Tamadoge Presale Crosses $4.3 Million, Dogecoin Rises 10%


Tamadoge presale has sold out much faster than initially expected and has already raised $4.3 million. To buy Tamadoge now?


Dogecoin rises 10% over 24 hours

As the cryptocurrency market rallies from its lows, dogecoin has gained 10% in the last 24 hours, leading many to believe the market has bottomed out.

In the last 24 hours, the price of Dogecoin has risen over 10% to a 24 hour high of $0.088786.



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SHIB has gained 40% in just one month

DOGE isn’t the only crypto project that has been going well lately. Over the course of the last month, the value of SHIB has risen by 40%.

The atmosphere is much calmer now due to the highs and boom at the peak of the bull market. Much of the leverage in the market has been removed or liquidated and the market is now much healthier.

The two biggest dog-themed meme coin, DOGE and SHIB, have both recovered significantly from their lows and are proving that their communities can stand the test of time.


Tamadoge presale raises $4.3 million, selling fast

Tamadoge presale has sold out much faster than initially expected and is nearing completion of its third tranche, having already raised $4.3 million.

During the last bull market, DOGE and SHIB were two of the best performers and were incredibly successful. In fact, aside from BNB, DOGE was the only coin that performed better against Bitcoin than in the last cycle (SHIB didn’t exist in the last cycle).

Many investors are wondering whether Tamadoge will be the next puppy-themed and play-to-earn crypto to explode.

Now, in order to grow with such huge profits, a program must offer more than just being a meme, it also has to have utility.

Tamadoge is an NFT-based play to earn ecosystem that enables holders to earn for the time they spend playing the game.

Not only this, but different from DOGE and SHIB, in the TAMA ecosystem, people can play with their puppies in artificial reality.  The team is currently developing the technology needed for a mobile app that will allow people to play with their puppies in a virtual world.

In addition, Tamadoge’s team have plans to launch their own metaverse platform, called the ‘Tamaverse’, which will be influenced by the needs of the broader community. Those looking to invest in NFTs can also do so within the Tamadoge ecosystem since all of the pets (and the in-game items) are structured as NFTs. These NFTs can be traded through the Tamadoge store, with TAMA acting as the native currency.


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