Terra Classic Burn: Terra Community Resoundingly Backed the 1.2 Tax Burns After Update

2022/11/09By: C, Fiona

  • Throughout the neighborhood, rumors circulated that the freshly printed money was being burned.
  • A proposal to upgrade Terra to version 0.5.22 was accepted by the LUNC validators.


After the collapse of the network, Terra suffered a dramatic transformation. Both Terra 2.0 (LUNA) and Terra Classic are operational at this time (LUNC). Despite this, many in the cryptocurrency community see this coin as a potential long-term investment.


It was recently suggested that freshly printed currency be burned, and as a result, the hashtag #LunaClassic is currently trending on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). It was just recently approved that a developer’s proposal to impose an additional 1.2% burn tax on all transactions in order to restore the supply and demand economics of the original Terra environment will be implemented. In addition, with the Terra Classic update, the community requests that Binance initiate tax burning at the 1.2 level.

A Squeeze on Supply and Demand


As the supply of LUNC gradually diminishes over time, users desire to boost demand for LUNC in order to drive up the price of USTC. Success for this plan hinges on demand increasing or being consistent. A major worry is that when supplies are low, people would rely more on the internet.


After the proposal to upgrade Terra to version 0.5.22 was authorized by LUNC validators, the update will become available shortly. All validators are expected to have upgraded by the time the network reaches block height 9,109,990 on August 26 at roughly 22:00 UTC.


The price was initially driven by advocates because to the encouraging developments. Inevitably, trade volume will rise after the network’s burn tax is activated. However, the upgrade has not been implemented widely because it is now only available on the Terra Classic test network.


Today, the Terra Classic price is $0.000126 USD and the 24-hour trading volume is $216,367,950 USD, as reported by CMC (NS:CMC). The value of Terra Classic has dropped by 4.25% over the past day.



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New Terra Classic Tax Burn


The citizens of Terra LUNA Classic were overwhelmingly supportive of the move to alter the LUNC tax burn rate. The grassroots movement that led to the proposition was widely praised.


Twitter user Akujiro said that community members had brought forth the project after it was approved by the Terra LUNA Classic administration. According to Akujiro, 82% of voters approved the idea, and this time around, KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, joined in.


To sum up, Akujiro said, “We are decentralized, I encourage everyone to start dialogues and take action.”


Twitter user 4lex 4sh4w TR echoed this sentiment, praising the “great community engagement” and noting that 83 percent of people took part. Although around a fourth of validators didn’t cast ballots, this milestone was nonetheless reached. They estimated that 92% of voters (those who did not abstain) favored the Yes position.


Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, promised changes after the initiative passed. When the LUNC tax burn mechanism goes active, deposit and withdrawal costs will alter.


Since Binance handles so many LUNC and USTC deposits, the exchange has decided to lower the 1.2% consolidation charge to 0.2% for all such deposits. Please be aware that Binance does not waive the withdrawal fees imposed by other exchanges or platforms for LUNC and USTC deposits. The 0.2% tax burn and Binance’s withdrawal fee will be deducted from the total withdrawal amount users get, the notification states.


Almost 30 Years to Waste 10 Billion LUNC


Since a slower rate of reduction has been implemented, the LUNC tax burn mechanism is expected to take significantly longer to achieve its ultimate target. It is estimated by LUNC Burner that Terra LUNA Classic will destroy 10 billion LUNC in around 28 years and 9 months at a LUNC tax burn rate of 0.2%.


According to the statistics displayed on the site, a total of about 22,428,000,000 LUNC, or about 0.325756% of the total supply, have been burned as of the time of writing. We deduct the amount of LUNC that has been burned from the on-chain supply to get the overall supply. According to CoinGecko, its current value is 6,907,072,876,045.

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