Core DAO Sets to Support Asset Bridging


Following the successful launch of the Core DAO airdrop, Core users will soon be bridging assets on the Core blockchain powered by the partnership with LayerZero Labs.


Core DAO Supports Bridged Assets 

Following the successful launch of its airdrop campaign, Core DAO has announced that the community will soon be able to bridge other assets on the blockchain.


The feature, powered by its partnership with LayerZero Labs, ensures that users can bridge assets such as USDT, USDC, and more on the Core blockchain. Core DAO notified the community about the initiative on February 10th through Twitter.


The Satoshi Plus Consensus platform disclosed that the community should stay updated for the official announcement as the feature is not yet operational. Additionally, the protocol will disclose the supported assets in the official announcement.


The protocol’s integration with LayerZero will bring blockchain interoperability to Core enthusiasts. This development will also improve the adoption and use of the Core blockchain.



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