How to Get a STEPN Activation Code – Your Ultimate Guide


Looking for a STEPN Activation code? This guide will help.


Is Move and Earn the new and updated future of all fitness programs? Is the success of such projects really a testament to people lining up for fitness in exchange for rewards?


Well, at this point that can really be the case, you know. Because the makers themselves have somehow anticipated such popularity of their products.


STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with in-built Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. It is the first project to execute a functioning move and earn concept.


To play the game, you need to get a STEPN activation code. These days the activation codes have been very difficult to come across. And if one cannot even get a code, there is no question of entering the game.


So in this article, we will talk about several ways to get a STEPN activation code for free .


Ways for Getting a STEPN Activation Code

The white paper of the StepN project claims that one can get an activation code for every 10 Energy. Now the question arises, if I am not able to access the game in the first place how can I get the number of energies?


Let’s see how!


Join the STEPN Discord Server

The most recommended way to get StepN Activation Code is through their Discord. But you cannot take it lightly. Like if you decide that you would get the code of their Discord server, you need to sit in front of your screen for quite some time. You have to wait till someone uploads the code. Or the team itself is known to give the codes at intervals.


But as the traffic is high, you need to be careful vigilance in watching the site and keep refreshing it so that you do not miss it or someone else does not use it.


Tips: Use a bigger screen to watch for the codes and keep your mobile in hand with the StepN application open.


As soon as you see the code, immediately enter it into the application.


Ensure you have a strong and reliable internet connection.


Note: You have to be very deft in entering the code, or else sometimes within seconds new codes can become used codes because so many people were waiting for the code!


STEPN Discord channel is probably full. Wait for it to re-open.


Join the STEPN Telegram Group

To get hold of StepN activation codes from telegram, you need to join the official telegram group of the project. Join it and keep the screen open at all times. Keep refreshing the screen frequently. Keep a diligent eye on it and enter the code as soon as this is posted by someone.


Note: Especially for telegram channels ensure that you are joining the official channel and not some fake one. And of course, get yourself a stable internet connection.


Ask A friend 

As discussed earlier that you can earn an activation code per 15 energy spent. Now if you yourself do not have the access in the first place this becomes tricky but you are allowed to use your friends’ activation code that they might have earned by already playing the game. But it is not always possible to have a friend already playing on the StepN platform so placing your entire faith in this becomes risky.


Search for “StepN ” or “StepN Activation code on Twitter

Twitter is another platform where time and again throughout the day StepN activation codes are posted. All you need to do is on the search tab search for “StepN ” or “StepN Activation codes”. You might not find it instantly but if you have an eye you will find the codes uploaded.


Tip: Keep refreshing the page. And use different devices for the activation code search and the game accessibility. This will ensure you take the minimum time to enter the codes. Remember many people like you are sitting on the same platform hoping for the same activation code. So you need to be the fastest.


Activation Code Generator

Activation Code Generator is a link that the StepN application provides a number of activation codes. But these are exclusively available to influencers. So your followers or if you are a follower you can get access to the codes.


STEPN Activation Code Answers to the StepN Quiz 

StepN organizes a quiz of around six questions. It is MCQ and on correctly answering all questions you can receive an activation code.


For your convenience, here are STEPN Quiz questions with answers.


Q1. What is STEPN?

Answer: A web3 running app.


Q2. What NFT Sneaker can’t do in the app?

Answer: Collect Energy Shard


Q3. What token pair does STEPN use in its ecosystem?

Answer: GST + GMT


Q4. What is the total supply of GMT?

Answer: 6 Billion


Q5: What did the STEPN team achieved in October 2021?

Answer: Won SOLANA Ignition hackathon


Q6: What are the goals you want to achieve with STEPN?

Answer: This you can write your own answer.



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How to Avoid STEPN Activation Code Scams?

Avoid STEPN activation code scams. There are a lot of scammers trying to sell codes that do not work. Do not fall for these scams.


While not all are scammers, some of these sellers may be genuine, but I will stay 100 feet away from anyone who wants to sell a code for a few bucks.


If you need a genuine STEPN activation code, drop a comment. As soon as I get one, you will be the first one to get the code from me.


Final Thoughts

Personally, I find the way of getting these codes are very arbitrary and inconvenient. Not easy at all. It seems like in all ways StepN expects you to put effort. Be it to earn money where you require stress in your mind or be it to get access to that medium towards money, where you need ample patience and vigilance to come across the activation codes.


But whatever it is, StepN has really outdone itself as evidenced by its popularity in recent trends! GST and GMT are currently offering good returns as well. Though this should not be taken as our green signal for you to go ahead and invest in it. Because as we know the crypto market is volatile. You never know when prices might and can plummet.


Therefore, you need to make informed choices about such investments and not treat any articles as financial Bibles.


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