Tamadoge to First List on LBank Exchange – TAMA Presale Continues


LBank exchange has announced that it will soon be listing Tamadoge meme coin, the newest and hottest play-to-earn crypto project that has attracted extremely high buying volume since its presale launched on July 2.

Tamadoge presale is still selling out fast and has now raised  $3.8 million in record time as eager investors on the hunt for the next meme coin to explode like Dogecoin, buy up the tokens.

To secure a CEX listing with LBank even before the presale has ended is certainly a vote of confidence in the bona fides of the NFT game project and its prospects for success.

LBank is currently ranked as the 15th biggest centralised exchange, with a daily trading volume of $1 billion.

The exchange is based on Hong Kong and is not only popular among Asian traders but has customers all over the world.


Tamadoge presale keeps hot

The Tamadoge presale is currently in its third phase, with 58.6 million tokens left to be sold at a rate of 1 USDT = 66.7 TAMA. So far, 340 million tokens have been sold out of an allocation of 1 billion in the presale.

The first tranche of 200 million tokens was sold at a price of $0.015 (1 USDT = 100 TAMA), but then the price for the next tranche of 100 million tokens rose 25% at a price of 80 TAMA.

Now, in the current third phase, the token is priced at 1 USDT to 66.7 TAMA.

When all 100 million tokens are sold in the current tranche – the tally currently stands at 58 million to go – then the price rises to a rate of 1 USDT to 57.14 TAMA.



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What is Tamadoge and what makes it unique from other meme coins

Tamadoge is leading the new wave of meme coins that provide owners with access to real value and utility. Tamadoge is a games platform based around the Tamadoge Pet. Players are rewarded for ‘parenting’ their pet in dutiful and attentive manner.

The best owners  will see their pets move up the leaderboard and be rewarded accordingly.

In addition the pets will be able to battle against each other. Because of its NFT-based play-to-earn game mechanics, gamers can not only enjoy the fun gameplay, where skill goes beyond boring P2E tasks, but also accumulate rewards as they go.

The Tamadoge Petstore and the leaderboards are planned to be operative before the year’s end.

In the presale, half of the total token supply of 2 billion TAMA is available for sale to early investors.

Tamadoge is seeing heightened interest not just because of its innovative approach to P2E – the game is also aimed at entering the metaverse.

An augmented reality app will be launched next year and partnerships with metaverse platforms sought out early in 2023.

Each Tamadoge pet will have its own 3D avatar version that will be interoperable with a raft of metaverse virtual worlds.

Shiba Inu spikes and Tamadoge benefits

Meme coins were one of the hottest trends of the bull market and Tamadoge is well positioned to secure the eyeballs of investors and players in the second-coming of meme coins.

Shiba Inu’s SHIB token has jumped 23% in the past seven days. and is currently valued at $0.00001571.

In the past meme coin form, Tamadoge (TAMA) could easily gain 100x returns following its launch on LBank and other more exchanges.


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