The Future of Cryptocurrency: the Prediction of Five Experts After the “Breakthrough” in 2021


2021 is an important year for cryptocurrency. But what is the next step in 2022?

We have seen bitcoin hit several record highs in the past year – followed by a sharp decline – and more institutional purchases from large companies. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency and reached its own record high at the end of last year. U.S. government officials and the Biden administration have increasingly expressed interest in the new regulations on cryptocurrency.
At the same time, people’s interest in cryptocurrency has risen sharply: it is not only a hot topic for investors, but also a hot topic in popular culture, thanks to long-term investors like Elon Musk to the child in your high school on Facebook.

In many ways, 2021 is a “breakthrough,” said Dave Abner, head of global development at Gemini, the popular cryptocurrency exchange. “People pay great attention to cryptocurrency industry.”
However, the industry is only in its infancy and developing continuously. This is an important reason why every new high point of bitcoin will be easily caught up by the sharp fall. It’s hard to predict the long-term direction of things, but in the coming months, experts are focusing on topics from regulators to institutions using cryptocurrency payment, trying to better understand the market.Although accurate prediction is impossible, we asked five experts about their concerns about the future of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Regulation

We look forward to a continuous dialogue on cryptocurrency regulation. U.S. officials have shown particular interest in stabilizing currency regulation.
Lawmakers in Washington, D.C., and around the world are trying to figure out how to establish laws and guidelines to make cryptocurrencies safer for investors and less attractive to cybercriminals.

“Regulation may be one of the biggest suspenses in the global cryptocurrency industry,” said Jeffrey Wang, head of the Americas at the Canadian based cryptocurrency finance company amber group. “We will very much welcome clear regulation.”

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently said he had “no intention” to ban cryptocurrency in the United States, while Gary jansler, chairman of the security and Trading Commission, has been commenting on the role of his own institution and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in regulating the industry.


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The Future of Cryptocurrency

We can guess what value cryptocurrency may have for investors in the coming months and years (as many people will do), but the reality is that it is still a new and speculative investment, and there is not much history to use as a basis for prediction. No matter what an expert thinks or says, no one really knows. That’s why it’s important to invest only in what you’re ready to lose and stick to more traditional investments to build long-term wealth.

Maintain your investment scale and never place cryptocurrency investments above any other financial goals, such as saving for retirement and paying off high interest debt.

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