Green Investors Gravitate towards IMPT Tokens as Millions Raised


Millions of Dollars Raised from Green Investors in ESG Crypto Coin

New to the market is IMPT, the newest cryptocurrency available. The cryptocurrency token’s purpose is to help fund a ground-breaking platform that educates and inspires individuals to lessen their environmental impact.

Green Investors are Drawn to IMPT

Over the past year, blockchain technology has made great strides. Despite widespread support, certain blockchain networks’ power consumption has drawn scrutiny. The Impact Project saves the day with a game-changing strategy that lets web 3.0 and cryptocurrency investors advance sustainability efforts.


When it comes to blockchain, the platform takes a completely novel tack. Users can get legitimate carbon credits while the risk of fraud is eliminated.


Several prominent investors and companies with a focus on environmental, social, and governance issues have already committed to the project. There are almost 10,000 major brands who have joined forces with this initiative. This will help the initiative reach more people.


Furthermore, IMPT’s advantage over competing new cryptocurrencies stems from the team’s extensive industry experience. And it’s great that the crew is so open about their work; that will help the project thrive over the long haul.

Seven days ago, we unlocked the IMPT project for investors. Despite its newness to the market, it has quickly established itself as a leader. The IMPT presale has been extremely successful, bringing in over $2.5 million in just the first week.


There will be three stages to the IMPT pre-sale. This present stage is the beginning of a multi-part process. The cost of IMPT will increase with each next iteration. The presale is limited to a maximum of $10.8 million. Based on how quickly the first phase has been selling, the presale may be over in the next few weeks.


The Impact Project’s (IMPT) native token. Because of the ground-breaking methodology used by the project’s developers, the token has many practical applications. As a result, IMPT has the potential to provide benefits in both the short and long terms.



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The Importance of  IMPT’s Transparency


Investors’ apprehension about fraud and “rug pulls” is a major factor in the failure of many promising startups. Nonetheless, IMPT has addressed this problem by emphasizing openness in order to supply investors with all the data they require.


As CoinSniper’s most popular token, IMPT is also gaining attention. Over 630,000 people have voted for the coin on the site. To increase participation in a project’s community, CoinSniper offers a platform. CoinSniper is a directory and analysis platform for the cryptocurrency industry.


In addition to working to increase confidence in the crypto space, IMPT has also been through a smart contract audit to ensure that its network is safe and unhackable.


The IMPT smart contract was validated by ENebula Solutions. In order to find vulnerabilities and flaws in a system, eNebula Solutions uses a platform that performs human evaluations of business logic and system activities.


In their IMPT report, eNebula Solutions presents their findings from their smart contract audit. As of right now, the audit has uncovered no issues of critical, high, medium, or low severity with the smart contracts, indicating that the design is sound.


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