankr is a blockchain based cross chain infrastructure. It has a DeFi platform that can realize the development of nails and dapps. It hosts various protocols related to the development of dapps and DeFi departments.

Ankr’s design and development is based on the vision of the new Internet. The Internet is based on distributed ledger technology, and its applications, protocols and systems are decentralized, making it more private and secure for users. Its main idea is to eliminate the need for central institutions and intermediaries, and to transfer the ownership and control of data and applications to users and network participants.

After the release of Ankr main network in 2019, the development team behind Ankr project launched a betting agreement called stkr. Stkr allows users to take Ethereum (ETH) as a bet in exchange for aeth, which represents the future income of the deposited bet balance. This is the reward method for network participants to pledge through stkr protocol. Users can also deploy development nodes, establish dapps on the network, or deploy betting nodes to enjoy the benefits of becoming a gambler on the Ankr Web3 platform.


How Does Ankr Work?

Ankr is a global company to fulfill its mission of creating and developing the next generation decentralized Internet. In order to realize the decentralization of applications and tracking nodes and support the Web3 infrastructure, Ankr uses the computing power supported by DLT to collect data resources and deploy them to watchers and developers at a lower cost through the data center. This is also a way that developers and watchers can easily create and deploy dapps and track their balances.

Ankr fixed price is supported by the stkr protocol launched in 2020, which supports fixed price eth in exchange for aeth. The latter represents the value of bet eth plus the expected return on the bet balance, creating a highly liquid system for future gamblers of Ethereum 2.0.

Ankr is the native token of the network and has a variety of functions, including payment and access to applications deployed on the network, deposit, and voting on governance proposals. Ankr aims to support more blockchain protocols as part of its development of Web3, that is, a more private and secure decentralized Internet.


The Founder of Ankr

Ankr was founded in 2017 by its co-founder and CEO Chandler Song. Since its inception, the Ankr team has developed into a global network of professionals dedicated to creating a functional Web3 infrastructure.

The team, composed of people from 16 different countries around the world, is committed to decentralizing the network and making it easy for people to access Web3 applications and betting protocols. Ankr currently hosts more than 40 different development and stalking protocols, and continues to develop as a global decentralized network, enabling people to easily access Web3.

Ankr was first hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Ankr was launched as an erc-20 token, although there are also bep-2 and native token versions. In 2019, Ankr released its main network, and in 2020, the team launched a fixed price agreement stkr. Ankr continues to grow, while the infrastructure of Web3 is growing exponentially.


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