The Biggest IMPT Token Pre-Sale is Happening- Best Presale in 2022?


Less than three days after it became opened to investors, the ongoing IMPT token presale has already achieved the $1 million milestone in funds raised. The carbon credit marketplace built on the blockchain decided to begin its sale amid a rough patch for the cryptocurrency market, but this didn’t seem to deter interest for the platform’s token.

Almost 10% of IMPT’s hard cap of $10.8 million has been raised in the presale. The present stage is the first of three, with prices ranging from $0.018 in the first to $0.028 in the third.

For anyone who are considering participating in the sale but still need more information about the altcoin, we have included it below in its entirety.

The IMPT Token is Currently Running the Largest Presale

The IMPT presale began on Monday, October 3 and has already surpassed several major milestones, including $250,000 raised in 24 hours and $500,000 raised within 48. In the last 24 hours, it has raised $1 million, with roughly $500,000 coming from the sale of IMPT.

At a price of $0.018, this means that nearly 55 million IMPT have been sold, out of a total of 600 million. A complete sale could occur in as little as 20 days if the current rate of sales is maintained (roughly $500,000 per day).

This means that the sale will end on Wednesday, October 26. Given that it has only been going on for three days, it is possible that its pace will pick up, leading to its conclusion even sooner.

The IMPT platform is creating a decentralized market for carbon credits, which is what has investors so excited. Its platform, built on Ethereum, will allow users to donate to environmental causes, buy products from stores that share their values, and do both.


No matter how much money is spent on the IMPT network, users will earn carbon credits. Tokenized as NFTs, this will allow holders to transact in them.

Coinciding with this, tokenizing carbon credits increases the openness of the market for buying and selling them. According to the IMPT white paper, this addresses multiple issues plaguing the present-day carbon credit market, including double-selling credits, overcalculating credits, and failing to carry out proper retirement procedures.

Additionally, the project provides users with an IMPT score that allows them to monitor the extent to which their spending and actions have a positive impact. This score is especially useful now, when more and more people are making it a goal to reduce their impact on the environment.

Similar to the growing interest in ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) investments, the IMPT platform has just gone live. That’s why it would be highly advantageous for it to arrive at just the right time, in just the right place, and with just the right features and benefits.



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The 2022 Was a Banner Year for Presales

While 2022 has been a down year for the cryptocurrency market as a whole, presales have seen some bright spots.

For instance, after raising $19 million in a presale, Tamadoge saw its price increase by more than 100% in the first 24 hours after it was listed on OKX. Further, newly listed coins on CoinMarketCap’s New Cryptocurrencies category consistently outperform most established cryptocurrencies in their first days and weeks of trading, with gains in the double digits.

Whether or not IMPT follows suit with other altcoins remains to be seen. However, it’s off to a promising start in the presale, and its fundamentals are solid, so it should do well once it starts receiving listings.


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