IMPT Token is Expected to Increase 50x by 2023- Best Crypto This Year?


After only a week, the Impact Project presale has already raised just over $2.8 million. In just five days, the decentralized carbon credit marketplace and green buying platform has surpassed the $2 million mark, making it the latest milestone it has reached.

The rapid growth of the IMPT token presale indicates that the Impact Project will be one of the most successful offers of 2022. The platform’s emphasis on environmental protection has attracted ESG investors. Nonetheless, in a year where several promising new coins have gone on to skyrocket after a successful presale, it is also drawing traders expecting for above-average gains.


IMPT Token Is Expected to Increase 50-Fold By 2023


The Impact Project presale began on October 3 and swiftly reached several major milestones, including the initial goal of raising $150,000 within 24 hours. A total of $550,000 was raised in the first 48 hours, $1,000,000 in the second 72 hours, and $2,000,000 on the fifth day.

Pre-sale pricing for IMPT as of this writing is $0.018. However, this is merely the first of three stages, with the presale price increasing to $0.023 and $0.028 in the second and third, respectively. Therefore, it appears that many investors have raced to buy the altcoin before its price increases by 27.7 percent.


There’s little doubt that the Impact Project’s solid foundation and well-thought-out plan are contributing factors in its popularity among investors. Using the Ethereum blockchain, it will connect consumers with “thousands” of retailers who will donate a portion of their profits to green causes.

The Impact Project’s platform will not only make eco-friendly purchases possible for consumers, but it will also reward them for doing so with non-transferable tokens representing carbon credits (NFTs). The Impact Project’s marketplace is a simple way to buy or trade such credits.


The Impact Project hopes to encourage more environmentally responsible consumer behavior by rewarding users with tokenized carbon credits for eco-friendly purchases. Retailers will be encouraged to go green in the long run if they can count on a steady flow of customers who are prepared to spend their money on environmentally friendly brands.


It’s also important to note that the Impact Project will contribute to greater transparency in the carbon offsets market by putting carbon credits on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. The Impact Project will make the issuing and circulation of credits more transparent, which should assist improve a market that has been hampered by secrecy and inefficiency for far too long.


For this and other reasons, ESG investors have taken an interest in the Impact Project. It might be argued that the Impact Project’s launch coincided with the rise in interest in ESG investment, making it ideally positioned to reap the benefits of this development.



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How High Can IMPT Go?


Although trying to foresee the future is a fool’s errand, past large presales from 2022 provide some insight into how IMPT might fare after its presale concludes and it receives its initial listings.


For instance, after obtaining $19 million, Tamadoge (TAMA) successfully concluded its presale. Soon after, it was launched on OKX, where it promptly increased in value by more than 1,800% compared to its initial offering price.

Similarly, the presale price of Battle Infinity (IBAT) was $0.0015. To put that in perspective, if you bought it for $0.00 in August and sold it for $0.00554060, you would have made 269%.


Of course, there is no assurance that IMPT can achieve similar results. Even so, its foundations are solid, and its presale has been successful, suggesting that it has the kind of momentum that will continue over into its initial round of listings.

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