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Market Statistics

Market Cap$208.39M
24h Volume$21.84M
Circulating Amount$99.21B
Price Change (1h)-0.09%
Price Change (24h)+1.87%
Price Change (7 days)+0.15%

About Amp (AMP)

What is Amp ?

According to the Amp website, as a digital mortgage token, Amp can guarantee any type of assets that users want to transfer, such as digital payment, legal currency, loan distribution and property sales income. Trading is ensured through a process called “stalking”. Mortgages use smart contracts to freeze assets until the transaction is verified, and then release funds to the recipient. Because Amp is open source, developers can create their own applications and use Amp to ensure transfer.

Amp ‘s parent company also created flexa, an open source digital payment processing network. Flexa guarantees transactions using US and Canadian digital dollars and some loyalty tokens and digital currencies. Amp is the preferred token on the flexa network.

Is Amp a Good Investment?

Amp has a bona fide purpose – to secure the transfer of assets, thereby ensuring that fraud and default are prevented without the need for third parties to validate or enforce contracts. According to securities IO says anyone can use the Amp network. All you need is a compatible digital wallet.

Another advantage of Amp is that it is widely used. More than 40000 U.S. businesses now use the flexa platform to process digital transactions that may be collateralized by Amp . To the disadvantage of Amp ere, it is a “penny” cryptocurrency. Extremely cheap coins are like penny stocks. They are highly speculative and may eventually prove worthless.

Price Forecast of Amp

As the frenzied fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices over the past six months — and the resulting investor losses — show, it is impossible to predict future prices with any degree of accuracy. However, this does not prevent some analysts from weighing. According to capital Com reported that the latest forecast requires an increase from $0.002 to $0.029 in the next year.

With the listing on major exchanges and the investment in flexa and Amp by cryptocurrency influencers such as wink avos twins, there may be enough credibility for Amp to continue to grow. However, all cryptocurrency investments are speculative. Although there is potential to make money, you may lose some or all of your investments.


Like all cryptocurrencies, investors should have a long-term strategy. Amp oule is creating enough buzz that it may be worth the risk. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Amp is that it entered the market at the bottom of smart contracts, which helps lay the foundation for the future of cryptocurrencies.


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