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What is ENS token?

The ENS TOKEN is an ERC-20 token standard used for token delegation for its DAO and the governance of the ENS protocol’s key components like .eth pricing, the price oracle, etc. Early adopters of the Ethereum name service protocol could claim their ENS tokens through the official website.

What is the current supply of ENS?

The current circulating supply is 20,244,862.091 ENS. ENS is an Ethereum token that governs the Ethereum Name Service, a protocol for human-readable crypto addresses and decentralized domain names. ENS will be used to propose and vote for changes to the protocol.

What are the uses of ENS?

The most common use for ENS is storing cryptocurrencies in wallets and exchanging them. Buying, selling, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies can all be done using an ENS. ENS supports the addresses of any cryptocurrency or blockchain: you can see the full list here.

When can I claim $ENS?

ENS protocol allows you to claim $ENS until May 4th, 2022. There are couple of actions you can take to reduce and defer taxes on the $ENS airdrop. First, you can wait until the prices go down before claiming the token, if you think that they will. Going with the example above, assume you claim $ENS in December 2021 when the price is $20 per coin.

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