HBAR Price Prediction 2030: How Much Is HBAR Worth in 2030?


Our HBAR price prediction 2030 forecasts that the expected maximum and minimum prices of Hedera will be $0.60 and $0.52 in 2030.


Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is one of the most popular and leading crypto assets in the crypto market which is conceptualized to address issues about accessibility and scalability, providing solutions to questions remained unanswered in the blockchain world.


Launched in 2018, the aim of Hedera ecosystem is to provide a high-speed, enterprise-grade public blockchain network. In this article we’ll find out how this ambitious move has gone with a close look at its features, development and price performance since the launch.


We’ll also be casting our eyes over the HBAR price prediction for 2030 that were being made as of 6 December 2022.


Before we start with a detailed HBAR crypto price prediction, let’s dive into the coin’s overview.


Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Overview

Cryptocurrency Hedera Hashgraph
Ticker Symbol HBAR
Rank 38
Price $0.048677
Price Change 24H +0.70%
Price Change 7D +0.71%
Market cap $1,118,031,148
Circulating Supply 22,968,168,351 HBAR
Trading Volume $12,957,547
All Time High $0.57
All Time Low $0.01



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What Is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Crypto?

Known as a more efficient alternative to blockchain, Hedera Hashgraph is a public network supported by hashgraph technology, a algorithm developed and patented in 2016 by the American mathematician Leemon Baird.


The Hashgraph technology promises all the advantages of the blockchain, but without its drawback in the form of low transaction speed. Hedera’s founders claim that this way is much faster, cheaper and “greener” than blockchain technology without sacrificing any security.


While Hedera, like other crypto projects, utilizes distributed ledger technology (DLT), it’s unique in that the ledger structure is not a blockchain, but a Hashgraph consensus. Instead of a clear sequence of blocks (blockchain), the hashgraph consensus uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), which records information in a non-linear way, without a sequential chain of blocks. Cryptocurrencies such as IOTA, Byteball and Tangle are already operating on the basis of DAG.


Under the hashgraph technology, network participants (nodes) will not exchange all the information about the network, but only the transaction data. And the information is  not stored in blocks, but in hashes. Therefore, everything happens much faster than in the blockchain.


Hedera’s mission is to provide enterprise-grade, scalable network infrastructure for DApps, with use cases ranging from fraud prevention to gaming. The platform currently offers three products: a cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and file storage. Any user can create an account on the network, open an account or create DApps based on Hedera Hashgraph, having passed the KYC test.


The network supports up to 10,000 transactions per second, and its transaction confirmation time is 3-5 seconds. So far the throughput of smart contract and file storage is up to 10 transactions per second, while the declared speeds will gradually increase, and the average transaction fee will be $0.0001. Additionally, there are already over three dozen applications already operating on its basis.


The platform has launched its own Hedera Hashgraph cryptocurrency HBAR. It is currently ranked #38 out of all cryptocurrencies. The current circulating supply for HBAR is 22,968,168,351 with a total market capitalization of $1,118,031,148.


HBAR Price Performance 

HBAR’s price created an all-time high of $0.57 on Sep 16, 2021, after which the profit booking sentiments took over. For the remaining year, the coin traded between $0.45 to $0.23. The HBAR price dropped further in 2022 and is currently traded at $0.048677 due to the bearish phase in the entire crypto market.


In the past 24 hours, the price of Hedera has risen by 0.70%. Hedera has grown at a steady pace over the last 7 days, slightly gaining 0.71%.


Within the last 30 days, the price of HBAR dropped about 22%, reducing its previous value of $0.063 by $0.014. This current downtrend means that Hedera is in dip right now. The price of Hedera has dropped by 17.08% in the last 3 months, eliminating $0.018 from its previous value of $0.067.



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HBAR Price Prediction 2030: Technical Analysis

The technical analysis of HBAR price graph shows a gradual but steady rise in the price of HBAR coins may not have won it the topmost cryptocurrency award. However, experienced traders have learned to wait for this asset to perform.



The above Fibonacci retracement levels can be considered the coin’s resistance and support levels. The immediate resistance is placed at $0.15. As per the technical analysis, the next resistances are at $0.216, and $0.269, while the significant resistance is at $0.322. The immediate support for HBAR crypto is placed at $0.04.



Red candles are formed during the current trading session, so the price may reach immediate support. However, if the volume supports the price rise, Hedera’s value may cross the immediate resistance level.



