Battle Infinity (IBAT) Surges 320% as Predicted – Will Tamadoge the Next?


Battle Infinity (IBAT) is sweeping the global crypto market, especially in India, as IBAT, as we predicted, soared 320% after its initial listing on Pancakeswap. Battle Infinity is a metaverse play-to-earn game poised to replace other P2E coins as the premier crypto gaming platform.

IBAT token, India’s first digital asset, starts trading the new venture. Other markets will follow soon. A star-studded launch event will be held in Delhi, and celebrities like cricketer Irfan Pathan and Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela are expected to appear.


IBAT Makes Huge Success on Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

IBAT has skyrocketed after its Initial Dex Offering. Given IBAT’s highly successful IDO today, IBAT saw gains of over 600% in a bear market this year. IBAT is probably one of the best performing cryptocurrency IDOs this year.

To accommodate the expected high demand, the listing price was set at $0.0024, a significant increase over the presale price (the 90-day presale sold out 66 days in advance) and was quickly pumped to $0.011 within the first ten minutes.

The gains were short-lived, however, as IBAT reversed immediately after taking profits, completing a 78.6% retracement.
After a brief decline, IBAT found stability and it now trades at around $0.0072, up 379% from its presale price.



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Battle Infinity (IBAT) Skyrockets as Forecasted, Rising 320%

IBAT token holders are likely to have unfolded a 10x return on their investments so far. After a presale price of $0.0015, Battle Infinity (IBAT) rose to $0.011 on its first day of trading on PancakeSwap’s DEX, marking a gain of over 600%. And the daily price chart shows a gain of 320% on August 17.

The market is relatively quiet today as investors seem to be profiting from the overbought coin. However, the bullish rally is not over, and traders usually re-enter the market to buy a coin at a lower price.

Battle Infinity seems to be the talk of the town everywhere. Battle Infinity presale copies sold out quickly due to their high demand. It showed a huge increase of over 600% after its debut on the PancakeSwap DEX crypto exchange on August 17 at 4:00 pm UTC.

Those who missed the initial purchase will get another chance to buy IBAT tokens on August 17 as it has already dropped from $00119 to the $0.00716 level. IBAT has accomplished the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement at $0.00420 and is now back in a bullish trend.

On the upside, the IBAT/USD pair is likely to face immediate resistance at the $0.0077 level; however, given the hype surrounding IBAT, it has the potential to break out and target the $0.0090 level. With growing demand, IBAT can break above the $0.0090 level to reach a high of $0.0111 or $0.015.


Will Tamadoge Be the Next to Explode Like Battle Infinity

Given the popularity of the coin among celebrants, IBAT is likely to continue to gain traction. Many investors are wondering if Tamadoge will be the next coin to explode. Tamadoge is the best ERC20 token, and it takes a novel approach by combining the concept of meme coins with play-to-earn (P2E) game features.

Tamadogi allows players to win frequent rewards through competent play. This allows players to mint, breed, train and battle their “Tamadoge pets” against each other. Each of these pets is organized into an NFT with strengths and weaknesses. It is the owner’s responsibility to raise their Tamadoge from the time they are first minted as babies until they reach adulthood.

The Tamadoge arena is a turn-based battle field where pets can compete once they reach adulthood. If a player is successful in these battles, they will earn “Dogepoints,” which can be used to move up the scoreboard. Dogepoints earned throughout the month are pooled into a “Dogepool” and distributed to the person who has earned the most Dogpoints at the end of each month in the form of TAMA. Thus, players can create their own self-sufficient ecosystem by earning and spending in-game currency.



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Tamadoge Presale Hits over $5 Million

At the time of writing, $5,180,716.318 USDT has been raised on Tamadoge presale has sold out much faster than initially expected and is nearing completion of its third tranche. The presale selling phase will run until September 2, 2022, at a discounted price. Early investors can buy Tamadoge (TAMA) with USDT, ETH or fiat currency via on-ramp Transak using a debit or credit card.

Check out our detailed guide on where and how to buy Tamadoge on presale.


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