Forsage Crypto Review-Is It a Scam or Not?

08/10/2022By: C, Fiona

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It is possible that you’ve heard of Forsage Smart Contracts in the last few months if you are an entrepreneur who is always seeking for fresh investments to make.

As a matter of fact, I’ve heard from a number of folks who claim to have made good money using the forsage platform. Someone even claimed he’s gotten more than 100 percent of his investment back thus far. What is a smart contract called forsage? Scam or not, forsage? How does the forsage smart contract function? – Forsage smart contracts have been thoroughly explained in this post.

Forsage Crypto, Explained

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the ecosystem, Forsage uses self-executing smart contracts that have all of their technical parameters available and automated. Forsage was built on an ethereal blockchain that will never be tampered with, making it impossible for anyone to alter it.

When the Forsage smart contract was created on February 20, 2020, it quickly became the most popular Ethereum smart contract.

After 2020, Forsage launched a new version on Tron (TRX) to minimize the impact of Ethereum’s extremely high Gas fees on new users. xGOLD, a new gameplay mode, was also introduced at the same time.

During the first part of 2021, Forsage BUSD was born as a result of the program’s expansion.

How Does Forsage Crypto Work?

With a binary matrix, the Forsage program distributes gifts. X3 and X4 matrices are two different types of matrices. The Forsage cycler uses a 3×1 and 2×2 matrix, respectively. The 3 x 1 matrix is a simple one, requiring only three slots to be filled. 22 matrices starting with the bottom layer

Forsage pays its users who refer three new customers and persuade them to invest in the program money based on some unique aspects of Ethereum. Using Ethereum smart contracts, it is a pyramid-like project After making a payment to the smart contract, users can join the program.

By inviting other people to pay ETH to the smart contract, which is a common feature of MLM, they earn commissions. It will be moved to a higher-level recommender’s wallet every time Forsage user invests an ETH. Nevertheless, how does Forsage keep investors invested? In the next example, we’ll show you how it works.

As long as the recommended user invests more money than the user who suggested them, then the user who introduced them will not receive any of the funds. This is because the user who recommended them only subscribed to a 0.5ETH level matrix.mBy instilling a sense of “FOMO” in traders, Forsage hopes to increase trading volume.

Is Forsage’s Smart Contract Legal or a Scam?

This multi-level marketing (MLM) hoax disguised as a “cryptocurrency” project is nothing more than a sham disguised as a “decentralized smart contract.”

However, the Forsage platform has purposefully employed numerous imprecise and unclear phrases connected to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, making the investment experience in this field insufficient and befuddling investors along the road behind its dazzling appearance and attractive website.

Participants do not directly produce value, but gain from the growth of offline user interaction. Forsage Ethereum, Forsage Tron, or Forsage BUSD will almost certainly yield a return that is less than the initial investment.

More than half of the addresses in the Forsage program are losing money, according to research done by the Chinese website Chain Catcher on 16 random Ethereum addresses that took part in the Ethereum browser for more than 20 days.

Decentralized smart contracts were not invented by Forsage, either. A decentralized smart contract notion has been around since the early 1990s, even before the blockchain was invented.

More importantly, Ethereum, not Forsage, was the first. Since its inception in 2015, Ethereum has been a staunch supporter. Customers must pay a charge to join Forsage, and that fee goes straight to the pyramid. A group of people must sign up in order to recoup some of the money spent on Forsage in the beginning.

This will come to an end if fresh members cannot be attracted. The warnings from regulatory agencies like the Philippine Securities Exchange, and most crucially, from the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, are the greatest evidence that Forsage is a Ponzi scam.

Investors have had unpleasant experiences with similar models in the past. Forsage and the other ventures are nearly identical, save for the various marketing gimmicks. The entire endeavor will be effectively dormant if the blood supply fails to keep up in the later stages. MMM serves as a good example.

Despite this, Forsage quickly became popular in several places due to its relatively new gameplay mechanic. The project had a significant impact on economically disadvantaged countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Nigeria.


Even if the pyramid scheme is run on the blockchain, it is still unlawful. These “Ponzi schemes” are utilized primarily to benefit its managers and senior recruiters. Most of the money goes to the best recruiters (those who arrive early), and the rest goes to the losers.

In spite of what the proponents of Forsage may claim, blockchain may be utilized for criminal purposes with relative ease.. It is not a good idea to invest in Smart Contracts or Forsage BUSD.