The current price is trading below 20 EMA, 50 EMA, and 200 Exponential Moving Average, which means there is a downtrend. However, the overall crypto market is trying to regain momentum and began a bullish trend. The analysis for Simple Moving Average is also quite similar since the price is trading below 20 SMA, 50 SMA, & 200 SMA levels indicating a moderate downtrend.


HBAR Price Prediction 2030

According to the Hedera Hashgraph price forecast, the Hedera price is estimated to hit an average of $0.56 by 2030. The HBAR price analysis predicts Hedera Hashgraph’s price to reach the higher side of $0.60 in December. Hedera analysis projected by many crypto traders suggests a price growth of 15.38% in 2030, as per our HBAR prediction.


Furthermore, here is a table of our HBAR price prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 in brief:

2022 $0.05 $0.08
2023 $0.11 $0.15
2025 $0.23 $0.28
2030 $0.52 $0.60



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HBAR Price Prediction: Experts Say

The crypto market is highly volatile and can alter every moment. Thus, the crypto prediction and taking different viewpoints can be a wise decision to safeguard your money. Below are some of the most prominent Hedera Hashgraph price predictions by experts:



In December 2022, HBAR price may have an average trading price of $0.067. According to our Hedera Hashgraph price prediction, it is assumed that the price will not drop lower than $0.064.



Based on the historical price data, HBAR may trade at $0.18318 at the end of 2022. According to their forecast, by 2023, they expect the coin price would be around $0.326, while it could quickly end up at the price of $0.527 at the end of 2024.



The HBAR crypto price prediction for 2022 might surprise traders, reaching a price of $0.1069 and, by 2024, going up to $0.2912, making it a profitable investment.


Tech News Leader

According to HBAR coin price prediction 2022, the expected maximum price of the HBAR coin may be $0.14, with a minimum price of $0.12. The Hedera Hashgraph price prediction for the end of 2027 is $0.56.


Wallet Investor

A long-term price decrease is expected based on the price prognosis for 2023, which indicates the value to be around $0.003. With a 5-year investment, HBAR price forecasts by experts indicate that your current investment will be significantly reduced due to the bearish trend.

Digital Coin Price

According to the HBAR price prediction, the token might cross the highest price of $0.14 by 2023 & $0.25 by 2025, making it a profitable investment.


Price Prediction

According to their HBAR price prediction 2025, it may reach a maximum price of $0.24 and have the lowest price of $0.20. At the same time, the average price might reach $0.21.



Is HBAR a good investment?

Yes! According to our Hedera Hashgraph price prediction, it is a good investment. It is a leading player in the cryptocurrency space, which has grown so fast; hence many crypto market enthusiasts are optimistic about the future price of the HBAR coin. Investors are advised to do their own research before investing in tokens.


How high can HBAR get?

Based on our HBAR price prediction, Hedera is estimated to go as high as $0.099 in 1 year. And the future tokens may trade at $0.60 by the year 2030. If the token reaches the $0.60 value, investors may earn more than 900% if invested at the current price.


Will HBAR coin reach $1?

As per our HBAR price prediction, the crypto seems unlikely to cross the $1 mark before 2030.


What is the price prediction for HBAR in 2022?

In accordance with the HBAR price prediction, by the end of 2022, the Hedera Hashgraph crypto is expected to have minimum and maximum prices of around $0.05 and $0.08, respectively.


What is the Hedera Hashgraph price prediction for 2023?

By 2023, our price prediction forecasts that Hedera is expected to trade in a range of $0.11 to $0.15. At the same time, the average trading price of HBAR is anticipated to be $0.13.


How much is HBAR worth in 2025?

Based on our HBAR price prediction 2025, HBAR could reach a maximum price of $0.28, and the estimated minimum price is $0.23.


What will HBAR be worth in 5 Years?

According to the price forecasts, Hedera price is expected to be $0.41 in 5 years.


How much is HBAR worth in 2030?

Based on our HBAR price prediction 2030, the HBAR crypto will have minimum, maximum, and average trading values of $0.52, $0.60, and $0.56.


Does HBAR have a future?

Yes! While various blockchains allow users to create smart contracts, Hedera Hashgraph can stand out more because of its unique consensus. Thus, it will be a profitable token for investment in the long term. The cryptocurrency market will see a significant rise in the value of HBAR tokens.


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