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What are the best alternatives to Coinbase?

Whether you're a new investor or looking to switch from Coinbase, here are some of the best alternatives. Tip: Coinbase is great, but it's not perfect. If you're looking for a Coinbase alternative, eToro is a good choice. They offer a wide range of features that Coinbase doesn't, and their platform is incredibly user-friendly.

Why is Coinbase so popular among new investors?

There are numerous reasons why Coinbase is so popular among new investors, but, as you can see, so are Coinbase alternatives. Gemini has more advanced trading options and lower fees than Coinbase without being too complex for new investors. GDAX is a clear next step beyond Coinbase and provides instantaneous, free fund transfers for Coinbase users.

Is uphold better than Coinbase?

Uphold, like Coinbase, offers a fantastic staking service as well. In fact, it offers a wider range of supported cryptos to stake with even higher annual percentage yields on most offerings than Coinbase.

Is Bitstamp better than Coinbase?

Bitstamp is a major competitor to Coinbase in the trading of cryptocurrencies, mainly because of its low pricing and the fact that it is older, tried, and tested than Coinbase. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies but not as many as Coinbase (50+).

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